Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

Cassie's Journals have now come to an end with the start of the Magi Ascension storyline on June 15, 2018! Ethan and Ehlana will now be taking over the Heirs of the Magi daily updates as Cassie prepares to move on to college - and you can read all about her story by picking up a copy of Magi Ascension - Part One! Ethan's and Ehlana's roles in the Ascension of the Light is just beginning now too; so their journals will offer a different perspective on the events going on at home while Cassie is away at college!

Happy reading this summer; and I hope that you enjoy this new 'chapter' in the Heirs of the Magi story!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Uncle Nick!

Wow, three birthdays in a row, including Valerie’s.  As if I didn’t have enough reminders yesterday, Aunt Deborah had a few too many details for Mom, Aunt Leanne, and Liz about the birthday weekend away that she’d taken Uncle Nick away for in Crystal Springs when we all got together at our house for a pre-dinner social hour before going to the Inn for the late buffet.  The news from Michael’s birthday dinner had reached Aunt Leanne by then too, but I can at least thank Aunt Deborah for distracting her; and the comments she did have for me were passed along while we were at home, and not at the Inn.

I’d really like to leave it there and move along.  Since it’s the last day of the month, it’d be even better if we could leave the weird behind us in September too, but that’s probably too much to ask.

After working yesterday, I had the afternoon off, and Rowen and I spent part of the time in the lounge practicing the sax and flute; we took Ethan and Ehlana to the school playground for an hour; and then had a little snack and chat time in the lounge again while Mom and Dad were busy.  Rowen stayed with us when the rest of our company came over because her parents were on the guest list for Uncle Nick’s birthday party.  She and I were in charge of the kids while the rest of our family was having their pre-dinner fun, and then we had grandparent support at the Inn.  It was a bit crowded at our table, but Rowen and I had fun with Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, my grandparents, and Nathaniel and Lydia Ayres.

I haven’t spent much time with Naomi’s grandparents, and they’re much more reserved than mine, but Naomi has no problem making up for that with her bouncy enthusiasm; and they absolutely adore their beautiful little granddaughter.  Our grandparents talked a lot about travelling, and I expect that we’ll be getting a pair of new charity volunteers sometime in the not too distant future; though it’s a lot harder for the Ayres to get away from their store and work.  Since I have a pretty good idea of what the next few years will bring them in the grandchildren department, they might want to think about doing a trip or two sooner than what they were talking about tonight.

We, the kids, were on the sidelines for most of the birthday party action, though we all gathered around Uncle Nick’s table when he was opening his presents with some enthusiastic help from Naomi, and when it was time for him to attempt to blow out twenty-five candles.  Naomi was there to help him out with that too, and she, Ethan, and Ehlana all really got into eating birthday cake and ice cream in a very messy way.  Thankfully for me, it was up to the grandparents to clean them up!

Since we’d gone to the late buffet, there was no hurry to finish and make room for the next sitting.  Miranda and Jacob came and sat with Uncle Nick and Aunt Deborah for a while once the cleanup was in full swing, and when we did finally head out; there was a long round of goodbye hugs and kisses.

Okay, Aunt Leanne did tease me then that I should go into the kitchen and give Michael a hug and kiss goodnight too, but she whispered it, and I’m pretty sure that only Mom, Rowen, and possibly Miranda overheard her; so it wasn’t completely embarrassing.

That’s about it for tonight.  I helped out with putting Ethan and Ehlana to bed after we got home; had a long soak in my Jacuzzi; and multi-tasked with my nightly computing.  The only news from around the family was an email from Violet assuring me that she and Dillon had fun while he was there, but then I already knew that by then after talking with Dillon before dinner when we got to the Inn.  She’s coming home in two weeks for the Ridge River Fall Festival weekend, so that’s going to be great too; though she’s not bringing Dawn and Jillian this year.

It’s been a busy weekend, and I’m actually getting tired now, so it’s time to shut down and get some rest.

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Cassie's Journal - September 29, 2012

Happy 12th Birthday, Michael!

There’s a lot to write about today, but I’ll start with the one piece of news that’s been on my mind since this morning.

We – I – didn’t want to risk messing up Michael’s reputation on his big day, so Ethan, Ehlana, and I took his gift over to him right after breakfast.  That worked out fine, especially since it was just him, Jake, and Rebecca there; and he liked the video games we’d picked out for him too.  Since he had thank-you hugs for Ethan and Ehlana, I’m sure they sensed what I did when Michael’s hand touched mine when I gave him the gifts and cards; but I seriously doubt it had the same impact on them as me.

More than anything else for his birthday, Michael wanted to spend the day with me.

I certainly wasn’t expecting that, and I’m definitely not ready to handle it yet either.  It took more than a little self-control to stay and finish our little visit, but I managed; and Ethan and Ehlana helped me by keeping Michael, Jake, and Stephanie busy until we could reasonably make our escape – I mean head home and get started on the yard work.

Thankfully, the yard work kept me busy almost all day, though that didn’t stop me from thinking a lot about what I’d sensed so strongly from Michael.  I can’t keep anything like that from Mom, but she waited until after dinner to have a little girl chat with Ehlana and me while Dad and Ethan had some ‘guy time’.  My biggest problem with this boils down to the fact that I don’t want to hurt Michael, and have no idea how I’m going to keep from doing that when I’m not interested in him – or any other boys – the way he’s interested in me.  Mom had some suggestions that might help, but she didn’t exactly have any pre-teen romance issues to deal with when she was growing up; and I’m really not sure that anything I do, short of crossing over, will make any difference.

No, I’m not going to make that jump for anyone until I’m ready for it – which I am not.

I wasn’t ready to talk about this with Rowen, but then she had other news for me when we had a little computer chat a little while ago after she got home from spending the evening with her family.  Michael was having his birthday party at home, but had dinner with his friends at the Inn.  The big news that Rowen witnessed first-hand while at the Inn with her parents, grandparents, and brother was that Vanessa just happened to be there for dinner with Nora and two of their friends too; and she rather publicly delivered a birthday gift, hug, and kiss to Michael while she was there.  Apparently most of the girls thought that was adorable, while Rowen was sure that Michael was not happy about it at all – especially when his buddies all started razzing him, and Miranda teased him about being crushed that he didn’t need birthday kisses from his Mommy anymore.

Considering all of the teasing I’ve been getting from Aunt Leanne over the past few months, I can definitely relate and commiserate.  Rowen told me that Vanessa looked very happy with the results of her little birthday surprise, which must either mean that my perspective on this type of thing is completely warped; or she doesn’t know Michael as well as she thinks she does.  While we’re on that line of thought, I know that cologne and after-shave are popular gifts for girls to give guys, but I can’t help but think that nothing says I love you more than a present that strongly suggests that you don’t smell particularly good; and need to do something about it.

Yeah, I know, but even if part of that sentiment is because I haven’t crossed over yet, I really don’t expect to change my opinion on the subject.  It’s one thing to help someone with perfume or cologne choices, but something else entirely to choose how you think they should smell.

I’ve had enough of that for today, so let’s move along.

As I mentioned, we spent most of the day doing yard and house work.  Mom and Alicia did most of the work in the house while Dad and I were busy outside.  We haven’t needed to deal with cleaning up leaves much yet, but there was still a lot of work to be done with the gardens; we washed the van and truck; did a bit of minor repair work on the dock; and took care of the rest of the usual chores.  We only stopped for lunch and a couple of short breaks until finishing up at around four o’clock, and then I had time for a long, hot shower before helping Mom with making dinner.

The girl chat time was followed by a short Magi lesson that Dad and Ethan joined us for, and then we watched a movie together before going to bed.  I’ve been working on my computer since then, mostly trying to keep busy and tire myself out.  The chat with Rowen didn’t exactly help settle me down, and neither did my language studies.  Go figure, but the book I picked to read had a sweet teen romance tucked into what was otherwise a fairly decent mystery.  My Portuguese writing practice was a book report that I thought was pretty good despite a little side-trip discussing the inundation of sex and romance that seems to be unavoidable and everywhere.

Don’t believe me?  Mom and Dad are not currently playing board games in their room.  Yet another reason for me to keep distracted with anything else!

Writing about all of this isn’t really helping either, so I’m going to wrap this up and move on to something mind-numbing – like random YouTube videos.  Maybe that’ll work.

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 28, 2012

Congratulations, Angela and Terry!

That’s the big news for today – Valerie Anne Malloy made her appearance early this afternoon; and we made the flying trip to Crystal Springs so we could meet her; and share a bit of the first, happy moments with Dad’s best college friends.  Valerie was eight pounds and four ounces at birth; had all of the required fingers and toes; is perfectly healthy; and every bit as beautiful as her Mommy.  While she’s nearly a quarter bigger than Ethan and Ehlana were when they were born; she looked incredibly tiny in her Daddy’s big arms when he first showed her to us.  I’m sure that Valerie had his heart quite firmly wrapped around her little finger already too.

Angela was doing great too, though she was exhausted after being in labor for nearly twelve hours.  They had nearly all of both families, and a lot of friends stopping in too; so we didn’t actually get to spend much time with Terry or Angela.  We did stay for nearly two hours, and Dad especially enjoyed spending some time with Angela and Terry’s parents, brothers, and sisters; since he’d rarely seen them since college.  That was fairly boring for Ethan, Ehlana, and some of the other younger kids; so I ended up helping to entertain them in a play room along with a couple of Angela’s teenaged cousins.

We’d gone straight to the hospital from home, so when we left to head back to Witch Falls, we hit a drive-thru to get food; including a late-night snack that we delivered to Aunt Leanne when we got back to town.  We stayed long enough to give her and Uncle Adam the baby and trip details, and by then it was long-past time to get Ethan and Ehlana home and in bed.

I haven’t really gotten much computing done since climbing into bed with Mandy, but it’s been a long, busy day; and we’ve got a big yard cleanup day to look forward to in the morning.  With that in mind, it’s time to...

...say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 27, 2012

It’s been another fairly quiet day at school, and Rowen and I were working at the store and office after being set free from our last class; so dinner and game night at the Inn were the only breaks I’ve had since lunchtime.

The non-competition games were going on again this week too, and Vanessa appeared to have gotten over being mad at Michael; though I got the feeling that he was more worried about that sudden turnaround than he had been when she’d been upset.  Rowen and I just tried to stay out of the way of all of that goofiness, as usual, and other than a couple of rotations where we needed to compete against our over-amorous classmates; we were fairly successful at doing that.

Have I mentioned how much I’d like to just skip the next few years?  Yes, I’m sure I have.  I’d think about skipping game night too, except it’s one of the only chances I get to spend time with Miranda, Jacob, Stephanie, Jake, Dillon, Rebecca, and Jenny.  Speaking of Dillon, he’s heading to Woodvale on Saturday, and staying overnight at Violet’s house, so I’m sure that you can guess he’s a very happy camper right now.  Jake and Stephanie were teasing him about getting to do weekends away with his girlfriend that their parents didn’t allow them to go away for; but I’m sure Dillon and Violet would trade getting to see each other every day if they could – and it’s not exactly like they’ll be spending the night in a hotel room.  I should have reminded all three of them about our amusement park trip, but then they’re all pretending that they didn’t make any room changes while we were there.

Moving along, since getting home, I helped out with the bedtime bath and story for Ethan and Ehlana; did a short Magi lesson with Mom in the office while Dad worked; and then got back to working on my computer while cuddling in bed with Mandy.  I got the archive research from my lesson out of the way first; worked on language studies for over an hour; and then took care of a bit more family business work before finishing up with my regular nightly computing.  I’ve had enough fun for one day, though, so I’m going to wrap this up and get some sleep.

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 26, 2012

It’s rained off and on all day, so Rowen and I spent our lunch and after school play time indoors.  We signed out our saxophone and flute, and practiced both at lunch and after getting our homework done.  Add in our music class, and we’ve spent at least a couple of hours practicing today.

There isn’t really much to report from school, around town, or with my family.  Other than homework and music, Rowen and I didn’t do much else after school except listen to music, play with Ethan and Ehlana for a while, and have a long telepathic chat.  Mom did a Magi lesson with me after dinner; I’ve done my usual nightly computing since coming up to bed; and now I’m ready to shut down and actually get to sleep before midnight for a change.

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Cassie's Journal - September 25, 2012

Some day, when I open up my personal archives for other Magi to read, I’m sure that Aunt Leanne will have something to say about this; but I could kiss Michael for deciding to have a guys' only birthday party this weekend.  One boy-girl party for Sally’s birthday a week from Friday is bad enough – two in just under a week would have been awful from my pre-crossover perspective.  You know if he’d invited girls too that Miranda would have insisted that Rowen and I get invitations, so don’t read anything into that kiss comment that isn’t there.

Michael’s upcoming party was news for the guys in our class; and a few other friends of his in other grades.  A few of the girls were interested in the party too, but that was only because they were disappointed that they wouldn’t be hanging out with their favorite guys while they were at the party.  If Vanessa was over being annoyed with Michael for his uninformed choice of musical instrument on Friday; he was back in her doghouse for not wanting to spend his big day with her.

While birthday parties and the general density of certain boys were top chat topics today, there wasn’t much else going on at school that was particularly newsworthy.  Rowen and I spent a bit more than half of our lunch hour practicing in the music room, with the bonus of missing out on a lot of that girl chat time.  Rowen and I were both working after school, and other than stopping to eat and going for a walk with Mom, Dad, Ethan, and Ehlana after dinner; I’ve been working on my computer since getting home.  I did my homework first; followed that up with a few hours of family business work; and have been studying languages and working in the archives since coming up to my room when Ethan and Ehlana went to bed.

I’ve had enough fun for today, so I’m going to wrap this up and call it a day.

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 24, 2012

You won’t be surprised to find out that my top school news was our first music class where we really started learning how to play our chosen instruments.  Aunt Leanne is sure that’s because of the saxophone player I’m sitting beside.  That is partly true, but only because Michael knows a lot about music, and is helping me even though playing the saxophone is new to him too.  Anyway, we, as a group, aren’t exactly making music right now; but we did have a lot of fun trying today!

As usual, the Monday morning gossip network was all about football for the boys; and weekend updates on just about everything for the girls.  Our football team had a big away game win at Sweetwater Ponds with a fifty-six to twenty-seven win.  They’ll be on the road again this Friday, and only have one home game in the next four weeks.  I’ll skip the recap on the girls’ gossip, except to mention that Sally Reynolds handed out invitations for her birthday party today.  The big news there is that she’s having her first boy-girl birthday party.  Since she was the first kid in Witch Falls to invite me to a birthday party, I won’t hold that against her; but I’m sure that’s going to be another weird day for Rowen and me.

There isn’t much else to report from school, and after getting home and having a snack with Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana; Rowen and I went up to the lounge to get our homework done.  Rowen signed out a flute again, and that’s another advantage for her choice – it’s small enough to be tucked into her computer bag; while I’ll have an extra case to carry.  Since I had a healing lesson tonight, I didn’t sign out a saxophone, but we’re both thinking about using part of our lunch hours on our Day Two schedule to practice in the music room.  That way we’ll get some practice time in every day.

It didn’t take long to get our homework done, thanks to a little Magi power, but we stayed upstairs and mostly just talked and listened to music for a while before collecting Ethan and Ehlana on our way out; and walking over to the park.  Our first stop was the bleachers at the football field, where my adorable little brother and sister continued to wrap every girl there around their little fingers; and probably more than a few of the boys.  I should probably be suspicious that they’re also working for Aunt Leanne’s matchmaking service, but it’s just too funny to watch them when Ethan runs off to join the football game, or Ehlana needs hugs from Michael when he returns her adventurous twin, to be upset that they might have an ulterior motive.

While I’d have rather spent all of our time at the playground, Rowen wanted to watch the football game but didn’t like seeing some of the sidelines action.  She had at least one more temporary crossover moment; and I have a feeling that she was thinking a lot about what she could do with her Magi gifts right about then if only we didn’t have all of those pesky Magi Council rules.  I wish I could do more to help Rowen with that, but I can’t tell her what Ethan, Ehlana, and I know about her future.  Since she really is going to be my best friend forever, we know more about her future than most, but we’re still talking about what’s meant to be; and though that can change, I am sure that Rowen’s not meant to know about her future the way that my brother, sister, and I are meant to know so much of ours.

So we watched football and talked with Rebecca, Jenny, and some of the other girls for about forty-five minutes, and then took Ethan and Ehlana to the playground for some swing and slide action until we needed to be home for dinner.  Rowen went on from out house to the store after picking up her computer bag, and I helped Mom with making dinner while Ethan and Ehlana supervised and played with their iPads.  Dad joined in to help out after getting home a bit late from the office, and then we had to hurry through dinner and the cleanup so we were ready when Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne came over.

Mom did the healing lesson with Uncle Adam and me first, and then we all moved into the office for a family business and future plans meeting.  Most of that was just updates on what everyone was doing now; and the planning was all about getting ready for the construction and work that will be starting in the spring.  While I’m thinking about that, I’ll mention that we’ve heard nothing so far from Mark or Aunt Grace about whether they’ve made a decision about the job offers, but they are getting together for at least one weekend getaway that I’ve heard about; and I’m sure they are both thinking about it a lot.  Aunt Leanne is wondering if we should do a bit more, but I don’t think we’ll need to do anything; and right now, I’d really appreciate it if Aunt Leanne would just stop her matchmaking efforts entirely for a while.

Yeah, I know; there’s zero chance of that happening.  Fortunately for us, the odds of getting another doctor in town are quite a bit higher!

The meeting wrapped up by a bit after ten.  Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne went home then, and Mom, Dad, and I did the bedtime snack and story with Ethan and Ehlana before tucking them in for the night.  I came up to my room after that, and have been working on my usual nightly computing; the archive reading Mom assigned me from the healing lesson; and an hour of high-speed language studying.  It’s heading toward one-thirty, and I’ve had enough fun for today; so it’s time to wrap this up and get some sleep.

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 23, 2012

I didn’t mention it yesterday, but it’s definitely felt like we’re heading into Fall this weekend.  It was downright frosty this morning when we went outside for Tai Chi by the river.  The good weather news for this week is that it’s going to get hot again, but then there’s supposed to be rain coming along with the warm.

The weather didn’t really affect my day much except for dressing more warmly.  Other than Tai Chi, church, and an afternoon visit to the park; I didn’t even go outside much.  Rowen and I spent most of the afternoon in the lounge.  We got our homework done right after lunch; played around with the saxophone and flute; and had a long telepathic chat with Ethan, Ehlana, and Mandy.  The trip to the park was mostly because the Ethan and Ehlana wanted to get outside for some fresh air, and then we walked Rowen over to her house and had a quick visit with her parents before going home in time for me to help Mom and Grandma with making dinner.

Aunt Leanne and Uncle Adam were booked for dinner with his family today, so we had Grandma and Grandpa to ourselves; and I was spared any more teasing about either saxophones or the potential love connections with other saxophonists.  I was a bit surprised that Grandpa didn’t have a few jokes, but maybe he isn’t any more interested in thinking about me getting into the dating game than Dad is.  Whatever the reason, I’m glad that the dinner conversation was mostly about the family business work going on around town and Grandma and Grandpa’s travel plans for their trip to Arizona.  It’s hard to believe that they’ll be heading south in just over three weeks!

Mom’s keeping a record of the work going on around Witch Falls, but since we talked about it a lot tonight; I should probably include an update.  The road construction is still really just getting started, but the three new roads that mark the boundaries of the new section of town have been dug; and the water and sewage lines are going in too.  Oak Park Ave is the road closest to Rowen’s back yard; and it will eventually be a through street to River Road; though not until the bridge over the Ridge River is built.  Riverbend Drive follows the river east from Oak Park; with Orchard Place completing the loop back to Witch Falls Road.  There will be two more roads between Oak Park and Orchard Place; but construction for them won’t likely start until Spring.  Everything for that part of our future plans is on or ahead of schedule.

As for Grandma and Grandpa’s trip to Arizona, Ethan and Ehlana are talking about hiding in their luggage, but I think they should consider talking Mom and Dad into taking them there for a visit sometime before Thanksgiving.  If they kept it to just a long weekend or something; I might even get to skip a day or two of school and go along!  We should definitely make sure that Ethan and Ehlana get to do more fun travelling than I got to do while Mom and I were busy playing hide and seek with the Hathornes.

Grandma and Grandpa stayed for a while after dinner, and took care of Ethan and Ehlana while Mom did a Magi lesson with me and Dad was finishing up his work in the office.  They went home at a bit after eight-thirty, and I helped Mom with the bath and bedtime routine for the twins.  We did the bedtime story in the office with Dad, and then I came straight up to my room once Ethan and Ehlana were tucked into their beds.  I’ve been doing my usual nightly computing while enjoying a bit of quality time with my Jacuzzi, but it’s time to get out and ready for bed.  It’s been a while since I’ve had eight solid hours of sleep, and I’m going to make sure that happens between now and morning, so...

...say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 22, 2012

Stop laughing, Rowen.  Aunt Leanne’s jokes are a lot funnier when they’re not aimed at me.

I should say that Rowen’s still laughing; since she thought the jokes were just as funny this afternoon when Aunt Leanne was teasing me while we were on our trail ride.  There wasn’t anything I could say to slow Aunt Leanne down; and I’m seriously wishing that I’d picked a different instrument – or that Michael had.  Since Rowen thinks I should; here are some of her favorite jokes from today.

What’s the difference between a sax player and a mosquito?
          The mosquito will stop sucking if you smack it on the forehead.

Why did Adolphe Sax invent the saxophone?
          Because he hated mankind; but couldn’t invent the      atomic bomb.

What’s the difference between a saxophone and a lawnmower?

What’s the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a saxophone?
          You need to plug the vacuum in first before it sucks.

And Dad’s favorite:
What do a lawsuit and a saxophone have in common?
          Everyone’s happy when the case is closed.

I’ll skip writing about any of the jokes or comments relating to sax, saxy, and the rest; but I’m sure you can guess most of them without my help.  Rowen can get away with laughing at me about this because there just aren’t that many jokes about flutes.

There isn’t really much news from around town.  Yard cleanup included the usual weekly work; the trail ride was great even with Aunt Leanne’s matchmaking-related humor; and we had dinner together before Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne headed home for a date night in.  Rowen and I had Ethan and Ehlana with us in the lounge for another short music practice and our first movie while Mom and Dad did some work in the office.  We did the bedtime snack with them after that, and helped to get the twins tucked in for the night before returning to the lounge again.  We’ve just finished our second movie, and have been surfing the net and chatting telepathically.  We’re going to start a third movie, but it’s time to take a little break; and we’re going to grab pillows and blankets in case we fall asleep on the sofa.

It’s not goodnight time for me quite yet, but then George and Gracie didn’t likely hop into bed right after their shows either, so...

...say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Cassie's Journal - September 21, 2012

The top Grade Seven news today, at least for Rowen and me, was that we got to pick our instruments in music class!

Since Mrs. Robinson wanted to have some balance, and there are a limited number of instruments, we were supposed to be ready with our top three choices.  That wasn’t an issue for Rowen, not only because she’s alphabetically advantaged; but she was also the only kid in our class to pick the flute.  I had to wait nervously for a while, but then I was the first to pick the saxophone.  Some of our classmates were a bit disappointed, and needed to pick second choices; but I don’t think anyone had to choose an instrument that they really didn’t want to learn to play.

While Rowen and I were very happy campers, not all was well in music class.  We didn’t even hear about it until after school, but Michael is in the doghouse with Vanessa for picking the saxophone too; apparently because he was supposed to pick the trumpet like his best buddy Tim had.  She’d needed to choose her instrument ahead of Michael, and is regretting picking the trumpet once she found out that the main reason for her choice wouldn’t be sitting next to her in music class for the rest of the year.  I’m sure that Michael knows that she’s annoyed with him, but then there’s a good chance that everyone playing or watching the pick-up football game at the park this afternoon noticed the frosty glares; overheard loudly whispered comments; and caught the full range of usual tween girl danger signs that Vanessa was really quite good at doing.

Yes, that does mean that Rowen, Ethan, Ehlana, and I were at the park again after school, and we watched a bit of the football game; but we didn’t stick around to watch the extra-curricular action.  We spent most of our time at the playground, and then went home in time to have dinner with Mom.  We weren’t doing a dinner and a movie night this weekend, but Rowen was spending the evening with us so we could spend some time playing around with the flute and saxophone we were able to bring home for the weekend for the first time.

Ethan and Ehlana wanted to watch us practice, but I spared the rest of Witch Falls from the agony by putting sound wards up around my room so that nobody else had to hear our feeble attempts to make music come out of our instruments.  My photographic memory will come in handy when it’s my brother’s and sister’s turn in about eleven years; though their giggles and comments did just make our practice time more fun.  Patricia and Owen picked Rowen up on their way home from the store, and since Dad was home by then too; they stayed for a little snack and chat.

While I’m thinking about that, I really hope that the saxophone jokes don’t go on endlessly; and quite a few of them are just wrong to be teasing an eleven-year old about.  I’ve heard quite a few of them today; though most of them were overheard, and directed at Michael instead of me.  I don’t even want to think about what Aunt Leanne will have to say the next time I see her – especially since she’ll likely be putting those jokes into a way too personal context.  If she spreads too many comments around about Michael and me, though, I’ll likely be the next person in Vanessa’s doghouse.  Just the thought of that has me wondering if I should be annoyed with Michael for not picking the trumpet too!

Let’s move along, and I may or may not write about Aunt Leanne’s reaction and comments to this little news nugget.

I miss Dad every week when he’s in the city, but welcome home night is always fun; and after the Emersons went home, we stayed up and had a long telepathic chat and cuddle time in the living room.  It was after eleven by the time Ethan and Ehlana were tucked in and I came up to my room; and I’ve been working on my computer since then.  Rowen and I are doing a sleepover tomorrow night, so I wasn’t going to do much work or studying; but I wasn’t sleepy, and have somehow managed to keep busy for more than two hours now.  That’s included some family business reading; a chat in Spanish with a girl in Peru; and I worked in the Magi Project archive for a while.

Sleeping in isn’t going to be an option, and though I’m still not really all that tired; I’m going to wrap this up and at least try to get some sleep.  The yard work all morning isn’t exactly all fun and games, but the afternoon trail ride, and the movie night and sleepover here with Rowen will be; and I should be ready for another late night, so...

...say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 20, 2012

It’s been a nearly all-work day for Mom and I today, except for a little play time with our friends at the Inn.  Mom and Miranda won the game night senior championship; while Rowen and I mostly tried to ignore the classmate weirdness that had resumed after getting a break from it last Thursday night due to Karla’s birthday party.

I also needed to dodge Aunt Leanne, since she seemed to be more interested in playing at matchmaker than in game night – which could be why she and Uncle Adam didn’t even place top five this week.  We really don’t need to go there tonight; and I’d rather write an update on the family business instead; as promised in my journal entry last night.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s only been a bit more than a year and a half since I started helping out with the family business; and only a bit longer than that for Aunt Leanne, Miranda, and the others.  When you think about all of these changes, it’s amazing just how perfect the timing has been – both for the success of our family business, and because there is more need for our charities in nearly every country around the world.

Considering the state of the global economy, our businesses are doing exceptionally well too.  We’ve managed to expand while also increasing our charity work; increasing our family business value by about twenty-five billion dollars since that first night when Mom started telling Dad and Aunt Leanne about everything.  We’ll be getting more people involved in helping us to do even more; though any growth we achieve will be done solely to give us the ability to do even more with our charities.  We’ll need to do everything we can for that; since there will be much greater need between now and the Ascension of the Light.

For my little part of the family business, I can report that nearly all of my companies are doing great.  I’m mostly working on Christmas now except for a few retail-related issues for Halloween.  There are always ongoing projects and normal business operations for me to keep track of; but I’m keeping up with the regular work now without any trouble.

I do get tired, though, and since getting home and helping Mom get Ethan and Ehlana off to sleep; she and I have been working in the office.  It’s nearly one o’clock, and I’ve had enough fun for the day, so I’m going to pack up and go to bed.

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 19, 2012

The top news that Mom brought back from Crystal Springs was about Angela, Terry, and their soon-to-be born baby.  Angela is doing great, though she’s wishing that the big day would get here sooner rather than later.  Mom checked her out, and thinks that she still has at least another week to go before Angela and Terry will get to welcome their new bundle of joy.

While that was the top news, and Mom and Dad enjoyed spending a few hours with their friends, I’ll guess that there were other reasons why Mom was still smiling as much as she was after Rowen and I got home from school.  Ethan, Ehlana, and I are good with not hearing any of those stories.  My after-school recap didn’t take long, but Ethan and Ehlana had a lot to talk about while we had our snack; and even the parts of Mom’s trip that she could talk about took a while.  Rowen and I needed to do our homework after that, and then we took Ethan and Ehlana to the park again for a little play time.

They wanted to stop for another visit at the football field, but we didn’t stay long this time; and spent most of our time at the playground before going home in time for dinner.  Mom and I spent the evening playing with Ethan and Ehlana until they went to bed, and then we’ve been working in the office since then.  I’ve mostly been studying languages and working in the archives, and Mom’s been working on the family business.  I should do an update about the family business, but I’m getting tired; so I’ll do that tomorrow, and call it a night now.

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Cassie's Journal - September 18, 2012

I definitely need to find a way to spend more time with Grandma and Grandpa when it’s just the three of us.

It was a quiet day at school, and I went over to their house after walking Rowen to the computer store.  Alicia was already there by then, and was just about ready to take Ethan and Ehlana out for a visit to the office to see Aunt Leanne before taking them on to Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne’s house; where she was going to babysit them until Aunt Leanne got home from work.

I got my studying and family business work out of the way first; having fun with Grandma and Grandpa while showing them my Magi-powered computing.  We had dinner at home; went for a walk that included quite a few front porch chats; and then went home again to watch television for a couple of hours before they were tired out and ready for bed.  It felt strange not having Mandy to cuddle with, since we decided to leave her at home; but the rest of my night has been pretty normal – except that it’s barely past midnight, and I’m finished my work and ready to get some sleep.  Hopefully Mom and Dad are enjoying their alone time too; but except for their dinner out with the Malloys, I doubt I’ll want to hear most of the details.  That’s all I have for tonight, so it’s time to...

...say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 17, 2012

Our morning started out early so that Mom, Ethan, Ehlana, and I could all see Dad before he left for Crystal Springs, but then four of us were able to have a little cuddle and nap together in Mom and Dad’s bed before we needed to get moving again too.  Tai Chi by the river seemed a bit less fun without Dad; and the dull, cloudy sky matched the part of me that was missing my father.  There was rain in the forecast, but we didn’t actually get any; and ended up having a nice day – especially by the time we were finished school when Rowen and I were ready to play.

Before we get to that, it was a good day at school.  As usual for a Monday, the guys talked football a lot while the girls talked about boys; the latest entertainment gossip on the web; shopping; and some random local weekend gossip.  Rowen really didn’t want to be around for certain parts of the chats about boys; and I was happy to help her out by hanging out together in the school yard at lunch, and staying out of the pack between classes.  Phys-Ed was outdoors, and Rowen and I paired up for the cross-country run that included a lap of the path around the park.  We may be vertically challenged compared to the other girls in our class right now, but that doesn’t really matter for longer runs.  We were the first runners back to the school; though I’m sure that at least some of our classmates were taking advantage of the time away from direct supervision – a theory that was all but proven when the last group of runners returned with just a few minutes left before lunch.

Music class was the most fun this afternoon, and we again split the time between a theory lesson and two more rotations where we tried out different instruments.  If you’ve ever been in beginner instrumental music classes, I’m sure you can relate to what it sounds like, and even though Rowen and I did better than most with everything we tried; we definitely contributed to the cacophony of noise that in no way resembled anything harmonic or melodic.  That little detail didn’t keep us from having a blast, though, and I really love having a class that is actually in a subject that’s new and challenging for me.

With Dad away in the city, after Rowen and I did our homework, we took Ethan and Ehlana with us so Mom could have a break; and went to the park.  Our first stop was the football field; mostly because Ethan and Ehlana wanted to see Rebecca and Jenny, and watch the boys playing football.  Ethan didn’t just want to watch; he ran out onto the field right away; and then he and Michael earned some laughs when Michael helped him to score a touchdown before running him back to us and dropping him off in Rebecca’s lap.  While we’d planned on taking Ethan and Ehlana over to the playground, they wanted to stay; I could sense that Rowen did too; and since that unofficial, silent vote left me in the minority; we stayed until the pick-up game ended, and it was time for us to head home.

Rowen stayed for dinner with us, but then she needed to head home; and we had Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne coming over for a Healing lesson and family business work session.  By the end of the evening, the big news for us was that Mom was doing an overnight trip to Crystal Springs sometime in the morning; I was going to have a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s house; and Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne were going to get the twins for the night at their place.  I’ll guess that Aunt Leanne had the idea in mind well ahead of time; since it didn’t take very long for her to get our grandparents on board, or have Alicia set up to pick-up the twins from their house after school.

Spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa will be fun, but Mom and I have both been doing some extra work in the office since Ethan and Ehlana went to bed and Aunt Leanne and Uncle Adam went home.  I’ve finished the archive studies that went with the healing lesson tonight; practiced languages for an hour; took care of a bit of family business work; and did the rest of my usual nightly computing.  It’s now after one, and Mom’s decided that we both need to pack up and get some sleep, so...

...say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cassie's Journal - September 16, 2012

I’m keeping this short tonight; skipping any extra work; and going to sleep early.

I’m glad that Mom and Dad enjoyed their kid-free night; and don’t want to know the details. Ditto that for why Aunt Leanne and Uncle Adam were so happy today too.

For me, Tai Chi for one in Rowen’s back yard was the only quiet time I had until after dinner. Patrick and Scott were in fine form before, during, and after breakfast; though Rowen and I did manage to eat and get ready for church despite the ongoing interruptions from the boys. We traded that annoyance for some usually-whispered girl chat that was mostly about guys and girls at Friday night football games before, during, and after church and Sunday school. That might have been okay to get out of the way a day early if I didn’t know for sure that weekend romance updates were a required and unavoidable part of the school gossip network every Monday.

We had the Emersons over for lunch after church, and then Rowen and I were free to play for the afternoon while Dad was busy getting ready for his week in the city; Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana were doing their own thing; and Rowen’s parents went home to catch up on some work around the house now that they had a day off where they could do that. We went for a bike ride; did a little exploring along the ridge in the woods at the park; and hung out at the playground for a while – not really much of a difference from our Saturday afternoon.

Mom and Dad decided to have dinner at the Inn instead of cooking, and it wasn’t hard to convince Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Adam, and Aunt Leanne to come with us for the early buffet. That was fun, and so was the Transmutation lesson that Mom did with me after we got home, but once we finished getting Ethan and Ehlana bathed, changed, and tucked into bed; I was ready to come up to bed too. With Dad away, it’s going to be a busy week, and I’ll have some late nights, so that’s it for tonight.

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie.”

Cassie's Journal - September 15, 2012

I’ll take a wild guess that Mom, Dad, Aunt Leanne, Uncle Adam, and the rest of their usual gang are having more fun tonight than Rowen and me.

Reasons why Number one and two: Patrick and Scott.

While our favorite adults – including Rowen’s parents – are playing at Sheldon’s Pub; we’re doing a sleepover at Rowen’s house that includes watching Patrick and Scott while Patricia and Owen are out. I can tell you that it isn’t easy to put up with those two boys and not use a little Magi power to keep them under control. We might have had an easier time if Ethan and Ehlana were here too, but I’m sure they’re really happy to be spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa instead.

Watching an action movie; playing video games; and making pizzas for a late night snack wasn’t enough to keep the boys from their usual pranks, gags, and goofiness. Rowen and I especially loved getting to pick Bits and Bites out of our hair after a little one-sided food fight. The pranks and gags mostly happened after Patrick and Scott supposedly went up to bed, and Rowen and I sat in the living room and tried to watch another movie that wasn’t all about blowing stuff up now and then in between fight scenes. It wasn’t until they heard the minivan in the driveway that the boys suddenly decided that at least pretending to be asleep was a good idea.

Rowen and I were required by tradition to assure her parents that everything had been fine while they were out, though I’m sure they didn’t believe that for a second. We had a little chat with them before we all came upstairs to bed, and Rowen and I have been chatting and computing since getting changed and into her bed. I haven’t written about the rest of my day, but it was just a standard yard and house work morning; nothing particularly interesting happened while Rowen and I were biking and playing this afternoon; we’ve got church in the morning; and it’s late enough that we should both be sleeping. Time to call it a night!

Say ‘goodnight, Cassie’.

“Goodnight, Cassie – and goodnight to you too, Rowen.”