Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

Cassie's Journals have now come to an end with the start of the Magi Ascension storyline on June 15, 2018! Ethan and Ehlana will now be taking over the Heirs of the Magi daily updates as Cassie prepares to move on to college - and you can read all about her story by picking up a copy of Magi Ascension - Part One! Ethan's and Ehlana's roles in the Ascension of the Light is just beginning now too; so their journals will offer a different perspective on the events going on at home while Cassie is away at college!

Happy reading this summer; and I hope that you enjoy this new 'chapter' in the Heirs of the Magi story!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ethan's and Ehlana's Journals - June 20, 2018

Today has felt a bit like a repeat of yesterday except Mom had her co-ed ball practice instead of Ehlana’s practice yesterday.  It was hot again; we had a bit of storming in the afternoon; and our evening has included some studying and a lesson with Mom before Ehlana and I wrapped up our day with our bedtime chat.  I’m tired; don’t want to do any extra reading; and don’t have anything else to add to this update; so that’s all I have for today.

Ethan – out!

I had fun working in the lab this morning; and we had a fun play afternoon – even with the rain delay and some annoyances from Miles and some of the other boys.  The easy-dinners are getting a bit boring after three days of them, but we had fun at the park tonight while Mom was busy with her ball practice.  We hung out at the playground; went for a swim; and watched part of Mom’s practice – though she doesn’t have quite as much fun at that when Dad isn’t with her.

Funny, I could say the same thing about Naomi and Ethan, but it’s a bit early to scare them with comments like that one.  Okay, only Ethan would be scared – and not really; but it’ll be a few years before Naomi’s parents will be ready to marry her off to my brother; so we’ll have to be happy to be kids and best friends for a while longer – like another decade and change.

That’s funny too, since Cassie and Rowen weren’t that much older than we are now when they joked about getting Uncle Adam to create an antidote to keep them from crossing over and liking boys instead of thinking that they’re gross and disgusting creatures; but then we have friends that would be interested in that antidote now – and I’ll use Miles as a prime example for why we’d want that!

For the record, I’m not picking on Miles because I ‘like’ him, if you know what I mean; since Aiden is that guy for me.  Miles just annoys all of the girls our age.  Maybe that’s his special gift – the ability to annoy girls with his Neanderthal beliefs in the superiority of the male half of the population!

Maybe instead of an antidote for boys; I should find a way to week out that Neanderthal gene instead!  I’m sure that all women would appreciate that – possibly even more than a cure for the common cold!

We’ve had a long day, though, and I need to get some sleep before I’ll be ready to try to find a cure for anything while at the lab tomorrow morning.  I’ll only have one more chance to work there this week; since we’ll be busy on Friday with our birthday and the trip to the city.  That’s going to feel like the start of the fun for our summer holidays because it’s our first outing, but while this first week of the summer hasn’t been birthday or holiday-weekend-exciting; I am having fun pretty much all of the time.  I’m also happy to be at the lab a lot now that we don’t have to play normal kids at school for the next couple of months.  I won’t be able to write about any of that work for my ‘what I did this summer’ report in September, but I’m sure we’ll have enough to write about by then – even if I can’t tell most of my friends about our efforts to cure colds and everything else we’re doing at the lab.

Writing about early bedtimes won’t work for that report either; but it’s what I’m going to get to now; so that’s it for tonight.

This is Ehlana Proctor; coming to you live from what is now my past!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ethan's and Ehlana's Journals - June 19, 2018

Ehlana and I were at the lab this morning; our afternoon play time got messed up a bit by a thunderstorm that kept us indoors for a couple of hours; and then we went out to play again – and enjoyed the temporary break in the heat thanks to that storm – though it began to get humid again once the sun came out again and started to dry up all the rain.

Please do not cue the itsty bitsy spider!  I may only be seven – almost; but even boys my age are too-cool for songs like that!

Everything was still wet after the storms rolled through, so we didn’t play at the playground or ride the dirt trails at the park, but we did ride the trail around town; stopped for ice cream at the Emporium, and then hung out at our house until dinnertime.  Mom did another easy dinner ahead of Ehlana and Naomi’s ball practice; Aiden and I went along to that practice; and then we ended up hanging out at the playground with some of the guys when they showed up and started razzing us about watching the girls’ practice.  We came home after that; did some work and studying in the office with Mom; and then came up to bed.  I did some bonus reading after my bedtime chat with Ehlana; and now I’m ready to get some sleep.

Ethan – out!

We didn’t make any progress in the lab today; half of our play afternoon was rained-out; and then we had fun with some biking and a run for ice cream treats that didn’t spoil our dinner; but only because Ethan and I have metabolisms as crazy and overactive as Cassie’s; so we can pretty much eat anything we want.  Naomi and Aiden were with us for dinner again; Naomi and I had our ball practice after that; and the boys only stayed for part of that practice before their buddies stopped by and started razzing them until they went to the playground to hang out there instead.

Mom brought us home after the practice; we did some work and studying in the office; and then we were sent up to bed after that while Mom opted for some quality time with her Jacuzzi.  I grabbed a shower to get cleaned up from ball practice; had a bedtime chat with Ethan; and then I’ve only been doing a bit of archive research to look for old ideas that I can try with the work I’m doing at the lab.  We’ve had a good day, but I’m tired; so I guess that’s all for today.

This is Ehlana Proctor; coming to you live from what is now my past!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Ethan's and Ehlana's Journals - June 18, 2018

Dad’s in the city, and while I didn’t wake up early to see him off; we are always connected – even when he’s far-enough away that he can’t sense that link the same way that Mom, Cassie, Ehlana, and I can; so it’s all good – and we’ll see him on Friday when we’re in the city for the shopping trip and our birthday dinner party.

While we always miss Dad when he’s away, we’ve also had a busy day.  Tai Chi by the river and breakfast was followed by a morning at the lab for Ehlana and me; and I was happy to get to spend an entire morning in our archives while Ehlana played around with the cold cure research in her lab – after getting Uncle Adam to draw some of my blood to use in that work.  I didn’t have anyone in the archives with me today, but then the access to the archives is restricted; and Mom, Grandma Eleanor, and Grandpa Grant are the only Magi likely to be there on a weekday morning anyway.  I’d be happy to work in my archives all-day, every day, but can’t do that and play ‘normal’ kid too; so I worked until lunchtime; we headed home with Uncle Adam and everyone else at the lab that was coming over for Violet’s twenty-third birthday luncheon; and then we had fun with that for an hour or so – including the clean-up once everyone else went back to work or elsewhere.

Ehlana and I got to go with Cassie and Michael to pick up Cassie’s car at Landry’s after that; they took us for a drive out to the whirlpool and back for the first test drive; and then Cassie took Mom for a drive too while Ehlana and I were set free to hop on our bikes and go hang out with our friends for the rest of the day.  We met up with Naomi and Aiden first; went biking at the park; hung out at the playground; had ice cream treats at our house with a small gang of our friends; went for a couple of swims; and then Mom had four of us for an easy dinner before we Aiden and I went to our ball practice.  Mom, Ehlana, and Naomi came to watch too – and hang out with the other kids and adults, but it was hot out; and there wasn’t a big turnout for that.

We came home from that practice; went for another swim; had an ice cream break; and then Ehlana and I took Silkie for a bedtime walk that included walking Naomi and Aiden back to their houses.  By then, Mom didn’t have to encourage us to go to bed – Ehlana and I were ready to do that.  We had our usual bedtime chat; I’ve done a bit of light archive reading – barely eleven-hundred pages; and now I’m ready to get some sleep.  There are still three more days and four nights until our seventh birthday and the trip to the city, but we have a lot on the go too – including more work at the lab and play time with our friends; so I’m sure that our first week of summer holidays will continue to be a lot of fun!

That isn’t really news, since I think we have fun all of the time, but I’ve had enough fun for today; so it’s time to put my toys away and get on with a bit of quality nap time!

Ethan – out!

We did not cure the common cold today!

I didn’t actually expect that to happen, but our tests on the latest extracts from the plants we’re engineering were a flop; so we’ll hopefully learn from those failures and move on to something better.  That is frustrating, but I am still only an almost-seven-year-old doctoral student; and still have a lot to learn even as we’re taking research to a whole new level here in Witch Falls!

Violet’s birthday luncheon went better than my research this morning; and I’m so glad that they’re home to stay now that they’re done school – though Dillon may decide to work on his own doctoral degree part-time while working at the lab.  I don’t think that he needs that piece of paper, but then I’ll be doing that when I get to officially go to college in about eleven years; so I’ll be happy to help him out with that if he does decide to do that.  Going for a ride in Cassie’s new car after lunch was really just a cameo bit of fun, but then I’m not sure that I like her car; since it’s now a daily reminder sitting in our driveway that she’ll be leaving for college in August.  We’ll always be close, but I’m really going to miss her over the next five years!

That isn’t something I could say about Miles and a couple of the other guys in our usual group of friends – especially when they’ve been a bit annoying today while we played and biked at the park, but their families would likely miss them; so Mom probably won’t let Naomi and me do anything to them that would make them disappear for a while – like until after they’re grown up.  Miles is scary now; so I don’t think we want to know what he’ll be like as a teen!

It was hot out today, but we kept cool with swims and ice cream treats; and had a fun afternoon with our friends – even with those boy-related annoyances.  Ethan and I had Naomi and Aiden with us for our easy-dinner with Mom before the boys had their ball practice; Mom, Naomi, and I went along; and we kept ourselves entertained while Ethan and Aiden played with their team mates for an hour.  I’ll admit that some of that fun was at the expense of the baseball bloopers, but that’s totally wrong of us – and still funny all the same.

The swim time back at home and ice cream treats helped us to cool down; Ethan, Silkie, and I walked Naomi and Aiden home after that; and then we pretty much came up to bed for the night.  I’ve only done a bit of work on my research, but that’s entirely because I need a bit of time to just think about what we’re continuing to do right now; so I mostly just reviewed the rest of the projects we have on the go; made some notes; and offered a few digital suggestions for two of those projects.  I’m not a pushy, hands-on kind of unofficial head researcher, but I do offer my suggestions fairly-regularly when I have ideas that I think will help.

The only help I personally need right now, though, is to sleep on my own research problems; so I guess that’s it for tonight.

This is Ehlana Proctor; coming to you live from what is now my past!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Ethan's and Ehlana's Journals - June 17, 2018

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Tai Chi by the River was for four because Cassie and Michael slept in this morning.  Ehlana and I were happy to start Father’s Day like that with Mom and Dad.  Cassie joined us in time for breakfast in the sunroom; and then she got the clean-up job – and a bit of time with Dad – while the rest of us got ready for church.  The Father’s Day fun continued during the walk to church as we collected family and friends along the way – including some of our favorite fathers.  I love everything about our church and community, and wouldn’t want to have a super-short service or Sunday school, but Pastor Martha’s annual Father’s Day gift of a short service is really awesome!

Getting set free from Sunday school by ten-thirty was great; Mom, Dad, Ehlana, and I were home by eleven while Cassie went to the Inn with Michael; and then we had some work to do while getting our family lunch donations ready to go over to Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne’s.  Ehlana and I were done with the work once we helped carry the food and drinks; and then we went outside with Faith and joined the rest of our ‘kid’ cousins to pay by the river while the parents did the rest of the work for our barbeque lunch.

While it is Father’s Day, we – most of the kids – were set up with food and drinks and then allowed to sit by the river while having our lunch while the parents and grandparents had fun with roasting the guys and swapping funny or weird father-stories.  As promised, Ehlana and I played with Zack and Brianna; we ended up with Caleb too; and we went for a canoe ride; played at the park; and added in an Emporium ice cream run and a bit of swimming in the river too when we wanted to cool off.  Cassie and Michael missed out on all of that fun; and we only got to have a couple of short moments with her while we were at the Inn for the buffet dinner.

As always, I love those buffets at the Inn; and we had more fun with that today thanks to Father’s Day and the special dishes that Jacob and Jake made up for us to enjoy.  Ehlana and I can and do surprise some adults by being willing to try even the most exotic of entrees; ad we did a bit of sampling with that tonight.  We also had a lot of fun with our family and some friends that were at the Inn for the late buffet too – including Naomi, Aiden, and their families.  We had lots of people to walk home with; I got razzed for getting a hug and kiss goodnight from Naomi before she went the rest of the way home with her parents and brother; and then Ehlana and I took turns having baths and getting ready for bed while Mom and Dad both worked in the office.  Dad still had a lot to get done tonight after taking most of Saturday off because he has an especially-busy week in the city – though that isn’t all that unusual for the June trip.

Ehlana and I had a bedtime visit with them; did our own bedtime chat on her bed; and then we’ve both been doing a bit of work on our computers.  I’ve been playing around in the archives, and while any other kid my age would think that I was a total freak for wanting to spend the rest of my life reading and learning everything I can from a bunch of ancient or old books; I know that it’s what I’m meant to do – and my special gifts are uniquely-suited for that job.  We’ve had a long, hot, and fun play day, so I only read the digital equivalent of a few thousand pages, but I’ll be working in the archives a lot this summer, and have the rest of my life to learn everything there is to know in them – along with organizing the entire archive so that all Magi can make use of it; so there’s no rush!

Dad will be leaving for the city early, though, and we’ll all wake up to see him off; so I’d better wrap this up and get some sleep.

Ethan – out!

Happy Father’s Day – to all of my favorite Dads!

Ethan will have covered the food and fun highlights of the day, and I’m a bit distracted tonight with thinking about my research at the lab; so I’ll skip writing about most of the ‘what’ we did today.  Dad had to work a lot to get ready for his trip to Crystal Springs, but we did what we could to make Father’s Day happy for him.  Cassie had to work a lot today too, so we didn’t even get to see her much, but we’re used to her helping out at the Inn on the busiest days.  The good news is that she won’t be as busy with that once she starts college; and the bad is that she’ll be away from home for most of the next five years.

I don’t want to think about that tonight – especially since I am a bit obsessed with my – our – search for a cure for the common cold.  There’s so much I want to do at the lab that I get impatient when I can’t just take what Mom, Cassie, Ethan, and I can do naturally and turn it into a cure for everyone, but it is fun when we make the kind of progress we’re having now with a cold cure; so I’ll likely stay obsessed with it through until we actually do get the job done.  Unfortunately, obsession doesn’t mean progress; it’s getting late; and I should get some sleep before we’ll need to wake up early and see Dad out and on his way to the city.

Ethan and I will also be at the lab for the morning too, so maybe if I sleep on it; I’ll come up with some new ideas for our research.  If not, I’ll at least be rested and ready to do my best while playing in my lab!

This is Ehlana Proctor; coming to you live from what is now my past!