Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cassie's Journal - October 10, 2016

We’ve had a fairly-typical fall-weather day around here, and while there was a dash or two of rain; that’s been more like spritzes of water; and didn’t get in the way of our work or play.

I did have some play time today too; though there’s been a lot of work as well because I’m trying to do more now to be ready for the play and work we’ll have this weekend for the fall festival.  My pre-school morning was standard issue action for a Monday morning; we had a good day at school that wasn’t at all exciting from the classroom perspective; and added a bit of fun here and there that had absolutely nothing to do with our education.  While the boys were busy with football after school, Rowen came home with me and we mostly played for a couple of hours.  Mom did a Magi lesson with us; we spent some time with Ethan and Ehlana; and then had some girl chat time in the lounge before we needed to meet up with our respective boyfriends again.

For me, that meant meeting up with Michael at his house for dinner; we had fun doing that with his parents, Rebecca, and Lucas; and then Lucas had to get home while Michael, Rebecca, and I did our homework in the dining room; talked about more entertaining things like the fast food joint Rebecca and Jenny are now dreaming about opening in town; and Rebecca caught us up on the latest teen drama from the senior class – though in our little town; that doesn’t ever take very long.  Once we had the homework out of the way; Michael and I had a music practice in his room to get ready for tomorrow; there was a moderately-hot make-out break after that; and then we had a visit with his parents in the living room until it was time for me to come home again at ten-thirty.

Once there, I had a bedtime visit with my family; took care of getting the twins tucked in for the night; and then came up here to my room to get started on my ‘real’ work and studies.  I’ve time phased most of that, so it’s only going on one instead of five, but that has still tired me out; and I’ll need the extra nap time and possibly a bit of self-healing too in the morning.  If I keep going like that for the next couple of nights, though, I might have everything on my schedule finished by Wednesday night; so it’s worth trying to do that ahead of the fall festival weekend.

While I do want to get started on my nap soon, I’m overdue for some updates that I keep slacking off on when I’m more interested in sleeping than anything else most nights when I get around to this report; so let’s at least go over a few things before I need to crash and sleep.

Since I already mentioned it, Rebecca and Jenny are getting serious about their future career plans, and while they dream about that on their own too; Rebecca likes to talk with Michael and me for some reality checks to go along with Jenny’s less-practical interests in having their own fast food business.  A pizzeria is the most-likely choice right now, but they could still change their minds; and that wouldn’t really even affect the overall planning they need to do to get from here to being junior entrepreneurs.  I’ll keep helping out with that, and Mom and Miranda will be consulted eventually too; but Rebecca and Jenny still need a bit more time for the dreaming stage before they’ll be fired up enough to get started on the real work that will go into making those dreams happen.

Moving along; let’s do a lab update.  Uncle Adam and Ehlana are working on a half-dozen different research projects, and while Dillon can’t work at the lab; he has been doing some work with them from school when he can.  The specialized crop developments continue to be the most commercial research they’re doing so far, but we didn’t expect instant results for the bigger challenges – like cancer research or curing the common cold.  As I think about that, I can’t help but wonder if you’ll find that funny reading this in the future – especially if Ehlana, Uncle Adam, Dillon, and everyone else working at the lab actually have found cures to the major diseases of our time.  My future job is going to be flashier that Ehlana’s, but she loves working at the lab; and we know she’s going to do amazing things there!

For Ethan’s part, the archives are slowly filling up as Grandpa Grant and Grandma Eleanor continue to lead the team that is bringing the archives home from around the world.  Ethan is leading the way for getting the archives organized; he’ll be completely re-doing our digital archives; and then he’ll really get to work after that!  You might not consider that a big deal in the future if that work is done by the time you read this, but trust me – Ethan’s job is going to be a lifetime commitment as important as the jobs Ehlana and I will be doing.  He’s going to take what Mom’s been doing with Magi training and everything else she’s done on that side of the family business and take it to the next several levels.  You may already know that, depending on how far into the future you’re reading this, and I won’t add anything else right now; but will add updates now and then.

On the family front, I haven’t spent nearly-enough time with Faith since she was born, but I can tell you that Mom is impressed with her – and with how great Aunt Leanne is doing as Faith’s primary Magi mentor.  Yes, she has a fair bit of experience now, but she has a talent for teaching neo-natal Magi too; and that is going to make a huge difference for the kids she’s helping.  There’s more going on with the new Magi kids that have been born since Mom and I moved here, but I’d hate to spoil any future surprises; so let’s not go there.  I am hoping that I’ll get to spend some extra time with my cousins this weekend, but that might not be possible when I’ll also have work at the Inn, our football game on Friday night, and shifts helping out with the fundraiser booth at the park too.

Let’s hope for great weather from Friday through Sunday! ;^)

Let’s see – what else should I mention?  The new apartment building has the foundation pretty much finished now; and the steel framing is going up very quickly.  Every good-weather day is helping to keep that project ahead of schedule; so the building should be up and closed in by winter; and then they’ll do all of the inside work through the winter and into the spring.  The outdoors phases of construction on other houses and townhomes in the new section are winding down now too; so the construction work should be completely indoors this winter.  With most of the major work finishing up this fall, we’ll have some construction workers moving on by next year; though we will still have enough ongoing work to keep most of them here for years.  The good news is that the workers that are staying have come to love living here; and the workers that don’t like small-town life are happy to get back to their favorite cities and the faster lifestyle they prefer.

That, by the way, isn’t a hit on cities or meant to be insulting.  I’m just stating a fact that small towns are not for everyone – and not simply because if they were; there isn’t enough room in this country for that many small towns!

Okay, that thought process clearly demonstrates my need for a nap – especially now that I’m busy mentally calculating how many small towns this size we’d need just for the people living in New York and Los Angeles.  Then again, considering the goofiness surrounding the Presidential elections right now; creating one small town for every Congressman and Senator might be a good start – especially if we fill up each of those towns with the lobbyists, bankers, and lawyers that help to make such a mess of our political system!  Better yet, let’s put those towns in places where they can find out first hand just how horrid some of the decisions they make really are for people all over the world.

Sure, that wouldn’t be fair or a nice thing to do to the people in places like Syria, Libya, Pakistan, or dozens of other places; but they might be willing to help us out if it would stop the madness in Washington D.C. for a while.

Now I’ve completely gone off the rails with this update, so I’ll quit before I go into political rant mode and call it a night.  It’s been a good day, if not of the best-ever-so-far variety, but while we do still have a couple of busy days to get through ahead of the fall festival fun; I’ll be happy to do the extra work so that we can all have a great weekend together.  Getting the nap time now will help with that, and now I really am just rambling on and on and on and on anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!