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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cassie's Journal - July 5, 2016

When you’re lamenting the lack of hot, summer days on holiday weekends; be careful what you wish for!

We’ve had a beautiful example of that today, and hot and sunny turned into broiling hot as temperatures kept climbing.  The humidex, ‘feels like’ temperature here came very close to hitting one-twenty, and while we didn’t cook lunch or dinner on the sidewalks; that was definitely too hot for spending the entire afternoon outdoors and playing – though we did play outside and swim a lot to stay as cool as possible when we weren’t taking regular indoor breaks to get out of the extreme heat.

Tai Chi by the river was decent enough, and we played at the park for most of the morning until the heat really kicked up into the one-hundreds; and the fun included biking the trails; hanging out at the playground; going canoeing; and swimming in the river.

Michael had some chores to do at home before joining me to help with kid control, but I didn’t actually have all of them without any help for very long anyway because Violet and Dillon had gotten up very early and were home with Dawn and Jillian by nine o’clock.  They’d managed to get to the south side of Crystal Springs before running into rush hour traffic; picked up breakfast to go there; and kept on driving for home after just that one short stop.  Dawn and Jillian joined right in for the play time; and we’ve had fun all day – even when the play time has been indoors.

While I’m thinking about them, though, I have a feeling that this will be the last summer holiday here for Dawn and Jillian.  They are glad to be here, but they’re also missing their boyfriends back at home; and Dawn’s expecting that she’ll get to work at least part-time out at the airport once she’s fifteen – mostly because she wants to be out there with the planes and pilots; along with making money for extra flying lessons and flight time as she works toward getting her pilot’s license.  You can’t hear her talk about flying for more than a minute without being sure that she’ll be a pilot and fly the big jets some day too.  The passion and determination are so obvious; and she’s apparently really good at flying too.  I can add a bit more to that, since I can sense her latent aura; and suspect that her gift for flying is similar to other latent gifts that have been documented by the Magi here in the past – including for things like the Landry family’s excellence in sports.

While we’ve had an awesome first day of hometown vacation for my cousins, there really isn’t anything too exciting to write about beyond what I’ve already mentioned.  We considered a camping night, but the heat had us changing that and just staying indoors – without a major sleepover so that we didn’t mess things up for Violet and Dillon.  We do have Dawn, Jillian, Jaimie, and Jayden here with us, but Kaitlyn is at Aunt Leanne’s house with Kara, Eddie, and Nicole; while Robyn is taking a turn staying with Aunt Deborah, Leah, and the boys.  We had more outdoor play time after dinner tonight that included more swimming, but then we wrapped up our night with a movie in the lounge.  Dawn and Jillian have the two guest bedrooms on the third floor, but the rest of the kids are on the second floor; and they’re all sleeping as I’m writing this – even though it isn’t all that late right now.

It has been a long, hot day, though, and we’re all tired; which is why I’ve been doing my work tonight in a time phase – so that I can get it done and head off to sleep.  Michael went home at eleven o’clock; and I’ve been working since then – for about a half-hour of ‘real’ time; and hours of actual work time.  I am keeping up with my family business job, though; and will try to do that every night – even when we’re having camping adventures.

I’ll keep you posted on how that goes, but we have another big day of summer fun and play time ahead of us for tomorrow, and I need to get the sleep so I’ll be ready for that; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!