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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Cassie's Journal - July 25, 2016

Happy 16th Birthday, Vanessa!

I don’t have any birthday, party, or camping night report for you yet because I’m just getting ready to head out to Quarry Lake for that part of my day.  This update is early, because I’ve decided to leave my computer at home and take the entire rest of the day and night off from work, studying, or anything else that isn’t simply having fun with Michael and our friends.

There is the matter of what will now be a report for the past day and a half, though; so let’s get that done while I’m multi-tasking getting cleaned up and ready for our play day!

Sunday morning was hot out even at sunrise, but we still went out to the river for Tai Chi – and the temperature was relatively-cooler compared to the past few afternoons.  I went home with Michael for breakfast – after getting ready for church first; and then our only real involvement with Ryan’s birthday was after breakfast when we went over to his house to give him the birthday gift we wouldn’t be able to do with him at his party or birthday dinner at the Inn.  There was one good thing about the extreme hot – Pastor John kept the service short; and we were set free in under an hour – including the part of the post-service socializing that was also shortened thanks to the hot weather.  That allowed us a bit of extra time to go home and get changed before heading to the Inn; and then it was time to work after that – and do a fair bit of sweating in the process.

We missed Ryan’s party in the back yard at his house; all of the fun with my family that Dad also missed while working in the office to get ready for his work week; and two family meals – though they were both easy-meal barbeques because nobody wanted to work hard in the heat.  Michael and I took a shorter afternoon break because the Inn had been packed for lunch; and it took longer to get the post-lunch clean-up finished.  Our break also consisted of a long swim; we drank lots of water; and split up to have showers and get clean, dry clothes on before heading back to work again for the dinner buffet rush.  We ate some food too, but I should have eaten more; since that’s part of the reason for why I was so burned out last night by the time I crawled into bed with Mandy and wrote that place-holder of a journal update.

There really isn’t much to write about from the last half of our work day on Sunday.  On the weird side, Rebecca and I are both honestly getting just a bit tired of Jenny’s too-detailed reports from her summer fling with Evan.  I won’t omit admitting that we’re both wishing that we had a bit more of that kind of hot going on with our boyfriends – if not to that level; but there is such a thing as too much information even among best friends! ;^)

While Jacob, Jake, Michael, and I didn’t even try to go out into the dining room to join in for even cameo visits at his birthday dinner, Miranda, Stephanie, and Rebecca were able to do that while working the dining room.  Since I looked like a drowned rat by then anyway; I wouldn’t have done that without getting cleaned up and changed again anyway.  I’m not saying that working the dining room is easier, because it isn’t; but I will like that better once I’m old-enough to do that job starting next year – and I’ll especially like that during the summers.  The servers still spend time in the kitchen too, and some of them help with the prep-work before sittings for meals, so they don’t completely avoid the hot; but the dining room air conditioning does keep up with the heat a lot better than in the kitchen.

That’s not really a side trip I need to take while getting ready for our Quarry Lake adventures; so let’s move this along.

The heat drove a lot of extra customers into the Inn, so we were again at full capacity and then some during both buffet sittings – with extra customers fit in as we could accommodate them.  That made our job in the kitchen even tougher; which was also why the clean-up took longer too.  We closed the Inn at ten-thirty, and while my comment with the last report about being delirious was just a joke; there’s no doubt that we were all exhausted and wrung out far more than normal.  I didn’t even walk Michael to his front porch last night.  I kissed him, kept the hug short because we were both sweaty and gross; and then I came home.  Mom and Dad were still working in the office; I stuck my head in to wish them a goodnight and offer a promise to give them an update in the morning; and came up to my room to have that shower and get ready for bed.  The crash into unconsciousness happened shortly after I turned off my computer and put it aside; and that was it until morning.

Tai Chi by the river and breakfast in the sunroom that Michael stayed for made for a great start to the morning; and we had fun trading stories from our respective work and play adventures on Sunday – though there’s probably something that should be said about the fact that Ethan and Ehlana had the most fun.  We didn’t have a lot of time for that, though, since Dad, Violet, and Dillon needed to get to work; and Mom, Michael, and I all had chores to get started on – once we’d finished the breakfast clean-up.  That’s mostly what I did all morning, including some outdoor chores, but I also spent some time working on the family business – and did that in a time phase to make sure I finished the must-do work before taking the rest of the day off.  While it was cloudy this morning and not quite as hot as the past few days; it was still warm-enough; which was why I needed another shower before meeting up with Michael for the trip to Quarry Lake.  He’s been doing yard work all day too, so I expect he’s getting cleaned up too as I write this; but let’s not spend too much time thinking about Michael in the shower – or I might be tempted to set up our tent when we get to the campground and then just stay in it with him until tomorrow morning!

Okay, that won’t happen, but it’s still a fun thought. ;^)

It’s also going to be a fun reality spending the afternoon and evening playing and swimming at Quarry Lake and then having another overnight camping adventure with our friends.  That’s one trend this summer that we’re really enjoying a lot; and we’ll likely have at least one or two more of these Quarry Lake camping parties before the end of the summer.  Again, that isn’t something to drag out in this report; so let’s not do that.  I’ve covered the news – at least for me – from yesterday through until now, though, and I will be ready shortly to grab my gear and go over to Michael’s house; so I guess that’s all for today.

Jake and Stephanie are giving us a ride out to the campground, and they might stay to play for a few hours too – or longer if they can convince some friends to join them out there after work; but that’s something else that will need to wait for the next update.  I can advise you that Rowen and I will be doing a tent mate swap with our boys tonight – if you hadn’t already guessed that from my use of the word ‘our’ when talking about Michael, me, and the tent.  The details will have to wait for tomorrow too; though don’t expect me to include too many details – especially since I seriously plan on some quality make-out time with Michael once we do get around to the tent time part of our day.

Okay, I really need to wrap this up before thinking about that too much.  My reputation will be shot if I get us kicked out of Quarry Lake for inappropriate behavior with Michael! ;^)

Yeah, that’s not going to happen, but I am done with this update; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!