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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Cassie's Journal - July 9, 2016

Happy 16th Birthday, Elliott!

This report is coming to you from our tent again, but we’re at Quarry Lake tonight; and I’m writing this while taking a break from the late night fun with Michael and our friends – which is why I need to do this as quickly as I can.

Staring from this morning, Tai Chi by the river with bonus exercise buddies – but not with Michael – was really great.  I miss getting to do that more often with Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne, but they don’t usually do their workout at the same time that we do ours anymore thanks to the kids; so that isn’t likely going to change until Zack and Brianna start exercising with them too.  The breakfast buffet surprise was fairly awesome for the kids – including Zack and Brianna; while getting everyone there was a crazy-busy rush of non-stop action.  Miranda put on a mini breakfast buffet for our gang and offered it to other breakfast customers too; but that really just worked out better for Jacob and the kitchen staff because it was also a kid-rated menu for that buffet with two types of pancakes, waffles, bacon, and sausage – along with scrambled eggs for a bonus option for the adults.  Michael couldn’t join us for that either while he worked, but it might have been easier in the kitchen than keeping up with kid control was for Rowen, Tim, Dawn, Jillian, and me.

That was an hour-long blast of more crazy fun; and then it was time to get back to the campsite – and for some of us to get the tents packed up and the little campground cleaned up while others took care of kid control for a while.  I then needed to get ready for the day at home; pack for my day and camping night at Quarry Lake; and get a ride out there to help out with the work going on there for Elliott’s birthday.  Violet gave me the ride out there, but I was only out there a couple of hours ahead of my family – and Michael came out with my family once he was finished work at the Inn for the morning.  Elliott’s parents had other teen volunteers to help with the set-up for the tents and for his party, but I only had a bit of help for setting up the three tents that I brought with me.

By the way, I haven’t mentioned it before, because I’ve never used it; but Quarry Lake has a couple of group campsites that are only for tenting, and don’t have much in the way of services for the spot except for two power outlets and one water tap; but are perfect for groups to use for things like birthday parties or small group weekends.  When they’re not actually booked by a group; they’re used for tenting overflow when they run out of individual lots on busier weekends.

I don’t really have time to get side-tracked, and have a lot of news to cover; so let’s get back to the update.

While I was helping out with the party set-up, my family was at home getting ready for their day at Quarry Lake.  They were ready to come out here by shortly after ten o’clock; came here with a caravan of cars, vans, and trucks; and then needed a while to set up their day camp before being able to play for the day.  Michael joined me for the tail-end of the party work, but while lunch was offered to us; we did that with my family instead because Elliott’s party didn’t start until after lunch.  That meal wasn’t memorable enough to write about here; but we did have fun with everyone before heading out again to join Elliott, Nora, and the rest of our friends as they started arriving for the party.

We’re beyond playing a bunch of party games these days, but Elliott’s parents had time slots set up for us for climbing the rock wall and going for rides on the zip line; they’d rented a handful of bikes for us to use on the trails; and we were free to do anything else at the park – including hanging out around the small pavilion they’d also booked for the day and toss Frisbees and footballs around.  While Michael, Tim, Rowen, and I were together for most of the afternoon and we had a blast; we also weren’t nearby for the top news event of the afternoon – when my grandfather broke his arm falling on the rock wall.

Yes, the safety equipment worked just fine, but he hit his arm against the wall hard-enough to break it; and then needed to be lowered back down to the ground.  The news that most people won’t find out about is that Uncle Adam did most of the healing for Grandpa’s arm back at the clinic – with part of that happening before the x-rays were taken so that the break didn’t look like more than a mild fracture; so the cast that Grandpa is apparently sporting now for the next couple of weeks is really just for show.  Mom apparently also took care of dulling the pain before he left for the clinic with Uncle Adam; but I didn’t hear about that until later – when I had a chance to talk with Mom and Dad before they headed home for the day so that they could get to the barbeque dinner they were hosting and their co-ed ballgame.

I wasn’t thinking about baseball while writing my update last night, but Michael and Tim had a ballgame tonight too; and Michael had to miss it because I was being selfish and didn’t take the shift at the Inn instead so that he could play ball instead.  Okay, he’d have worked anyway because Miranda was a bit short-staffed tonight; but I’m just joking about that anyway; since I’d only agreed to work the buffet shift tomorrow while my cousins are here.

Michael did get a ride back to town in time for helping out with the dinner prep work, though, and then Tim headed to town in time for the game – along with some of the other guys on both teams.  They collectively have a terrible group of girlfriends because we all opted to stay and Quarry Lake and play while they were busy with their game.  Maybe that had a lot to do with why it was also a short game thanks to what was apparently a stellar pitching display from the Werewolves’ pitcher.  He only gave up three hits and two runs; and earned a lot of strike-outs and pop-fly outs to get a lot of three-batter innings.  Tim and his buddies had eight runs, but he was motivated too; and earned five of those runs on two home runs; so their batting-halves of each inning were fairly short too.

It’s amazing how motivated a group of teen boys can be when they’re missing out on play time with their girlfriends in swimsuits! ;^)

They didn’t exactly miss out on all fun and no work at Quarry Lake because Elliott’s birthday barbeque had been early due to the ballgames; so once they left for town; some of us had to volunteer to help with the clean-up while others did go on to play or do other things – like get their tents ready for tonight.  Rowen and I were among those volunteers; and then we went to play in the water for a while to cool off before going for a climb and ride on the zip line without the boys.  We always have fun with them too, but it was nice to do that for a change with just the two of us – having a little competition on the climb; and then enjoying the thrill of the ride back to earth.

The party at the pavilion wrapped up not long after the dinner clean-up was finished; and party central moved over to the campground after that.  There was minimal adult supervision for that because Quarry Lake required it; but even the two ‘adult’ tents were segregated from the rest of us; and they had their own little campfire for the night when they were lit at dusk.  All of the guys except for Michael were back by then, and Rowen and Tim had even gone for a late-evening bike ride before the rentals needed to be returned and the new trails were closed to biking for the night.  Being on my own at first for the campfire felt weird when most of the other teens were cuddling together around the fire; but then that did give me a chance to take a turn on the guitar to help with the music – and then not need to do extra playing later when I could cuddle with Michael.

Rowen and I got the baseball update from Tim when he got back, but I didn’t get the co-ed game news until Dawn and Jillian came out here again with Michael once he was finished work – and that co-ed game was finished.  That game was short too; but only because the Pub Pirates invoked the mercy rule after Mom, Dad, and their team had a nineteen-to-four lead.  The cousins’ cheerleading squad was given credit for the big win; though there were jokes about the win being for Grandpa too when he was there to support the family despite his broken arm.  Dawn and Jillian also gave me the report from the family dinner I missed, and Michael told us about his shift at the Inn; but there wasn’t any major news from any of that to include here.

I’ve had a great night since Michael got here; and cuddling with him has only been part of that fun.  We took a turn playing and singing – including a couple of duets that were good-enough to get a bunch of our friends up and dancing to our songs; and we’ve had a blast – especially with Tim, Rowen, Dawn, and Jillian.  We also had a cameo visit from Jenny and Evan, and while I haven’t mentioned them much in my journals; Jenny does spend a lot of time out here at Quarry Lake – including some overnight camping adventures – including the one she’s having tonight.  While I’m sure they’re going to be in for a newsworthy night that Rebecca and I will hear about tomorrow at work; that story isn’t one that I’ll be including in my journal.

Trying not to think about that does remind me that I have more fun to get back to; so let’s get this report wrapped up so I can do that!

The campfire is being put out as I write this; but we had fun with that until a bit after one o’clock.  We’ve been hanging out around the tents and doing things like going for walks around the campground since then; and this little break has been so that we can take washroom breaks and get ready for bed before meeting up for a bit of bonus teen fun that is mostly going to just be goofy and not worth reporting in any detail here.  What I will mention, though, is that Rowen and I have every intention of having a tent mate swap tonight – which is why I brought three tents.  Dawn and Jillian will be more comfortable in their own tent instead of packed in with Rowen and me – though they have teased me about a tent mate swap too.

Michael and I won’t be the only teen couples doing that tonight; and our chaperones are likely just looking the other way – if they’re worried about it at all.  Since we’re way overdue for some alone time; I’m very happy to be getting that cuddle time with Michael – and I’m sure that a bit of quiet, quality make-out time will be part of the fun for us tonight – even if that means we’ll only be having naps before we’ll need to start out morning at sunrise.

That’ll be because we need to pack up our campground as well as get ready for the day and back to town in time for church.  I’m sure that some of our gang won’t make it to church tomorrow; but Michael and I have our orders – and a ride coming to get us – and Dawn, Jillian, Tim, and Rowen.  Being late won’t be an option.

Now I have one more good reason to wrap this up, and don’t really have anything to add tonight anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!