Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Cassie's Journal - August 31, 2017

It’s the last day of August, and maybe I should make a bigger deal of that, but I still have a lot of work to get done; so this is going to be a micro-update so that I can get on with that – and hopefully have time for a nap once I do get that last blast of family business work done ahead of the holiday weekend.

Michael and I worked the breakfast shift until we needed to be at the school; I had fun with Rowen and the other girls while having our cheerleading practice; and then I helped out with the lunch shift at the Inn.  From there, I went home; did some outdoor chores that included mowing the lawn; and then I got ready to work the dinner-to-close shift.  That kept me busy until a bit after ten o’clock; I walked Michael home and helped him with a bit of Magi-powered healing; and then I came home and had a visit with Mom, Dad, and the twins before coming up to my room and getting ready for bed and all of the work I’m about to get started on next.

That’s all the news for today, and while this hasn’t exactly been the most-exciting last day of August, but don’t take that in a pessimistic way; since I have had a good day – even if it’s also been filled with a bit too much work!

I still have a lot of that work to get to next, though, and really need to get all of it done ahead of an even busier holiday weekend; so I’m going to wrap this up and get to it.

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cassie's Journal - August 30, 2017

I’m writing this update at the start of my bedtime work session; but that’s mostly just to change things up – and because I really don’t have much news for today.

Michael and I worked the breakfast shift for as long as we could until we needed to be at the school.  Rowen and I had cheerleading practice for most of the morning; and then I went back to the Inn to help out with the lunch shift.  After that, I helped Mom with some holiday weekend prep work; and then it was time to work the dinner-to-close shift.  I ended up skipping my last baseball practice; but will be at the championship game for sure; and will have to hope that I don’t mess things up for my team due to lack of practice!

Okay, that isn’t really an issue for me; but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good excuse that might come in handy if we don’t win that game! :^)

Michael skipped his ball practice too, but I went home with him after work so that I could help him out with a bit of Magi-powered healing after a tough football and work day.  We had a bit of cuddle time too, but I still came home at a bit after eleven; had a bedtime visit with Mom and Dad; and then came up to my room and got ready for bed.  That brings us up to date for my news, and I’m ready to wrap this up now and get on with the hours of family business work I need to get done tonight before having my nap; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Cassie's Journal - August 29, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday, Faith!

This is going to be a bit strange for a family birthday update, but I didn’t have much to do with Faith’s special day; so I’m going to leave most of that news to others to write about in their journals or other archive locations.  For me; let’s do this update from the start of my day.

We skipped Tai Chi; got ready for the day; and headed to the Inn for the shopping trip breakfast buffet.  Michael worked that with his parents, but then he went on to his football training while Rowen and I headed for the city with our comparatively-small group of back-to-school shopping enthusiasts.  Rowen drove her parents’ minivan; we had Patrick, Jessica, Scott, and Lindsay with us; and we were among the first to leave this time instead of waiting for Mom and the other shopping trip leaders to be ready to go too once everyone was accounted for and matched up with their ‘small group’ leaders.  Rowen and I did not have any kids to take care of while we were in Crystal Springs, but we did spend a lot of time with Ethan, Ehlana, and their friends while we shopped – and during our fast food lunch break.  I’m not going to do the full shopping recap, but we had fun; and blasted through our shopping lists in about four hours of intense bargain hunting.

Some of us needed to hit the road for home early-enough to be back in town for Faith’s birthday dinner; so we skipped some of the extra shopping we’d normally do while in the city; and I may need to make another trip early in September for some of the gift-buying I usually do on this trip for fall birthdays and other gift-giving events.  We did pick up a couple of extra gifts for Faith while we were playing; though that seems silly when we’re talking about a one-year old – regardless of how extraordinary she is!  Rowen had us home again with enough time to spare that I could drop off my purchases and help with the tail-end of the dinner work; and then it was time for the bit of party fun I could have before needing to move on again.

Faith’s party started after nap time, so there was a yard full of babies, toddlers, and parents for the late afternoon and through dinner.  Grandma and Grandpa Proctor are here ahead of the holiday weekend too; and they’re happy to be here for Faith’s big day – and to spend a few extra days with their grandkids between now and when they’ll have to share them over the weekend with the rest of the family.  Michael came over after football; he and I were on kid control during dinner; and then we took Ehlana and Naomi to their ball practice and stayed with them until we needed to be at the church for the only teen praise team practice we’re doing this summer for the Sunday service this weekend.  We had a lot to do for that; so we ended up working for nearly two hours before Michael came home with me and we had a bit of family time with Mom, Dad, and the twins in the office while Mom and Dad worked and they all gave us the rest of the birthday party and baseball report.

Michael and I did a Magi lesson with Mom too; we took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana tucked in for the night; and then we had a bit of alone time in the lounge before he went home and I got to work on my bedtime computing and family business work.  I had a lot to do tonight; did hours and hours worth of work while in a time phase; and a couple of hours after that for work that needed to be dealt with in ‘real’ time.  It’s late, but I’m a bit ahead of where I wanted to be tonight; so I should be able to keep up through to the weekend – even with all of the extra work that will be starting with another breakfast shift at the Inn in the not-too-distant future.

I still have time for a short nap, though, and really need to do that while I can; so let’s wrap this up.  We’ve had a really good day; I’m all set for heading back to school next week; and now it’s time to get back to work as we head into what should be the second-busiest weekend of the summer at the Inn.  Stay tuned for more on that as my life happens and I continue to write about it, but that’s all for now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cassie's Journal - August 28, 2017

We’ll be up early and heading to the city for our back-to-school shopping trip in the morning; so this is going to be a micro-update.

Tai Chi by the river was good; we had a standard weekday breakfast; and then I was busy with cheerleading all morning; and then I helped out around home all afternoon as Mom continues to get ready for our contributions to the family holiday weekend prep work.  I got some of my family business work done too; and finished up the rest of it tonight.  Michael and I had dinner at his house after football; we checked out part of Ethan’s last ball practice; had some play time with Ethan, Ehlana, and their friends; and then we were here at my house for a while before Michael went home early and I got to work.

After too many late nights; I’m turning in comparatively-early, but we will be up early too; so I expect that some more self-healing will be part of my morning routine again.  Shopping isn’t the only busy I’ll have tomorrow, but I’ll write more about that tomorrow night, and you can read on in my future anyway; so that’s all for tonight.

Tomorrow will be my last play day of the summer, and I want to be ready for it; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!

Cassie's Journal - August 27, 2017

Michael and I had fun with our sofa sleepover; and I’ll also admit that we didn’t just fall asleep because I used a bit of Magi healing for both of us so that we weren’t too tired for a bit of make-out play time first.  This, by the way, was my first night at Michael’s since Rebecca left for school; and it’s a bit weird to be the only two teens in the house with Miranda and Jacob.  That had no impact on our choice to have that bit of play time before going to sleep, but we did have fun with Michael’s parents before they headed for bed; and it was nice having breakfast with them this morning too.

So, my Saturday ended well; our morning was great too – including Tai Chi for two by the river because Mom and Dad ended up with a kid-free night – and skipped Tai Chi while the twins were with Naomi and Aiden.  Jacob made up a special breakfast; Michael and I took care of the clean-up; and then we had a busy morning at church and Sunday school.  The rain was coming down by then, but I won’t say anything about that when we had nothing compared to what’s going on this weekend in Texas.

We went to the Inn straight from the church; Michael and I worked all day through to close except for our breaks; and then I came home after seeing Michael to his door along the way.  He has a full day of football training tomorrow, but I only have a half-day of cheerleading; so he’ll need the sleep more than I do.  That doesn’t mean I’m not tired because I have been working on the family business since getting into bed with Mandy – after having a bedtime chat with Mom, Dad, and the twins; and then getting Ethan and Ehlana tucked in on my way up here.

I’m not going to write more about the work I continued to do tonight related to the problems in Texas, but I will mention that Mom is coordinating help; and we’ll be ready to really start helping once it’s time to clean up and rebuild.  That isn’t to say we’re not helping right now, because we are, but while the storm is ongoing; we can’t do much more than send money to help with emergency services.  Our businesses will be in a much better position to help with the work that will follow – and take years as the affected towns and cities are cleaned up and rebuilding begins.

That’s still more than I wanted to include here; since this is really just one problem – and we deal with issues like this all around the world on an ongoing basis.  This hurricane is big news for everyone in our country because it’s here at home for us, but my perspective is different, and while I don’t want to minimize how serious it is for the people directly affected; this hurricane really is a blip in time when viewed from the Magi perspective that encompasses millennia.  I also have issues that I deal with elsewhere that are just as serious – even though they don’t get the same attention as this storm has been given from the national media.

All of that work has added up to another late night for me, but I do have time for a nap; and will do some self-healing in the morning.  We have just one week left of our summer holidays, but I won’t be taking much time off when I’m going to be busy with work and cheerleading.  We have a trip to the city for back-to-school shopping too, and that’ll be fun; but that’s going to mean doing more work the rest of the week to make up for that time off.

I can write about that as we go along with the daily updates next week, though, and I’ve had enough fun for tonight; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!