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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Cassie's Journal - October 30, 2016

It’s been a busy, often fun day, but I’m beat; so this is going to be a micro update.

Tai Chi by the river was a small break before the storm that was my morning while we did all of the work that went with getting a gang of kids fed and ready for church.  We had bonus help from some parents, including Jacob and Miranda; but we were still all kept busy through until we sat down for the start of the service at church.  That hour and change of faith and family felt like another break for me; though that was compared to the rest of my day.

Michael and I headed for the Inn once we were finished Sunday school; and then we worked hard for the rest of the day except for our afternoon break and a quick dinner after the last buffet was well-underway in the evening.  I worked until close, and our afternoon break included doing our homework; so we really were on the go most of the time through until we walked home at a bit after ten o’clock.  I had a visit with Mom, Dad, and the twins in the office once I was home; Mom did a short Magi lesson with me; and then I took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana tucked in for the night.  I came up to my room after that; hopped into my Jacuzzi; and started multi-tasking my work while in a time phase.  That’s the only way I got the work finished without staying up all night, but it still took quite a while to get everything finished; and I’ve needed to keep the time phase going through my tub time and what’s been the equivalent of hours snuggled in bed with Mandy while I continued to work; so the cost of the power drain has been very high tonight.

That’s why I’m wrapping this little report up without writing about anything else that went on without me – like an afternoon pumpkin carving bit of fun that I missed out on with my family today.  Tomorrow is Halloween, and I’m sure to have another late night with that added to my schedule.  I’ll need all the sleep I can get now and will likely add in a bit of self-healing in the morning too, so that’s all for today; and, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cassie's Journal - October 29, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, Aiden!

This is an interesting year for Aiden’s birthday because it falls on the same day as the Haunted Halloween Walk.  Add in that it is also a very busy day for his parents at the bakery; and it explains why his extended family and best friends got to celebrate his big day with him more than his parents did this year.  I wasn't around for most of the birthday fun during the day, but Aiden did go out to the Inn for breakfast with some grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins; and I knew about that because Aiden was then dropped off to spend most of the day with Ethan and Ehlana – except for a lunch break with family that Ethan was invited to go along for while Ehlana and Naomi stayed behind because the available kid space for that lunch was limited.  The kids were back together for the afternoon; and then they all went to meet up with Aiden’s parents at home after the bakery closed so that they could get his birthday party started with a quick dinner and dessert before moving on to the Haunted Halloween Walk.

I’m ahead of my own story for the day, but then it wasn’t birthday party fun and games to that point on the timeline.  Tai Chi by the river was especially nice because the Carringtons joined us for the work-out and the weather was awesome even that early.  The double-family breakfast was great too; and then it was time for me to get to work on the never-ending fall clean-up.  As usual, I will not complain about that work, since I do have it easier than most teens around here thanks to the handy attachments Dad has for his lawn tractor, but there is still a lot of work that has to be done the hard way, and since Mom still won’t let us use our Magi gifts to do that work out in public; it takes time to deal with the gardens, maintenance on the house and storage barn; and deal with other issues – like getting the dock ready for the winter freeze.  All of that work was much easier to take with temperatures in the seventies and eighties, and while the work wasn’t all that exciting; spending the time with Mom, Dad, Ethan, and Ehlana was great.  Aiden and Naomi were there for parts of the work too, but Aiden and a get-out-of-work card for his birthday; and the four kids played most of the time when they were around.  They also got to go to the park for some play time that Mom had Aunt Leanne along for when Zack and Brianna needed to get out of the house for a while after lunch; and that included a bike ride for all of them – with Zack and Brianna in our trailer for that part of the adventure.

I needed to wrap up the work by four; get cleaned up and ready for the rest of the day; and then head to the school to help out with everything the marching band was doing for the Haunted Halloween Walk.  Michael was working the dinner shift at the Inn, so he couldn’t help out with that; but Rowen and Tim were among the volunteers.  We had to get everything ready at the school, and then couldn’t head for Witch Falls Road until the stores closed at six o’clock.  We were busy getting the trucks and minivans loaded up, but then the work kicked up into high gear when we could start setting up our fundraiser booth and the area where the band – or smaller groups of our musicians – played music from seven to eleven o’clock.  We needed a far bit of space for that, so our booth and the band was given an area in front of Landry’s Automotive; and some of the cars that are usually lined up near the sidewalk were moved back to make room for our band for the evening.

We managed to be ready to go on time, and we started playing our first set right at seven o’clock; though we didn’t quite have the full band because not everyone could be there on time.  Michael did make it, though, so I was in a great mood as we launched into the Halloween-themed songs – beginning with a few Disney songs from Halloween episodes or movies.  Yes, I might seem to be a bit obsessed with Disney, but keep in mind that our band is doing all of this for a chance to play at Disney in Florida; so it is important to remind everyone why we’re doing all of the fundraising.  As I mentioned, we didn’t all play all of the time, since everyone wanted to go on the walk and play the games too; so we took turns and only had the full band for two half-hour sets.  We had a blast with that, but the musical highlights of the night for me were the half-hour of saxophone duets and duels that Michael  and I did from seven-thirty to eight; and the guitar and vocal duets we did during the ten-to-ten-thirty time slot.  Part two of that was especially amazing because we had my family and all of Aiden’s birthday party gang among the spectators; and they especially loved the duets we did from the ‘Girl vs. Monsters’ movie.  Our songs were all Halloween-themed too, and while it was a bit different with our acoustic version of the song; our little audience seemed to love singing and dancing along to the Monster Mash when we wrapped up our set with that – and then I was done my band work for the night.

That needed to be the case because Rowen and I went into babysitter mode after that; and we went home with Mom, Dad, and most of the kids we are babysitting tonight.  Michael and Tim stayed to help with the work at the food booth and then the clean-up; but they came over in time to be with us when the parents were collectively ready to leave for Sheldon’s Pub and the last few hours of the Halloween party already in progress there.  Rowen and I got all of the kids ready for bed first before moving the show up to the lounge for a toddler-friendly Halloween movie and shows marathon; though most of the toddlers didn’t stay awake through to the end of the first show.  You might think that was good news for the teen babysitters, but I have cousins in my bed right now as I write this; there are kids camping out on the floor in the lounge; and there is zero chance that I’ll be having a sofa sleepover with Michael tonight.

While it’s been a bit crazy around here since the adventure in babysitting starting for us, it’s been a lot of fun too – and not just because of the kids.  We had some drop-in visitors, and Jessica and Patrick were among the most-entertaining.  They came over with Sophia to drop her off for the babysitting and sleepover; stayed to help out until Michael and Tim were done with the band work; and then went back to her house because they were in charge of Ryan and a couple of his buddies while her parents were at Sheldon’s too.  Lucas and Rebecca stopped by after they were done at the Haunted Halloween Walk too, but didn’t stay long; and they are spending the night out at the farm.  Getting back to the kid-friendly movie marathon, we’ve watched Sofia and the ‘Cauldronation’ episode; a Halloween-themed Doc McStuffins; and two spooky PAW Patrol shows.  By the end of that fourth show, we’d lost all of the kids except for the twins, Naomi, and Aiden.

Don’t worry, Moms and Dads – we only lost your younger kids to dreamland; so that wasn’t meant to be Halloween-scary for you! ;^)

I got to watch some of those shows too, but spent more time dealing with the younger kids – especially Brianna and Faith.  This is Faith’s first babysitting sleepover with the gang of kids, so she was an adorable combination of fired up and sleepy; since she’d already had a very long, busy day with her very first Haunted Halloween Walk adventure too.  I cuddled with her and Michael had Brianna with him until Faith went to sleep; I put her into a portable crib in my room; cuddled with Michael and Brianna for a while after that; and then put Brianna to bed next – in my bed.  We started to lose the toddlers next.  Sebastian was one of the first; and Leah was the last – even though Zack and Eli had insisted that they would stay awake all night; and definitely out-last all of the girls.  From my perspective, it’s a good thing that Zack does run out of steam now and then; since he’s a scary kid to keep up with whenever he’s awake.

Note to me – ask Violet if Chris and Martin were like Zack when they were three!

Moving along – again; the current movie is Casper, and I have no idea why the kids picked that one over other favorites tonight; but Michael, Tim, and Rowen are having fun watching it too.  I was having fun with them, but I’m currently multi-tasking this update with taking care of Faith because she apparently only needed a nap before deciding that she wanted to party again.  Her bottle of choice is non-alcoholic, and I wouldn’t consider the diaper change she needed before we got her bottle ready a fun party game, but she thought it was funny; and I guess that it was messy and smelly-enough to fit in with a Halloween theme.

I’m writing this update while Faith is having her bottle and we’re cuddling in the living room.  Yes, we could hang out in the lounge too, but I want Faith to go back to sleep, and even though she is very special; I don’t think that she necessarily needs to watch the scarier parts of Casper – especially since there’s a good chance that she’d remember all of it.  We won’t actually know that for sure until years from now, but Mom is already starting to get some strong indications that her prenatal and neonatal Magi programs are improving what Magi kids remember from their early childhoods to something mid-way between what older Magi here remember and the perfect recall that Mom, Ethan, Ehlana, and I all have in common.

That isn’t something I need to write about tonight; and I should wrap this up so that Faith isn’t more interested in what I’m doing with my Magi power than in sleeping.  Mom and Dad are still out and having fun, but then I didn’t expect them to be home early because they’re designated drivers tonight as well as the hosts for the babysitting sleepover.  They do get that job more often than not right now, but then I expect they’ll get a break from that after I head for college and they won’t have the most-convenient babysitters in the family anymore.  I’m just starting to ramble now, though, so it’s time to wrap this up and get back to concentrating on the babysitting.

Oh wait – I did forget one very important detail – the Haunted Halloween Walk!  Michael and I went on the walk with Mom, Dad, and my aunts, uncles, and cousins.  We didn't go with the twins because they were with Aiden and his party guests instead, but while I would have liked to have them along too; we still managed to have fun.  The stories for the walk are the same every year, but I still love the shows as much as the first time I saw them; and it’s even better to share the fun with Michael.  You might, by the way, wonder why we haven’t gotten involved in putting on the walk by now.  We would love to do that, and may get the chance to do it in the future, but we don’t do it right now because we’re too busy; and can’t add that work to our schedules when we’re already busy with football, band, cheerleading, and the teen praise team.  For now, we’ll have to settle for enjoying the annual show!

Yes, that’s definitely all for tonight.  Tomorrow is going to be a very long, busy day too; though there will be a lot more work and a bit less fun because I’m working the full shift at the Inn to help Miranda with what is sure to be a busy day because of the lure of Witch Falls on the weekend before Halloween.  Starting the day with breakfast for a gang of kids will be crazy too, but I’m sure that will be the fun highlight of the day too; so I’m looking forward to that – even though we’ll also likely wish we could have slept in by then instead of getting up early to deal with the extra work.

I’d better not go there, or I’ll be the one falling asleep before Faith does!  Then again, a cuddle and nap with Faith dies sound very inviting right now.  Maybe we’ll do that, but I need to finish this report before doing that – or not; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cassie's Journal - October 28, 2016

This has been one of those seriously crazy-busy days with a lot of fun mixed in with the school time; work; and football-related action.

I’m going to skip the news from the start of my day, since that was fairly-standard exercise by the river and breakfast in the sunroom fun.  My school day was shortened thanks to dealing with the fruit and vegetable boxes delivery and then the outbound pick-ups.  I was on the crew unloading the truck; we had an extra-large order because of the bonus sales at the fall festival and the extra boxes we ordered to sell tomorrow night at the Haunted Halloween Walk booth the marching band will be running to sell snacks, drinks, and raffle tickets too.

That work was tougher than the classes would have been, but we had fun with it too; and then I had to keep moving again after school while continuing to help with that; do my own deliveries with help from Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana; and then I had a micro-dinner before heading back to the school to get ready for cheerleading and marching band for the football game.

We were up against Pinehurst for our final regular season game, and it was a big deal for both teams; since first place in our division was on the line – and home field advantage for at least the first round of the playoffs.  Pinehurst didn’t have an undefeated season on the line, but beating us would have left our teams with nine-and-one records.  Fortunately for our team, we won; and did that very convincingly by a score of fifty-four to twenty-six.  Pinehurst never gave up, but I won’t suggest that the game was close.  Michael and Tim helped us out to a big first-half lead that included a combination of great offense and big defensive plays.  Lucas added a couple of touchdowns on the ground before we switched to kicking field goals for the rest of the game; and Pinehurst had to settle for only two touchdowns and four field goals.  They did keep trying for more touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters, but either lost fourth down attempts or gave up interceptions to Michael and Tim.

Having a lot to cheer about made cheerleading a lot of fun for us, but the awesome weather made a big difference too.  The ‘feels like’ temperature at kick-off was in the mid-eighties, and while I wouldn’t dream of complaining about that; it was weird for the last weekend of October.  It definitely felt weird to be wearing our usual cheerleading uniforms instead of needing to bundle up, and while the guys appreciated that a lot too; I’m not going to write about that at all – even when it applies to the single girls on the squad; and they generally like the attention.  I only enjoy that kind of attention from Michael, and he did appreciate me a lot tonight too; but not at the expense of having a really great game.

Our half-time cheerleading routine was another kid-friendly, Disney-themed show; it was a hit with all of the spectators – including my extended family; and then we put on our best marching band half-time show of the season too.  We’re not sure whether the band will be going to every football playoff game with our team, but we will go to as many as we can – and we’ll definitely be playing at the first-round match next Friday night.  While I was too busy to help out with the work, we also had the marching band raffle tickets on sale; and some of the fruit and vegetable boxes were picked up at the game too.

The post-game action was comparatively short because the school Halloween dance was already starting by then; so we wrapped up on the field as quickly as possible; those of us that needed to hit the showers before going to the dance did that; and then Rowen and I met up with Tim and Michael when we were all ready to go to the dance.  Michael and I went with the Elena of Avalor costume for me while he went as my Royal Magician, Mateo, and although we didn’t win any prizes for our costumes; we did have fun – and a much easier time of it when it came to things like dancing together than some of our friends did with their costume choices.  Even with the game and everything we had to get done after it; we still had nearly two hours left to go until the end of the dance when we got to it; and made the most of every minute.  The dancing was great; we had fun hanging out with our friends; and we had the bonus fun of the Pinehurst teens staying for part of the dance too – though they needed to get on their buses by a bit after midnight when they closed in on the time limit they had for their bus drivers’ work limits.

Michael and I loved the dance; I brought him home with me after it; and we had some cuddle time in the living room for a while before he needed to head home to get some sleep ahead of the breakfast shift he’s working in the morning.  I’m not doing that this weekend, but I will be helping out on Sunday.  I need to get some sleep too, though I’ll be busy with other things tomorrow – including another fall cleanup day; the marching band work at the Haunted Halloween Walk; and babysitting later tomorrow night while the parents go out to the Halloween party at Sheldon’s Pub after the haunted walk.

I’m getting tired just thinking about all of that, but we’ll be having a lot of fun again tomorrow too; so we’re sure to have a really great day too.  Sleeping now is an option, though, since there isn’t anything newsworthy for me to report from my bedtime computing or email checks; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cassie's Journal - October 27, 2016

I’m not being very good with my journal updates right now, but even though I did get lots of sleep last night; I need to do that again now – so this is going to be another short report.

Tai Chi by the river was a bit cooler again this morning, but that was still fun; and so was breakfast in the sunroom with Mom, Dad, and the twins.  My school day was fairly normal for a Thursday; with cheerleading practice at lunchtime the highlight – at least when it came to having fun.  Our last home game of the regular season is tomorrow night, and while we’re hoping for some home games during the playoffs too; we won’t know how that goes until sometime this weekend when the first round match-ups are announced.

Michael had football practice after school, so I came home and did my work and language studies using a time phase so I didn’t have to do them now.  Mom cooked dinner, but I took care of the clean-up after we had that meal in the sunroom too – and while the rest of my family got ready to go to the Inn for game night.  That gave me something to do while waiting for Michael to come over; though I had time to freshen up a bit too so I’d be ready for the make-out time we were overdue for sharing once we had our homework out of the way.  We did not have our music practice first, but we are teens; and it is okay to put a bit of clothing-optional fun ahead of the responsibilities now and then.

Speaking of that, since I haven’t mentioned it lately; all of that work at the Inn, the weight training, and football practices are having quite the effect on my boyfriend!  Sure, I’m biased; but doubt that any girl around our age would disagree with me when I state that Michael is seriously hot!

I won’t go on about that, since this will be a journal that other Magi can read some day, but I will again mention that Michael and I do have our rules for that kind of fun; and we manage to have fun without doing anything we shouldn’t.

Moving along, we had fun with that hot little make-out session; had our music practice; and wrapped that up when Mom and Dad got home with Ethan and Ehlana.  Mom did a Magi lesson with us after that; Michael and I took care of getting my brother and sister in bed for the night; and then I saw Michael out with some goodnight hugs and kisses on the front porch before come up to my room for the night too.  I’ve only done a quick email and computer systems check since getting into bed with Mandy; so I’m pretty much ready to head into nap mode now.

It’s been fun, but we have a very busy next few days ahead of us; so I’m going for the extra sleep while I can.

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!