Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Cassie's Journal - October 16, 2016

Happy 35th Birthday, Aunt Leanne!

I’ll get to the birthday report soon, but this is a double-update; so let’s back up to Saturday morning and go from there.

Michael, Tim, Rowen, and I did not get much sleep on Friday night; and Michael and I needed some Magi-powered healing before we got to the Inn for the breakfast buffet shift on Saturday morning.  Since we had a few too many people at home, we stopped in at Michael’s house to take care of that bit of healing; and then we got to work.  The buffet breakfast was a hit; and we had a good crowd that included a lot of weekend visitors that are here for the festival.  I’m not going to drag out that news, but I worked at the Inn until nine; headed for the park from there; and took my shift at the marching band fundraising booth until a bit after twelve.  We had a cloudy day on Saturday, but it was warm too; so we sold a lot of drinks and snacks – along with a lot of raffle tickets and fruit and vegetable boxes pre-orders for the next delivery.

It was time for me to play with my family and friends for a while after that; and I spent the afternoon having fun with Mom, Dad, the twins, and the rest of our family and friends – though the family and friends times were usually cameo moments playing games or going on rides together; since there were too many of us to just hang out together the entire time.  Michael was with me for his afternoon break; and we mostly played in the midway while he was able to do that with me; and then I went back to the Inn to work the dinner rush.  There was a rush for that, but it was mostly visitors and store or festival workers coming to the Inn to eat while most of the locals supported the fundraiser food booths and had dinner at the park while continuing to play there or watch the ongoing stage shows.

I only worked at the Inn until the last main rush was over; and then I went back to the park for some more play time.  Michael didn’t join me until after the Inn was closed for the night; and we split our time between the midway rides and the country music dance.  We only stayed at the park until it started to rain; and then we took Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden home while the parents decided to stay and see if the rain stopped as the farmers predicted and contrary to the weather forecasting experts.  That worked out for all of us, since the kids were tired out by then, and so were Michael and I; while the parents were ready for a bit of kid-free time.  You already know from my deferred update last night that Michael and I were cuddling in the lounge by eleven-thirty or so; we’d put the kids to bed before splitting up to get cleaned up and changed after a very long, busy day; and there was a minor make-out session that was more playful than hot before I needed to snuggle with Michael and go into nap mode until morning.

The rain did end; the parents stayed at the park until around one o’clock after helping out with some marching band fundraiser work at the booth; and I was sleeping before they got home.  That’s likely why I was the first to wake; and then we were off and running again as I did some prep work for the breakfast we hosted for Aunt Leanne before we headed out to the river for our Tai Chi workout with the Carringtons, Naomi, and Aiden all joining us for the workout.  Grandma and Grandpa were with us for breakfast too, and we had a lot of fun celebrating Aunt Leanne’s big day; but I was also running myself ragged to help out with the work on both sides of the meal; handle the kid control with Michael; and get ready for the teen-led service that was at the park because it was warm-enough that we could do that.  The church service venue had been, by necessity, a last-minute call by Pastor John, so we also needed to be at the park early to do the set-up on stage.

Michael and I helped with that; we warmed up while the congregation was arriving; and then we took the tempo of our morning up a few notches with a very busy, energetic service filled with music, skits, and fun for all!  Having the service at the park meant that nearly everyone stayed there and started having fun at the festival as it started up again after the service.  Michael had to get to the Inn for the lunch rush, but I stayed at the park; helped with packing up the gear from the church service to make way for the first act of the day for the festival; and then I took another, shorter shift at the fundraiser booth for an hour and a half or so.  The weather today was unbelievable for mid-October; and the temperature soared into the eighties with a feels-like temperature in the nineties!  That was awesome for the festival; the park was packed; and the only down-side was that we had to wait in line for nearly every ride.  I didn’t go on a lot of rides, since Michael and I didn’t get to have much time for that while he was on his afternoon break; and then we needed to be back at the Inn to help with what ended up being a packed house for both buffets with as many extra turnovers as we could manage.

The buffet diners included my family for the late buffet.  They were continuing Aunt Leanne’s birthday celebration, and while I couldn’t take the time off to have dinner with them; I did take a break to be there for the gift opening and birthday cake moments.  While I missed out on most of that family and friends fun, I was happy to help Jacob and Miranda – and they really needed the help as we don’t really have enough staff to handle that much business without any of the college-student staff that Miranda counts on having during holidays and the summer season.  Being short-staffed is why we didn’t get the Inn closed until after eleven by the time we had the clean-up finished and the dining room set for breakfast.  Michael and I were worn out by then, so our goodnight hugs and kisses were on his front porch and then I came straight home.

Exhausted or not, my day wasn’t done – and neither was Dad’s as he was still trying to get everything ready for his week in the city.  I helped him out with that by working in the office too; using a time phase; and blasting through my language studies and family business work until he was finished everything and had his bags packed for the trip to Crystal Springs.  We headed for bed then, but I took a shower first before climbing into bed with Mandy; and then did a bit more computing before getting to this report.  There isn’t much time left for napping before we’ll be getting up again to see Dad off on his trip, but I am caught up on my work and studying; and should be able to keep up with that this week.  I’d like to help Mom a bit more than usual too while Dad’s away; but we’ll see how that goes.

We’re half-way through October, but still have a lot of fun ahead of us even though the fall festival is over now.  I really need to get started on my nap, though, and you don’t really need a look at the week ahead when you’re reading this in the future anyway; so that’s all for now!

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!