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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cassie's Journal - March 31, 2012

The big news in town today was Brandon Green’s early arrival to proud parents Heather and Adam Green. Brandon was six weeks early, and only a few of us know that Uncle Adam needed to use his Magi Healing on Brandon to save him from what would have been some very unpleasant weeks or months at the hospital in Crystal Springs. Mom and I didn’t help out with that, but Uncle Adam did have Mom check up on Brandon after dinner to make sure he didn’t miss anything important. Heather and Brandon will likely be at the clinic for at least a few days, but that’s mostly to give Heather a chance to recover, and for appearances with Brandon; since he really doesn’t need to stay in the incubator for long.

Compared to that, our Spring cleanup day seems – and was – boring. Mom, Dad, and I worked from shortly after eight until we stopped for dinner at around six-thirty. I’m exhausted; but the gardens and yard look awesome! I get tomorrow afternoon off, but since Mom and Dad are both going to work, and Rowen’s busy; Ethan, Ehlana, and I will probably just hang out together; and maybe do a bit of work on the future plan. I’ve had enough for today, though, so...

...live from Witch Falls; this is Cassie Proctor, signing off!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cassie's Journal - March 30, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday, Jake!

For some reason, he and Stephanie didn’t think that they needed anyone else at his birthday party; and they’re actually going to have that party tomorrow in Crystal Springs. Jake did seem to be having a fun day at school, and hopefully the present, hug, and kiss I had for him helped out with that – especially since I got teased a lot about that for the rest of the day.

That, game night at the Inn last night, and tonight’s dinner and a movie at home has been about all the non-work fun I’ve had this week. My German lessons have started out well, and the family business is keeping me busy too, but I’m loving the work I’m doing right now. Rain and life got in the way of spending much time playing with Rowen this week, and we’re both going to be busy with our own things most of the weekend too – including not getting to do dinner and a movie night together.

With the Easter weekend just a week away, Mom and Dad have a big Spring cleanup day planned for tomorrow, so I’ll be busy with that all day. Tonight, it was nice to just have a few hours to hang out with the parents, aunts, uncles, and Ethan and Ehlana. Wedding plans were a big part of the dinner conversation, and while I’m not really in the loop for Aunt Deborah and Nick’s wedding; it’s nice to know that everything is on track. It wasn’t quite as much fun to have Aunt Leanne discuss potential dates for me to invite to the reception, but I’m apparently the only one who didn’t find her comments hilarious. Just for the record – I am definitely not taking a date to the wedding or reception!

Moving along, I’ve been playing on my computer since coming up to my room and getting ready for bed, but since we do have the big yard work day starting bright and early, I’m going to call it a night.

Live from Witch Falls; this is Cassie Proctor, signing off!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cassie's Journal - March 25, 2012

How time flies when you’re having fun!

I’ve mostly taken the week off to play, but we’re back to school in the morning, and it’s time to get back to the usual routine again.

Violet went home after lunch today since Dillon was working anyway. She seems to be doing okay; probably because she’ll be back again in just eleven days for the Easter long weekend. I wasn’t involved much in the training she did with Mom this week; but they did apparently get a lot done even with everything else they both had on the go.

The weather was nice again this weekend, but we had a lot of rain to put a damper on things off and on from Monday to Friday. That meant that Rowen and I had a fair bit of indoor play time, and mostly stayed in the lounge whenever we couldn’t be outside. Compared to last year – my first March Break in Witch Falls – this has been a fairly quiet week. In fact, I really don’t have much interesting to report since last Sunday.

We are going to get back to working on our ‘future plans’ this week, and while Mom, Dad, Aunt Leanne, and Uncle Adam have more to do with that right now; Ethan, Ehlana, and I will help out as much as needed too. I’m going to start learning another language tomorrow night, and have a couple of new projects for the family business that should keep me busy for a while too. Since I am going to be very busy for the next few weeks, I’m going to get to bed early tonight, so...

...live from Witch Falls; this is Cassie Proctor, signing off!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cassie's Journal - March 18, 2012

I was on my own for Tai Chi this morning, but it was beautiful outside, and I loved having a bit of time to myself before the breakfast rush. The Emersons didn’t have a huge gang to feed, but it was still hectic sharing bathroom time and getting everything else done in time to walk over to the church.

Starting out our March Break with Mom’s birthday – and Violet’s week-long visit ‘home’ – has been great, and the fun continued today. Dad had to hide in the office and work all afternoon, but since their boys were busy working; Mom and Violet were free to play with Rowen, Ethan, Ehlana, and me. With a summer-weather kind of day to enjoy, we went for a canoe ride; played at the park; and had ice cream treats from the Emporium while wandering around by the falls. With her weekend off still in effect, Mom didn’t have to worry about making dinner or any cleanups, though I didn’t escape helping out.

Rowen went home for the night in time for dinner, and after a few long days; I’m ready for an early bed and bath time. This journal entry is being written Telekinetically while I’m wrapping up my Jacuzzi session. I plan on being asleep soon, and don’t have much else to report, so...

...live from Witch Falls; this is Cassie Proctor, signing off!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cassie's Journal - March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

There were quite a few gifts for Mom today, but I’m fairly sure that the presents she loved the most were, in this order, Ethan and Ehlana’s ‘no more nursing needed’ gift; the no-work weekend; and the no-kids-at-home night that Ethan, Ehlana, and I seriously do not want to know the details about.

Ethan and Ehlana’s no-nursing gift was Mom’s first of the day, and prompted the second; which was both a present and a Magi Healing lesson for me. She’d shown me how to precisely control the amount of breast milk she needed to produce for Ethan and Ehlana, and completely stopping that production wasn’t really much different – just a lot faster than letting it happen naturally. The rest of the healing from nearly nine months of nursing twins didn’t take long either, but at my age, that was one of the stranger lessons; and while I’m glad that Mom’s so happy, I am also not going to think much about the why for that. Let’s move on, shall we?

Tai Chi was out by the river, and Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne joined us for that – and for breakfast. Mom and Aunt Leanne were set free after eating to shower and get ready for a pampering morning with Vicki and Liz at the salon while Dad, Uncle Adam, Violet, and I started our work morning with the kitchen cleanup; supervised by Ethan and Ehlana. By the time we were finished doing that, Alicia had come over, and she took care of the twins while our work party continued both inside and outdoors. Uncle Adam went home to work there while Violet and I started on the house work and laundry; and Dad mostly worked in the back yard. His chores included getting three canoes ready; checking over a few bikes; cleaning the grill and getting the tank filled; and taking care of some early spring yard work. I helped out with that by mid-morning – sweeping the porches and sidewalks; raking the paths; and washing windows and doors.

Uncle Adam came back in time to help Dad with our barbeque lunch plans, and when Mom and Aunt Leanne got back from the salon; Alicia was set free – mostly because she would need the break before joining her friends for another mass babysitting night – this time at the Emerson’s house. Rowen came over from the store in time to have lunch with us, and then we spent the afternoon playing with everyone until it was time to get ready for Mom’s birthday dinner party at the Inn. We went for a short canoe ride; played at the park; and had an ice cream break at the Emporium that just happened to be timed perfectly for Dillon’s afternoon break before the dinner rush at the Inn.

Violet, Ethan, Ehlana, and I also had to get our overnight bags packed, and I dropped mine off at Rowen’s house before we all walked over to the Inn. Dad and Aunt Leanne hadn’t really set up a particularly big dinner party, but there were a lot of their friends going to Sheldon’s; and that ended up giving Miranda and Jacob a full dining room that was about as busy as nearly every Sunday night. Our party included the Emersons, Seagers, and Greens; plus Aunt Deborah and Nick. Rowen and I ended up at a ‘kids’ table next to Mom and Dad, and we had fun hanging out with some of our friends while our parents were hanging out with their dinner guests.

Having the babysitting service at Rowen’s house seemed a bit strange, and we didn’t have my lounge for the girls to hide out in from the boys, but Alicia and her friends managed to mostly control Patrick and the other guys; and we had a fun night that included games, movies, and a lot of running around and goofing off. Rowen and I went to bed by a bit after eleven, and have been chatting and surfing since then. Rowen’s had to chase off Patrick and Scott a few times too, but they’ve probably gone to sleep now since they haven’t bothered us in about twenty minutes now.

I thought about staying up to see Aunt Leanne and Uncle Adam when they come to get Ethan and Ehlana, but Rowen’s nodding off, and I’m tired too, so instead of doing that; I’m going to wrap this up and get some sleep.

Live from Witch Falls; this is Cassie Proctor, signing off!

Cassie's Journal - March 16, 2012

March Break is here – and so is Violet!

That more than made up for skipping our usual Friday dinner and a movie night, though Rowen and I are having a first night of the break sleepover.

Violet got to Witch Falls in time to have dinner with us, and Dad got back from Crystal Springs nearly two hours before Dillon finished a long dinner shift at the Inn and finally got to meet up with Violet before they moved on to spending the rest of the evening with Jake and Stephanie at the Stone’s house.

I should take a minute and recap the week, though there isn’t much to write about. With Dad in the city, Mom and I were both busy. I helped out as much as I could with Ethan and Ehlana after school and in the evenings. We had extra-long Magi lessons every night so that Mom could skip our lessons during March Break and concentrate on working with Violet. I put in extra time on my family business work so I could take most of next week off too, and since I was up late doing that anyway; I multi-tasked that work with chats in Japanese. One off-shoot of my language lessons is that Mom is starting to get me involved in some extra businesses where my new language skills can help out with translating and interpreting; including helping Aunt Leanne and Miranda with interests they’re managing in Japan. Since that’s going to be a big part of my future, it’s a good thing that I love the work!

Anyway, back to the more recent now; it was great getting to have Violet to ourselves for a few hours. We’d talked about having Dawn, and Chris and Martin, come with Violet for the week; but the boys didn’t want to miss out on the plans they had with their friends, and Mom and Aunt Melissa decided that it would be easier for Mom to do her lessons with Violet without having to work around Dawn. It would have been fun to have Dawn here too, but even without her here, I’m sure Mom and Violet will still need to juggle to find time for those Magi lessons – especially when spending time with Dillon is probably a bit higher on Violet’s priority list than the lessons; her job; or hanging out with younger cousins.

Thankfully, I do still have my bff to hang out with, and after Violet and Dillon left to meet up with Jake and Stephanie; Rowen and I moved up to my room – to the lounge – and got on with our sleepover. We’ve been in the lounge chatting telepathically with Mandy; watching a movie; and surfing the net on our computers for the past couple of hours. Staying up until after Violet and Dillon get home again so we can sneak downstairs and tease them is an option, but we’re both tired; and getting some extra sleep is more tempting, so...

...live from Witch Falls; this is Cassie, Rowen, and Mandy giving Violet and Dillon a break, and signing off!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cassie's Journal - March 11, 2012

Mom, Dad, and I have been up late tonight, so I’m going to keep this fairly short.

Since our big news reveal for Uncle Adam’s birthday, Ethan, Ehlana, and I have all been keeping busy. For me, that’s meant added work to the usual load while we’ve mostly talked in much more detail about those future plans with Mom, Dad, Uncle Adam, and Aunt Leanne. We’re not the only members of the family keeping busier than usual. Dad’s been working on this while putting in long days getting ready for his week in Crystal Springs; Mom is trying to get extra family business out of the way too, since she’ll need to be busier with the twins while Dad is away; and thanks in part to the weather, Aunt Leanne has an early start to the spring real estate and rental moves business.

Rowen and I have managed to fit in a bit of play time around the work, and with Mom and Dad both busy working most of this weekend; we had a pair of play afternoons that included playing with Ethan and Ehlana to help entertain them while the parents were working in the office. There isn’t anything to report from school this week, and with a week left to go until March Break; it’s getting tougher for our teachers to keep us motivated to concentrate on our studies.

That reminds me that Violet will be coming home in less than five days now! I’m sure that Dillon is more excited about that than I am, but it is going to be great having Violet here for a whole week. Hopefully, she’ll even get some time to hang out with Rowen and me a few times when Dillon’s working at the Inn. It’s after one now, though, and I can think about March Break fun another time. Right now, I seriously need some sleep, so...

...live from Witch Falls; this is Cassie Proctor, signing off!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cassie's Journal - March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Uncle Adam!

The birthday dinner was at our house, mostly because Uncle Adam and Aunt Deborah still had their Wednesday night clinic shift; and also so it’d be easier for Mom to take care of Ethan and Ehlana while she and Aunt Leanne were busy cooking. We had nearly the same group as last year for this party, along with a few additions – like Nick and Aunt Deborah. That was fun, and I got to have Rowen stay for dinner too after we were drafted to help after school; but the best part of the night was when Uncle Adam got back to the house after working at the clinic. That’s when Ethan, Ehlana, and I got to spring our little birthday surprise on him, Aunt Leanne, Mom, and Dad.

This is a good time to put my photographic memory to use here, and just record the entire conversation.


“We – Ethan, Ehlana, and I – have another birthday present for you,” I told Uncle Adam; handing him the wrapped gift after we’d all gotten comfortable on the sofas in the living room. He and Aunt Leanne had Ehlana to cuddle with, and I was sitting with them while Ethan was with Mom and Dad on the other sofa.

“I’m already on birthday overload,” Uncle Adam advised us with a smile as he started to tear the wrapping paper.

“We’ll see if you still think so in a few minutes,” Ehlana joked telepathically once I’d put up my wards around the room.

“This is your future,” he read aloud after pulling our little booklet from the last bits of wrapping paper. After opening the cover, he looked up at me in surprise while turning the booklet so we could all see the map I’d made up of Witch Falls.

“You’re giving Adam Witch Falls?” Aunt Leanne joked. “I didn’t know it was up for sale.”

“And there seems to be quite a bit more to our little town on this map than we have now,” Dad added.

“Well, this is supposed to be Adam’s future,” Mom pointed out. She smiled at me, and didn’t look particularly surprised. “You’ve been busy,” she added; directing that at all three of her kids.

“We needed to tell all of you about some of the things we see for our future, and thought this would be a fun way to do that,” Ethan said, directing that telepathic comment toward our parents, aunt, and uncle.

“Witch Falls hasn’t changed much in size in nearly a century,” Aunt Leanne pointed out. “How far into the future are you going with that map?”

“Not very,” I answered. “The next few years are going to be a lot of fun.”

Uncle Adam put the booklet in his lap and turned to the next page. “Why don’t you give us the condensed version while your uncle is busy reading?” Mom suggested.

“We can do that,” I agreed. “Why don’t you start, Ehlana?”

“Okay,” she agreed enthusiastically; both aloud and telepathically before continuing to talk silently. “The big projects we need to start working on are the lab and archives; the new medical center; and the new residential part of town that we’ll need for the extra people that will be living here in Witch Falls.”

“Dr. Mark!” Uncle Adam exclaimed in amazement; looking up and focusing his attention on Ehlana. “Are my grandparents going to decide to replace me after all?”

Ehlana laughed happily. “Not that we’ve seen,” she assured him. “Uncle Mark is going to be your partner.”

“Uncle Mark?” Aunt Leanne asked quickly; her smile flashing brilliantly as she suspected where that was leading.

“Oops,” Ehlana said with a telepathic laugh. “Okay, future Uncle Mark,” she amended. “That’s one of the reasons we needed to talk with you now. Aunt Grace and Mark definitely need to fall in love sooner than later – if they’re not there already – and you need to talk them into coming here to live and work.”

“It’s a good thing that you’ve got a couple of good jobs,” Uncle Adam told Aunt Leanne. “I’ll only need to work part time with two doctors in town.”

“Read on,” Ethan suggested. “You’ll be busy enough between working at the med center and lab. While you’re reading the boring details about that, Mom and I can talk about bringing the archives home.”

“They’ve been split up for a very good reason,” Mom told him, “and you’re talking about a huge undertaking to make that happen. Are you sure about doing that, and why now?”

“We’re sure,” Ethan answered confidently, “and the reason for the now is because it’s going to take years to make that happen – and to build the lab and archive. Witch Falls is going to be Magi Central, and we’re going to need the archives here for all of us.”

“Plus we’ll be able to protect them better now that we have help,” Ehlana added.

“That’s true,” Mom conceded, “but the digital archives – or at least the parts of them that can be used by most Magi – will be easier for most of our friends to use.”

“Bringing the archives here will mostly be for me, Mom,” Ethan explained. “That’s going to be my future.”

“The world’s least known; and most important librarian,” Ehlana joked with another mental laugh.

“Archivist – and Magi teacher,” I amended,

“You say tomato,” Ehlana deadpanned. “I’m just glad that won’t be my job.”

“There are reasons why we have our particular talents and interests,” Ethan countered. “Your job’s going to be cooler than mine; but I can always play in the lab too if I need a break from the books.”

“We’re getting a bit ahead of things,” I told them. “You can talk with Mom about what you want to start with for the archives another time, and Ehlana can do the same with Mom and Uncle Adam for the lab.” I looked at how far Uncle Adam was into reading the booklet before continuing. “It looks like Uncle Adam is through the section about the lab, so he knows that Aunt Grace is supposed to be the CEO for the company we’ll need to start up for it. I’m fairly sure that we can make her an offer she won’t refuse.” I smiled at Aunt Leanne. “If you missed it on the map; they’re supposed to be your river side neighbors in that new section of town.”

“None of that land is part of the town now,” Aunt Leanne pointed out. “That could take years to appropriate from the Ridge River District.”

I shrugged and shook my head. “We’re going to trade them the tax base from a wind and solar energy farm at one of the old quarries to get the land annexation. Don’t worry – we’ve got that all figured out; and it really won’t take long at all – especially since there are only two families that own the property we’ll need; and one of those families is ours.”

“You have been doing your homework,” she told us approvingly. “So what else do we need to work on to get all of this started? I’m sure there’s a why for everything too, but maybe I don’t want to know all of those answers quite yet.”

“We’re sure you don’t,” Ehlana agreed. “Just like there are things we would like to know less about.”

“That sounds ominous,” Dad said; smiling when he looked down and saw Ethan grinning at him.

“Ehlana’s referring to the boyfriends and girlfriend thing for us,” he explained silently. “Only two out of three of those will be ominous for you.”

“I wonder which two,” Aunt Leanne joked, “and which guys and girl?”

“The bad news is that you don’t need to know that yet and we won’t need your matchmaking services,” I answered with a grin. “The good news is that you’ll have other matches to make and be entertained with instead.”

“Can you give me any hints on that?”

“We’ll need one of your cousins matched up with one of the boys in town,” Ehlana told her.

“Deborah and Nick are already matched; and so are Violet and Dillon. Mark isn’t from town; and you want him paired up with Grace; so you can’t mean her. Isn’t it a bit early for Dawn, Jaimie, or Kaitlyn? Rick and Blaine wouldn’t be amused if I started setting them up with boys here already – they’re still making jokes about Violet and Dillon.”

“You do have other cousins now,” Ehlana reminded her, but since you brought up Violet, Dillon, and Uncle Blaine; let’s talk about them next. They are three of the main reasons we needed to talk with you about this now.”

“You need an architect for all of this, so I’ll guess that’s why you want Blaine,” Dad suggested. “What do you see for Violet and Dillon?”

“A Magi bio-engineer for lab in Dillon,” Ehlana answered.

“And a future second in command for Aunt Grace in Violet,” Ethan added; finishing Ehlana’s thought. “We need to nudge them into college majors in time for them to have the right courses picked for their senior year of high school.”

“Especially for Dillon,” I added. “He hasn’t been thinking about a research-type career because there isn’t anything like that available here. A few hints about Uncle Adam starting up a research lab should get him thinking in the right direction; and Mom can just make sure Violet knows she has a guaranteed job after getting her business degree even if we don’t tell her it will be working with Aunt Grace quite yet.”

“That’d be easier if we could just let them know that they’re both Magi,” Ethan suggested.

“Give them time,” Mom counseled. “What we’ve done so far is coming a bit fast for them. You may find that they’ll be your biggest obstacle with all of these plans.”

“I’ll just get Ehlana and Cassie to hug and kiss them into submission,” Ethan joked. “The Ascension of the Light is coming, and when it happens; Witch Falls is going to be the center of Magi power whether they like it or not.”

“We’ll all like it a lot once we get there,” Ehlana declared confidently.

“So we need to get Blaine to design a research lab and archive; a new medical building; and a new residential addition to town,” Aunt Leanne summarized. “We’ll need to buy some land; annex all of it from the Ridge River District; and eventually get construction crews to build everything. On the personal side of things, we need to get Grace and Mark together and moved to town; nudge Violet and Dillon into education paths they’ll need for their roles in the future big picture; and work on some unspecified matchmaking. Anything else?”

“Grandpa Grant and Grandma-to-be Eleanor will be changing their archive trips to start bringing everything home instead of just checking all of the archives,” Ethan added, “but I’ll go over all of that with Mom later this week.”

“Grandma-to-be?” Mom asked with a laugh. “Isn’t that impossible for a twenty-nine year old?”

“She has great-grandchildren old enough to do the math already,” Ethan pointed out. “She may complain about it, but everyone will start calling her Grandma Eleanor in the not-to-distant future.”

“Like right after the wedding,” Aunt Leanne predicted. “Are you about finished reading?” she asked Uncle Adam.

He smiled and looked up at her; then closed the booklet. “I can finish it later. This all sounds amazing, but I have a feeling that this is one birthday present that is going to take a lot of work to assemble.”

“And you thought that your first model airplanes and cars were tough,” Dad joked.

“We did add a ‘some assembly required’ disclaimer in the booklet,” Ehlana advised them. “Inside; back cover.”

Uncle Adam flipped the back cover open; laughed; and turned it so Mom, Dad, and Aunt Leanne could see that we had actually done that. “Possibly the understatement of the year. Especially since we’re supposed to do a lot of this within the next six years or so.”

“You’ll need to time-phase the whole town,” Aunt Leanne told us.

“We’ll have more than enough help,” I assured her. “It seems like a lot right now, but you do have four Magi Masters here, and we will have a lot more Magi adding their talents too. You’re going to be amazed with what we can all do when we really start using our abilities instead of just mostly playing with our Magi powers.”

“That’s more than a little scary for those of us who have been taught to hide our abilities from everyone,” Dad told me.

“We’ll still be hiding our abilities from most non-Magi,” Ethan said telepathically with a shake of his head, “but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to use our powers too.”

“I get the feeling there’s a lot more you’re not telling us about this future you see,” Mom deduced.

“That’s true,” I agreed, “but this is all we’re supposed to tell you about for now. Isn’t this enough for one night?”

“Yes and no,” Mom answered. “These plans are leaping decades beyond anything we’ve dreamed about so far.”

“In a brilliant way,” Uncle Adam added. “Not to mention the never dreamed of parts – like having Mark and Grace live here in Witch Falls.”

“When do we need to spring that on them?” Aunt Leanne asked.

“According to my little plan here; by the end of this coming summer,” Adam answered. “Can you have them married and moved here by the end of next summer?”

“No problem,” she agreed with a laugh. “That’s way more time than we needed for us.”

“We were both living here,” he reminded her. “Getting Mark to move here from Seattle might be a bit tougher.”

“If marrying Grace, working with you, and living happily ever after isn’t enough for him; we’ll use Olde Bakery treats and Sunday night buffets at the Inn to bribe him,” Aunt Leanne declared.

“He doesn’t stand a chance, and has no idea that his fate is already sealed,” Dad joked. “Maybe we should warn him, Adam. You are his best friend after all.”

“I wouldn’t want to break any man-laws over this, but there is no way that I’m going to get between Leanne and a matchmaking opportunity,” Adam told him. “As long as the happily ever after thing works out for them, I’m sure Mark will forgive me.”


That pretty much covers the main points of everything we talked about, and the next part of that conversation included some discussion about Aunt Leanne taking Uncle Adam home for reasons we don’t need to cover in my journal; so we’ll leave it there. We did talk for nearly another half hour, and then after our Aunt and Uncle went home, I helped Mom and Dad with Ethan and Ehlana’s bedtime routine; and have been in bed, working on my computer, since then.

My Japanese chat sessions are getting better every time, and I read a novel and wrote a book report on it in Japanese too. I should be ready to start another language soon while continuing to master Japanese. Maybe I’ll do that after March break. For now, though, it’s been a long day and I’m ready to crash, so...

...live from Witch Falls; this is Cassie Proctor, signing off!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cassie's Journal - March 4, 2012

Yes, I’ve been slacking off on a couple of things, including my journal updates, but there really hasn’t been much to report about so far in March.

The only thing worth mentioning from Thursday and Friday is the charity work that Mom, Aunt Leanne, Miranda, and I all worked on to do what we could to help the relief efforts being sent to the states, cities, and towns hardest hit by the storms and tornados that have been sweeping through some of the mid-west states. We even skipped the movie part of our dinner and a movie on Friday night so we could work on that instead.

Rowen and I celebrated our first anniversary yesterday – the anniversary of our finding out about each other being Magi. We had a play afternoon; and a sleepover at her house. Patrick had Scott overnight too, but even their attempts to bug us were mostly just fun, and we definitely had one of those really great days.

Grandpa Grant and Eleanor Byrd got home from South America yesterday too, and they were the most popular couple at church today – especially since it was the first time that most of their friends and neighbors had to congratulate – or tease – them about their engagement. Mom had been getting regular updates during their trip, and Ethan, Ehlana, and I kept up with that, but it was definitely because of seeing them today that we ended up spending a lot of our afternoon future planning session talking about the archives, and working on that part of our plans. We had a few other details to work out too, but by the time we wrapped up so I could help Mom with making dinner, everything we needed to have done for what we’re thinking of as ‘phase one’ was ready to go.

Mom and I did another long Magi lesson after dinner while Dad played with the twins, and I’ve been multi-tasking my Jacuzzi and language and archive study time since helping with Ethan and Ehlana’s bath and bedtime routine. One of the other things that I’ve been slacking on has been keeping up with the entertainment updates, and while I am doing this journal entry tonight; it’s late, and I’m skipping that again. Hopefully, my reputation will survive the lack of knowledge of the most critical current events, but I’m just too tired to bother with the extra surfing. It’s definitely time to get some sleep, so...

...live from Witch Falls; this is Cassie Proctor, signing off!