Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cassie's Journal - July 6, 2016

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Uncle Mark and Aunt Grace!

We had a dinner party for them that was cut a bit short due to a thunderstorm rolling through; but we managed to have most of our outdoor fun today before the wet arrived and we’ll be dealing with more rain and storms again overnight and maybe into the morning tomorrow.

The heat was an issue again today, but not quite as severe as yesterday.  Playing outside all day was an option as long as we went swimming a lot to cool off and kept hydrated.  Michael was back to work today, so I didn’t have his help for kid control today except when he was on his breaks; but I had some extra help from Rowen and Tim for a while; and Dawn and Jillian helped out with all of our younger cousins.  We played at the park; did some biking when we were given a break from the younger kids for a couple of hours; went canoeing again; and played in the back yard.  Nothing we did was particularly newsworthy, but we had a fun, lazy play day; and that’s good-enough for me!

I was on kid control while the anniversary dinner was being cooked, so I didn’t need to help out with that.  Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne hosted that dinner; and in addition to our family; they invited quite a few friends along too; so we had quite a gang there for the meal.  The adults had fun roasting Uncle Mark and Aunt Grace, but I was out of the loop for that while dealing with the kids; and I didn’t really even get to spend much time with the couple of honor.  We all did still have fun whether we were in the loop with the adults or just playing and having fun in the back yard or river.

There was enough warning of incoming bad weather to get the outdoor party packed up and everyone either indoors or back at their own homes; and I was again on kid-control for that.  We – the girls – added Brianna to our gang for the sleepover tonight because Aunt Leanne took Caleb so that Uncle Mark and Aunt Grace could have a kid-free night.  We had the same group of cousins again tonight, but added in Naomi and Aiden too because we’d originally planned a camping night that got cancelled due to the stormy forecast.  I’ve got Brianna with me for a cuddle buddy; but we had all of the girls with us in the lounge for some movie-watching fun while the boys used the living room for some video gaming instead before going up to bed in Ethan’s room.

Michael came over for a visit after work tonight, but didn’t stay long because I was busy with getting kids ready for bed by then.  He ended up spending more time with the guys and their video gaming than with me; but had fun with that – even if we’re definitely missing out on having enough alone time.  There’s a good chance that won’t be a problem we can fix over the next week and a half while my cousins are here; but I’ll keep you posted on that.

Dawn, Jillian, Violet, and I had a nice bedtime chat once all of the younger girls were in bed on the second floor while Brianna snoozed in my bed; and then it was time for me to get to work on my family business work and the rest of my bedtime computing.  Time phasing was an option, but I decided not to do that with Brianna in the room with me.  That isn’t because I was worried about sending her back home looking a month or year older; but that is funny to think about when that actually could be perceptible in a newborn or toddler even with just a handful of time phases.

Working in ‘real’ time meant that it’s taken longer to get everything finished, but I do have the work done now; and it’s time for me to join Brianna in nap mode.

Hopefully, she won’t just wake up as I’m falling asleep and want to cuddle and party for an hour or two!

That is possible, though, so I’ll try to get some sleep now while I can.  It’s been another fun day, and I’m sure there will be a lot of fun ahead whether we get a lot of rain again or not.  I want to be ready to keep up with my sister, brother, cousins, and friends, though, and don’t have anything else newsworthy to report from the work or bedtime computer checks; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!