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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 30, 2016

Happy 29th Birthday, Uncle Nick!

Thanks to everything else I had on the go today, I didn’t get to help him with the birthday celebration except for when Michael and I had a short visit with him before school that included dropping off a gift with him.  I do want to mention that this is one of my ‘aunts and uncles’ birthdays that feels different as we all get older.  The thirteen years difference between Uncle Nick and me seemed like a big deal when I was ten; but not so much anymore.  In a few more years it will feel more like I have older cousins instead of aunts and uncles.  That’s likely already true for Violet; but maybe she won’t feel that too strongly until she’s finished school and comes home to stay.

While I didn’t do much to help Uncle Nick with his special day, I can report that Michael and I had a lot of fun during the hours after my last update!  There wasn’t much time left for that sofa sleepover by the time we got around to having a nap, but we didn’t have a problem with that; and I healed both of us in the morning when it was time to get going again and ready for Tai Chi by the river.  We had to deal with some teasing about our sleepover at school today; which is why I’m going to also report that I am not using any secret code words when writing about making out with Michael.  We have our rules about the sexual part of our relationship; and we stick to them – even when that isn’t either easy or what our human desires might want instead.  Yes, Magi Masters have those same issues and decisions to make as any normal teens, but I will suggest that our training allows us to stick to what’s best for us.  For the record – no, we haven’t ‘done it’ yet, and while that’s a decision that every teen and couple needs to make for themselves; it’s important for Michael and me to wait.

That isn’t a commentary on what’s best for anyone else either – and I’m including my parents for that.  You should know from reading my journal to this point that Michael and I are healthy, normal teens too; and it is possible to have a lot of fun without going all the way.  The only point I’ll add for tonight is that I can assure you that Michael and I will not be waiting until we’re in our thirties to get married! ;^)

Okay, moving along, Tai Chi by the river was chilly but fun; Michael stayed for a quick breakfast before heading over to the school for weight training; the rest of my morning until we got to school was uneventful; and I’ve already mentioned the tiny bit of birthday fun that we did have with Uncle Nick.  I only had my morning classes today because I was on the crew dealing with the fruit and vegetable boxes delivery and pick-ups.  I didn’t help with the truckload that was taken to Maple Valley because I needed to be here for when we loaded up the buses for the football game in Varney.  I did help with unloading the truck; handled the outbound orders after school; and had Mom help me out today with my own deliveries while I was then busy with the marching band and cheerleaders.  We had more adult volunteers than usual helping out with the fundraiser when we needed to leave for Varney; and another group that came to Varney with a load of fruit and vegetable boxes that they sold at the game along with the raffle tickets.

The trip to Varney wasn’t newsworthy; we were busy at that end getting everything ready for the game and half time show; and then we had time to get something to eat before the game started.  Our team is still undefeated, and it was a better game than the fifty-eight to twenty-one score would suggest; but that was entirely due to game-time decisions that the Varney coaches made tonight.  Sure, that was partially in reaction to being behind on the scoreboard, but the overall choice to only go for touchdowns instead of field goals didn’t work out for them when they kept losing possession on blown fourth-down plays.  Michael and Tim had some fun with earning interceptions on defense too; but they both had a great game on offense.  Tim had three touchdowns; Michael and Lucas had two each; and we kicked three field goals in the fourth quarter when the game was all but over.  The reason I say that the game was close at all is simply because Varney was able to move the ball on us; they did score three good touchdowns; and the only reason we ended up with the big lead was because of those fourth-down misses – and the fact that their defense wasn’t as good as their offense.

On the band and cheerleading side of the game, we had a lot of fun on the sidelines; the half-time show for both our cheerleading squad and marching band was a hit with the spectators; and the weather was near-perfect for the last day of September.  The win for our team is also a bonus because Michael and I can’t get razzed about messing things up for the team with our sleepover.  The post-game fun took longer because of the nice weather, so we were even later getting packed up and on the road for home again.  It was past-one by the time we reached the school; going on two when Michael said goodnight to me on the front porch of my house; and it’s heading toward four as I write this because I’ve had some family business work to deal with thanks to me making the mistake of checking my email first.  It had to be done, though, and I’m going to have a busy day tomorrow; so I didn’t want to leave it.

I’m booked for the breakfast shift at the Inn and a fall clean-up day at home; so it’s past-time to wrap this up and get started on my nap time.  There is going to be more self-healing in my near future, and that will catch up with me eventually; but I’ll be able to keep going through the weekend – and need to do that; since we also have a fairly-important anniversary coming up on Sunday that I definitely don’t want to sleep through.

Okay, that’s all for tonight.  It’s been a really good day, and I hope the weekend will be great; so let’s hope that works out for all of us.  I’m going to get started on getting some quality nap time, since quantity isn’t an option; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!