Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cassie's Journal - July 31, 2016

I seriously need to get my priorities straightened out.  After my last update, I went outside for the campfire, and while we had fun with that; I was dozing off while cuddling with Michael within a half hour.  I got teased about that – especially when Michael didn’t have any trouble convincing me to head for bed early too – and came with me.  That would have been a brilliant plan too – if I hadn’t then gone on to fall asleep before Michael and I had any serious make-out fun first.

All of that adds up to the news that I have no news from my co-ed camping night with Michael.

That isn’t true for the other three couples, but to be honest; I don’t want to go there tonight.  Yes, I’m a bit jealous, but I’m more mad at myself; and wish that I’d done a bit of self-healing last night before going out to that campfire – even though I would have paid for that in other ways eventually.

Moving along, I don’t have a lot of news for today either.  Breakfast with our gang of campers was fun, and so was our time at church this morning, but we also had thunderstorms off and on all day; and then I spent most of the rest of the day after church and Sunday school at the Inn.  Michael and I worked the full shift to close; and didn’t even go outside for long because one of those thunderstorms was overhead during our main afternoon break.  The rain also had a lot of people – including campers – stopping in for a meal at the Inn; so we had full dining rooms for most of the day.

Michael and I worked until close; we did our goodnight hug and kiss on his front porch; and then I came straight home and up to my room to get to work – and have a soak in my Jacuzzi.  I’ve done that while in a time phase; took care of the must-do family business work; and once I’m done this update; I’m going to crash for the night.

Consider that done.  Michael does have the next two days off, so we might get to have some fun if we don’t get too tied down with everything else; but I’ll let you know how that goes.  For now, I’ll focus on the nap time – and hope that the extra rest will have me ready to do better the next time we get a chance for some Michael and me time!

That’s a happy thought to drift off to dreamland with; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Cassie's Journal - July 30, 2016

Grandma and Grandpa are heading out of the country tonight, and I hope they’ll have a safe flight; but I won’t be staying close to my computer to keep track of them tonight because I’ll be busy with a teen camping adventure instead!

That’s why this report is coming to you early – and is going to be very short.

Tai Chi by the river and breakfast in the sunroom made for a fun start to my day.  The chores all morning weren’t as exciting; but we did get done by lunchtime thanks to the work that I did early.  That allowed me some extra play time this afternoon with Ethan and Ehlana – and with Michael when he was on his afternoon break.  The park play, biking, and swimming were all fun, and that was a nice break from the work; but then I went to the Inn with Michael and we worked through until close again.  We also set up the teen camping night, and had everyone confirmed for it by the time we started on the pre-dinner prep work; but Rowen, Tim, and Lucas took care of setting up the extra tents for us while we were busy.

We’ve got Rebecca, Lucas, Jenny, and Evan camping with us tonight, and there will be co-ed tents; since we conveniently have four tents and four couples.  Michael, Rebecca, and I were the last to get here after closing the Inn, and while I’m doing this and getting ready for the rest of the night; the campfire that Tim got ready for us is already lit; and Jenny and Evan are out there with Lucas, Tim, and Rowen.  They’re waiting for the rest of us to join them; so I’ll have to do the campfire and camping part of my day with the next update.

The good news is that you can flip a digital page in my future while reading my journals, but the better news for me is that I get to get out there and live it; and hopefully have an amazing night with my friends that will wrap up with some quality Michael and me time once we do eventually get to that co-ed camping part of the adventure! ;^)

Funny, that thought has me getting very sleepy!  That could make for a very short campfire, but I’ll let you know how that turns out too; along with the rest of the story.  It’s time for me to get to the campfire, though, and I don’t have any other news from the rest of the day; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Cassie's Journal - July 29, 2016

We’re rolling into the last weekend of July; and I’ve had a very busy day filled with a lot of work; with a bit of fun tossed in here and there to keep the day from being complete drudgery.

Okay, that’s too strong a word, since I do try to have fun with the work too, but all of the work does catch up to me now and then; and that’s happened tonight – which is why I’m writing this now instead of staying up even later and hanging out with Michael, Tim, and Rowen.  We’re camping by the river tonight, and we have four junior campers with us; so there isn’t any co-ed camping happening tonight – even though Naomi continues to find it funny to try and ‘sneak’ into Ethan’s sleeping bag and then getting ‘caught’ by us and moved back into the girls’ tent again with Ehlana.  What’s really funny there is that she’d stay with Ethan if we didn’t catch her, and while that’s adorable; we should probably hold off on letting them do that for at least another year or six – though I wouldn’t dream of setting a specific age on co-ed sleepovers for them that could be used against me with future family jokes! ;^)

Let’s back up and cover the news from the start of my day.  Tai Chi by the river at sunrise was fun; and we had bonus exercise buddies because the Carringtons joined us today; Brianna had me exercise with her because my usual exercise buddy was working the breakfast shift at the Inn; and then we all had breakfast together.  That made for a fun start to the day, but then it was time for me to get to work – starting with mowing the lawn to get ahead on the weekend chores.  I had time to do that after helping Mom with the breakfast clean-up; and then I needed to get cleaned up a bit before heading over to the school to unload the truck with the fruit and vegetable boxes order for this month.  We didn’t have as many sales this time as we’d had the last two months, but that was entirely due to the lack of bonus orders from holiday weekend visitors or travelers; and was expected.

We did still have hundreds of boxes to unload, though; and then we were also loading cars, vans, and trucks with the band member individual orders as they stopped in to get them – and then do their deliveries.  We also had a large van to load for the Maple Valley student orders that two of their students arranged and took care of this month; and I ended up spending a fair bit of the afternoon at the school – especially when Michael took a shift helping out during his afternoon break from the Inn.  While working with Michael was fun, it meant not having any down time for him; and I headed home a bit early so that I could grab a shower and get ready for my own dinner-to-close shift at the Inn.  We ended up meeting there by the time I was ready and he got away from the school; and then we got to work and kept busy for the next five hours or so.

That blast of busy was more work and less fun; I missed out on most of the Friday night family dinner and play fun; and Michael and I were already well on the way to being exhausted by the time we were set free from the Inn and came home to join the campfire already in progress.  Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden had set up the camping night, and recruited Rowen and Tim to help them with setting up the tents and joining us for the fun tonight; so that had been a fun addition to our day – even though that didn’t include any Michael and me alone time.  I can’t say the same for Rowen and Tim, since they’re still hanging out together somewhere as I’m writing this; and likely having a lot more fun with some outdoors make-out time.  Michael’s been awake since an hour or more before dawn, though, and my day didn’t start much later than that; so we were okay with crawling into our tents instead of staying up and talking with Rowen and Tim for another hour or two – and they were okay with going off to find something else to do to stay entertained until they’re ready to sleep too.

I’ve gotten ahead of the story and skipped the campfire; so let’s back up and cover that before wrapping this up.  The family and friends dinner and play night was partly because Grandma and Grandpa are heading out on their summer work and play trip tomorrow, and while I missed out on most of that; they did stay long-enough after Michael and I got to the campfire for a visit with us before heading home to get some sleep.  They’ll be on the road to the airport early; and away for the next four weeks.  This is another example of what I miss out on with the too-busy that is my life these days; since I’ve basically had no involvement in that part of my grandparents’ lives – while it’s been a big part of theirs while getting ready to spend a month on the road and away from their house.

My visit with them was short, but then that’s true for nearly everyone else at the campfire too; since they started heading for home when Grandma and Grandpa did.  Michael and I did get to spend a bit of time with our parents, Jake, Stephanie, Rebecca, Violet, and Dillon, though; and then we only had Rowen, Tim, and our four junior campers for the last half-hour or so of the campfire before Michael and Tim took care of putting it out while Rowen and I helped the kids to get ready for bed.  WE had all of that finished by a bit after midnight; Michael and I sat on the benches by the river with Rowen and Tim and talked for a half hour or so; and then we were ready to call it a night while Rowen and Tim went for a walk.  I’ll guess they’re at the park and making out somewhere – unless there are too many other teen couples there trying to do the same thing; but let’s not go there or I might be too tempted to sneak into Michael’s tent and climb into his sleeping bag with him – even with his two junior campers there with him! ;^)

That’s a fun thought; but isn’t going to happen.  Instead of going on about that, though; let’s cover a bit of college teen news and then call it a night.  While we still have between two and five weeks to go before most of our collegians head off to school, Kyle and Carolyn Landry are both at their college by now; and they’ll be getting right into their respective training camps.  That’s football camp for Kyle; and a more general sports camp for Carolyn; since she’s planning on playing multiple sports – if she can make the teams for every sport she wants to play while she’s there.

Just as a side note, I have actually thought about doing college sports before, and while that might be amazing, I don’t want to get that kind of attention; and my education has to come first – especially when I want to earn my PhD in five years.  That’s news for another time, and I really am too tired to go there tonight; so let’s wrap this up so that I can get some sleep.

I’m mostly mentioning Carolyn’s departure for college because we won’t have her on our team for the last two games of our season – and possibly not for the championship game if we earn a spot for that game – and she makes one of the college teams she’ll be trying out for over the next few weeks.  It’s also a reminder that we’re quickly running out of time before Violet, Dillon, Jake, Stephanie, Christina, and Josiah will all head back to college again; and then we’ll be counting down to our return to school in September too.

We’re only half-way through the summer, and I really don’t want to go there either tonight.  Getting some sleep is my immediate priority, and I’ll be okay if there are some happy dreams waiting for me there with Michael in a starring role; since we can’t be cuddling together instead.  Maybe we’ll see about a teen camping night for tomorrow night so that we can do that – or maybe we can have a sofa sleepover if that won’t work.  I’ll keep you posted on that with the next update, but that’s all for tonight; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cassie's Journal - July 28, 2016

I worked all morning from the time we finished breakfast until we stopped for lunch at around twelve-thirty; had a play afternoon that included some fun with Michael during his afternoon break; and then I worked at the Inn for the dinner-to-close shift.  We went for a swim in the river at Michael’s house after we were finished work for the night – along with Jake, Stephanie, and Rebecca; Michael walked me home; and then I pretty much came straight up to bed with just cameo visits to the office and in Ethan’s and Ehlana’s rooms on my way up to my room.  Add in a quick shower break so that I wouldn’t offend Mandy while cuddling with her tonight; and that pretty much brings me up-to-the-moment for my day.

That doesn’t sound all that exciting, partly because it wasn’t, but that’s okay now and then; and every day can’t be great – or that would just be the norm! ;^)

I do have a busy day coming up tomorrow, though, including helping out with the fruit and vegetable boxes orders and my own deliveries, and need to get some sleep to be ready for that, so that’s all for tonight; and, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cassie's Journal - July 27, 2016

My day started with Tai Chi by the river without Michael while he was at the Inn for the breakfast shift, and while I missed out on those good morning hugs and kisses with him; that worked out for us because Michael didn’t have to go back to work after baseball practice to work again until close.  That worked for us because I brought him home with me for some cuddling in the lounge; and some quality make-out time was involved in that bit of wind-down time.

With Ethan and Ehlana away overnight too, our morning exercising was still fun with just Mom, Dad, and me; and we had fun at breakfast with Violet and Dillon too.  After cleaning up, we collected Ethan and Ehlana on our way to the lab; and I spent the morning working on the family business in the archives while Ethan played with his books; Mom did some systems work for the lab computers; and Ehlana played in the lab with Dillon – and Uncle Adam once he got there from helping out at the med center for the first hour and a half of the morning.  That was fun for me; I was glad to get my work out of the way by lunchtime; and then Ethan, Ehlana, and I had the afternoon off to play.  Michael joined us for that play time during his afternoon break; our fun included some playground and biking action at the park; some swimming; and an ice cream run to the Emporium before Michael needed to be back at the Inn again to help with the dinner prep work.

While Michael worked again until the start of his ball practice, I went home with the twins; helped Mom with making our own dinner; and then we had to rush dinner and the clean-up a bit when Dad and Dillon were both late getting home from work and we ran out of time to get to our respective practices – or needed to get together with friends for play time at the park.  I’m including Violet and Dillon for that; though their ‘friends’ were all five or younger as they helped with kid control while the parents were busy – with some grandparent support.

My ball practice went well-enough, but I wasn’t all that motivated to play hard today.  We have another week to get ready for our next game, and while Carolyn was as fired up as usual; I think that had as much to do with her upcoming departure for college – or more specifically; for her sports training.  When you think about that, it’s a bit funny; since there’s a good chance she won’t be here for the rest of our games – especially if she can’t come home for the holiday weekend.  We’ll try to muddle through without her, though; and we do still have a pretty good team even without our best player.

Rowen and I met up with Michael and Tim at the park because we were finished our practice first; and then we all came back to my house to go for a swim that the twins, Naomi, Aiden, and some of the parents joined us for after hot, dusty practices or playground adventures that had all of us ready to cool off in the river.  That was fun, but while we were tempted to hang out with Rowen and Tim tonight; they were even more interested in going off on their own for some alone time than Michael and I were; so they headed over to her house when the rest of the parents and kids went home too.  Mom and Dad went to work in the office; Violet and Dillon went out for a while; and Ethan and Ehlana went to bed; so Michael and I were alone on the third floor when we got to the lounge – though we split up long-enough to get dried and changed before doing that.  We didn’t really watch the movie we picked; had fun with the make-out time; and then Michael headed home at a bit after eleven because we’re both going to have a busy day tomorrow – with another early start for him that won’t include Tai Chi by the river.

I haven’t mentioned it much, but the football training is ongoing – even with the days off due to birthday camping nights.  I’m not involved in that at all right now, but Michael is working it into his schedule around work at the Inn too; and Tim is getting a decent turnout with the other guys – even when that messes a bit with working on farms for some of the guys.  We don’t need to get into football mode yet – or at least I don’t need to do that; so let’s not add anything else to this report about it.  I’m sure there will be too much football in these updates soon-enough; and we’ll all be tired of it by the end of the year!

Moving this along, I had a quick shower after Michael left; hopped into bed with Mandy once I was ready for bed; and only did the basic email and computer check after that before getting to this report.  It’s nice having the work done early; and even better to be able to go to sleep before midnight again tonight.  It’s been fun, but the extra rest makes it easier to keep up with the work and play – especially when we’re as busy as we are this week.  I’m going to be glad for that extra down time over the next few days, but I can write about that in future updates, and I am ready to sleep now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!