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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Cassie's Journal - July 10, 2016

The make-out time with Michael before we had our nap was worth not getting much sleep for; and I used a bit of healing for both of us when we woke up so we were both happy and feeling great when we walked to the lake and did our Tai Chi workout there before returning to our tents and joining in on the rush to have breakfast; get ready for the day; and pack up our tents and gear for those of us that needed to get that done in time for our rides back to town.

Even with having too much to do, Michael, Tim, Rowen, Dawn, Jillian, and I all managed to be out at the camp entrance with our gear in time to meet up with Dad and Dillon – our designated drivers.  We even had time to drop off our gear on the way to church; but Dad drove there because he didn’t have time for his stops at Rowen’s and Tim’s houses and a stop at home to leave the truck there.  While I was glad to be at church with everyone; we had missed out on the fun here last night and this morning; and Ehlana, Naomi, and some of the other girls were happy to fill me in on their adventures when they could do a bit of that before the service started – and then again after it was over.  It was already getting hot out by then, so Pastor John didn’t have a long service; and that worked out for the traveling members of our family because Christina and Josiah were taking Nicole and Robyn to a half-way meeting point to return them to their parents – and also have a mid-afternoon visit with Christina’s parents.

That’s why our post-church time started out with a round of goodbyes for Nicole and Robyn; though we got to do that at Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne’s house thanks to the extra time that allowed all four of them to get changed into more comfortable clothes before hitting the road.  After that, I was on kid control for a while; Michael was already at the Inn and helping out there by then; and the parents dealt with getting lunch ready for our entire gang – along with some bonus friends and neighbors.  The fathers grilled burgers and hot dogs; Grandpa supervised because he wasn’t allowed to do any work or play with the kids thanks to his broken arm; and the women dealt with rounding up the cold salads and side snacks – most of them leftovers or donations.  I was with the kids for the meal too; and then helped out with them while canoes and the rest of the gear we’d need was rounded up and brought over to the dock at the Carringtons.

By then, it was really, really hot; so our canoeing adventure was given a doctor-imposed time limit of one hour.  I have so got to get out in the canoes more often, and I’m reporting that because even though I have canoed past the new bridge a few times now; it still felt really strange to do that today – and this was my first canoe ride of the summer to last an hour.  I’m not including canoe rides to the park or downtown when we stopped to play or shop; but you know what I mean.  We paddled upriver for thirty-five minutes; stopped for a short swim; and then paddled back.  That exceeded the time limit; but since we did have one of those doctors with us; he’d approved the extension because of the cool-down swim time.

Some of our cousins were disappointed that we didn’t paddle out to the whirlpool, so we will try to do that sometime before they head home if the weather cooperates; but the shorter ride was more than enough for all of the younger kids.  Several of those kids needed naps by then; so that was set up for them either in houses or just somewhere shady and slightly cooler.  By the time we got back, Michael was nearly done the lunchtime part of his shift; so it wasn’t long before he came over to hang out with me – with us – until he and I both needed to be there for the buffet-to-close shift.  Since the younger kids had needed a break or naps, we took the rest of the gang for a bike ride at the park; and really got to have a decent chance to show my cousins some of the new trails we hadn’t been able to use sooner thanks to the extra rain.  That was a nice blast of fun, and so was the cool-off swim back at the Carringtons; but then I needed to stop at home to grab a shower and get changed; Michael decided to do the same at his house; and then we hurried over to the Inn and got to work.

It’s been hot outside today, but that was nothing compared to the kitchen at the Inn.  I think that I lost four or five pounds today while working that shift, and while losing a couple of pounds of weight is fairly normal during particularly hot days; I noticed it more today – and I’d say that pretty much everyone working the Inn today felt that way by the time we went home at a bit after ten o’clock.  Michael and I had fun even with all of the too-hot work, and I learned a bit too much about how great Jenny’s fun with Evan at Quarry Lake was; but there really isn’t any other news from my work there worth reporting.  It’s a job; we did a lot of cooking and cleaning; and I was really glad to go home with Michael and jump in the river to cool off once we could do that.

Rebecca, Jake, and Stephanie joined us for that; and so did Violet, Dillon, Dawn, and Jillian.  Mom and Dad just have Dawn, Jillian, and me here at the house tonight because the rest of our cousins, Ethan, and Ehlana are all elsewhere – possibly as much to give me a break as it is for Mom and Dad.  Dawn’s loved having Violet and Dillon to herself – or mostly; since Jillian stayed with her while they hung out together after getting home from the late buffet at the Inn and helping to get all of the younger kids off to their sleepover destinations.  I guess that didn’t end up being a lot of time before they came swimming with us; but we had fun together while we swam – and after that when we sat out on Michael’s back porch with cold drinks and talked until eleven-thirty or so.  Violet and Dillon led the charge to go home – or inside – and off to bed because they have to work in the morning, but I was ready to call it a night by then anyway – even if I didn’t exactly get to do that thanks to the family business and computer work I needed to do once I was cleaned up and ready for bed.

I’ve been too tired for time phasing while doing that work; so it’s taken longer than I would have liked – especially when I didn’t get much sleep last night! ;^)

The work needed to be done, though, and I can’t let it pile up when I’ll be spending another week helping out with kid control pretty much every day.  We’re not making plans ahead of time this week due to some potential for more stormy-weather days, but rain or shine; I’ll be busy keeping my brother, sister, and cousins entertained – and it might be more work on the rainy days.  Monday is looking pretty good as of my last check of the forecast, so we’ll likely play outside tomorrow; but I’ll keep you posted on that.  If the weather cooperates, I’ll need to get back to other things like ball practices; and we have a make-up game to fit into the schedule somewhere too thanks to the holiday weekend rain-outs; but I doubt that’ll happen this week when we already have a game coming up on Saturday.

I can write about any of that as the week happens for me, and you can flip digital pages in my future to read all about it, though; so I’m just going to wrap this up and get some sleep while I can.  It’s mostly been a fun, if unusual, first week of holidays with our cousins; and I hope next week will be even better, but that’s all for now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!