Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Cassie's Journal - July 9, 2017

Okay, I’m exhausted again tonight, but am due for the double update; so let’s try to do that without skipping too many of the details this time!

Backing up to Friday night; Michael and I had fun with our teen-rated make-out time and the sofa sleepover, and while I’m not going into those details; I will mention that I used a bit of healing on both of us so that we didn’t just end up falling asleep and having no play time at all.  More healing was needed with our wake-up call; and then we headed for the Inn for the breakfast shift at the Inn.  We were very busy even for a summer Saturday with lots of campers in the area for a week of holidays; so I missed most of Ethan’s ball game.  I’m apparently to blame for the loss, since I got there too late to help Ethan and the Blizzard to avoid the ten-to-nine loss to the Earthquake – or they lost because I distracted his buddies on the team.  Both lines were used on me; and I suppose that either is possible – if not very likely.

From there, I needed to hurry home; help with the packing for the trip to Quarry Lake for Brianna’s birthday party; and then I drove one of the groups of kids out to the lake so that Mom and Dad could go together in the truck.  Brianna’s party included a picnic lunch at the pavilion that Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne rented for the afternoon; a lot of play time in and around the lake; and all of the usual activities – including rock climbing and the zip line for everyone that wanted and could do that.  Grandpa was one of those rock wall climbers; and impressed everyone around when he successfully made that ascent – and then went for a ride on the zip line too.

Yes, that’s awesome, but just for this record; he was in serious need of some Magi healing by Saturday night; and Mom helped him out with that this time because he was ready for that help before I got to the campfire from the Inn.

Yes, I needed to work the dinner shift; so I missed out on Brianna’s birthday barbeque dinner while doing that, but I did get to be there for most of the fun at Quarry Lake; and Michael came out for a lot of it too – though he did that on his own; and brought some cousins along for the fun.  As you can guess from my last journal entry time, we didn’t have to work straight to close last night; and that was entirely so that we didn’t miss too much of the campfire – and could help with getting the kids tucked into their sleeping bags for the night as they ran out of steam.

After a long, busy play day; that didn’t actually take long for Brianna, Faith, and their friends; but most of them did stay awake long-enough for Michael and I to entertain them with some duets.  That was a lot of fun; and so was the entertainment that went along with getting the kids off to sleep.  Since we had some teens and older kids at the campfire; Michael and I stayed up for a while even after all of the younger kids were in bed; and that campfire wind-down was great too.  We had a fairly-large group of campers between the cousins, some friends, and Brianna’s birthday buddies; but there were more teens camping at Rowen’s house because Patrick and Jessica were camping with a bunch of their friends too.  Rowen and Tim were with us and helped with kid control even before Michael and I got there after work; and they were two of the last teens standing when we were finally ready to turn in by around one o’clock – and about an hour after we put the campfire out so the neighbors could get to sleep too.

My wake-up call came early because Brianna was ready to rock by a half-hour before sunrise.  Tai Chi by the river this morning was extra-special thanks to the extra exercise buddies; and the rest of the morning through until we headed for church was a wild ride of work and play as we fed our gang, did all of the work that went along with that meal; and got all of the kids ready to go to church.  We’ve had a scorching-hot day; so the church service was on the short end – just a hair short of an hour; and then Michael and I worked the full shift at the Inn while my family went on to have a play day that included a barbeque lunch; random acts of fun all afternoon; and dinner at the Inn so they could all enjoy the late buffet with everyone including Uncle Adam’s parents.

I got to serve their tables for that meal, and Michael and I were able to play a bit too during our afternoon break, but as I mentioned, it was a scorcher today; so all of those hours at the Inn seriously drained us by the time we could come home again at a bit after eleven o’clock.  We were that late because we helped with the work upstairs as well as cleaning the kitchen and dining rooms; and we were also running a bit slow by then so the work took longer than normal.  I’d have helped out with that a bit, but Miranda and Stephanie have the Inn about half-full this week; so using time phases or cleaning with a bit of Magi power just wasn’t an option! ;^)

Michael took me home with him; we flaked out on the sofa for nearly an hour; and then I came home because I needed to do some family business work.  Ethan and Ehlana have Jayden, Aiden, Naomi, and Sophia here tonight, but they were all sleeping by the time I got home; so I only stopped into their rooms for a quick round of kisses that they didn’t wake up for; and then I hopped into my Jacuzzi for a soak while multi-tasking the computing.  I used a time phase for that; continued to stay sped up for a while after that; and then did two hours of work in real time when I had to be able to work on the internet and Mom’s intranet.

Everything I’ve done today has added up to more than a day worth of work, but I’m caught up; and Michael and I do have the day off from the Inn tomorrow – though we will have chores to do at our houses instead for at least the morning.  I’ll be starting out with Tai Chi by the river in a few hours, though, and I guess that’s enough of the news from the past two days to at least cover the highlights; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!