Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cassie's Journal - October 7, 2016

I’m getting run down, and have a busy day to start in too-few hours from now; so I’m going to make this another short update.

That isn’t because I’m getting tired of football season, but while that is happening; football isn’t the only reason I’m tired tonight.  We were up early; Tai Chi by the river was chilly and damp thanks to the overnight rain; and we had a hot breakfast to make up for being chilled with wet feet.  Michael stayed for that before heading home to get changed and ready for his morning weight training; and I had some play time with Ehlana while we got ready for school after taking care of the clean-up.

I have absolutely no interesting news from school today.  Once we were set free, I was kept busy getting the buses loaded with our band and cheerleading gear; and then we headed out of town for Meadowvale.  Once we were there; we reversed the process; Rowen and I went out for a quick dinner with some of our friends while the boys were busy with the team; and then we were back at the school in time to cheer our heads off for our team!

We had a lot to cheer about; and Michael had a particularly good game with three touchdowns and an even better defensive game that helped to keep Meadowvale from scoring any touchdowns.  They did get four field goals, but we scored a total of six touchdowns before we switched to field goals and a running-only game for the entire fourth quarter.  Our band and cheerleading half time shows were really good too; and that helped us to sell a lot of raffle tickets for the marching band fundraiser.  The fifty-one to twelve final score was an accurate reflection of the real game; and this was one match that wasn’t in doubt even early in the game.  This year; we are just that much better than Meadowvale – and we’re now still undefeated with three games to go in the regular season!

Having another party tonight wasn’t an option, but while we still had all of the work to do at each end of the bus ride; the trip was shorter; we weren’t at the Meadowvale school as long as we sometimes are after other games; and we were done the work back at our school by shortly after midnight.  It was colder by then, and the temperature could touch the forties by morning; but the cool weather during the game just made it comfortable for the guys compared to the too-hot games we’ve had earlier in the season.  We didn’t have rain, though, and every week we get this fall without that problem – or an early snow; is a bonus in my books.

After we were done at the school, I brought Michael home with me; we had some cuddle time in the living room instead of the lounge so that we didn’t wake everyone up by stomping around the house; and he went home at a bit after one – once we’d helped to warm each other up a bit first with a minor make-out celebration for two.  That was fun, and I would have been good with going to bed after seeing Michael out, but I ended up needing to do some family business work; and that took me an hour and a half to get finished.

This hasn’t been as short as I’d hoped, though, and I don’t want to bore myself with the work details; so that’s going to be it for tonight.  We’ve a long, tough work day ahead – starting in just a few hours for me, and while that isn’t really going to be exciting; I’m overdue for helping out at home and need to put in the time.  I have no other plans for Saturday night, but we’ll see how that goes; and I might just be ready to crash if we have a particularly tough fall clean-up day.

That’s something that I can write about with the next update, and I’m past-ready to crash into nap mode now anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!