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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cassie's Journal - October 21, 2016

This is going to be a short update because it’s really, really late; and I need to get my busy Saturday going very soon.

Our morning started out with a very chilly Tai Chi workout by the river that required bundling up thanks to the temperature being close to freezing.  Mom cooked a hot breakfast after that; I took care of the clean-up because I had the pre-breakfast time slot for getting showered and ready for school; and then we all got on with our school or work day.  I have no major news from my classes or school work; we did have fun all day; and then I was busy after school getting ready for the football game with the marching band and cheerleaders.

We had a perfect fall-weather evening for the game; and the temperature was right around sixty degrees at kick-off.  That was perfect for our team – and for our cheerleading squad and marching band too.  We were hosting Westburg this week, and while the weather was perfect for them too; they likely felt as though they came up against a force of nature in our team tonight – and maybe they did.  Michael and Tim led our team to a fifty-nine to twenty-three victory over Westburg with three touchdowns each.  Lucas added two more; and we only kicked one field goal – though we would have kicked more if not for a couple of plays that were so badly broken that it would have been more embarrassing to Westburg if Lucas or Tim had simply stopped and taken a knee – or run laterally until one of their players could tackle them.

The highlights of the game for me tonight was having my family there – including Dad once he got back from Crystal Springs; all of the cheerleading fun that included a kid-friendly half-time routine; and our marching band half-time show that included our best precision marching ever so far!  The post-game hugs and kisses with Michael were pretty good too; and so was the meet and greet time with our families and friends; but then it was back to work for a while as we needed to get everything pack up and put away before going to hit the showers and get ready for the post-game party that Tim’s parents were again hosting because our Captain’s farm just doesn’t work as party central for most of us town kids – or for any of the farm kids that live on the other sides of town from him.

That’s the main reason for why I’m still up and writing this in the wee hours of the morning.  Michael and I stayed until the very end of the party; we helped with the clean-up after that; I brought him home for a minor make-out session after that; and then he headed home in time to have a nap before we’ll both be getting up to help with the breakfast shift at the Inn.  I would have just kept him for a sofa sleepover, but wanted to do my bedtime computing first; and that ended up taking longer than expected when I had some must-do family business work to deal with that hadn’t been planned.  I kicked it up into a time phase to get that done; but I’m still only going to have time for a nap now; and some self-healing will definitely be needed to help out with getting through a day of work at the Inn and the fall clean-up fun that I’ll be having with Mom, Dad, and the twins.

This is also the weekend to do the Halloween decorations, so that really will be fun; but that’s something that I can report on after I’ve finished living it.  All I should be doing now is getting every minute of sleep that I can instead of dragging this report out for now reason other than that my brain is still slowing down while my body already wishes it was asleep.  I’m going to grant that wish right now, though; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!