Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Cassie's Journal - July 2, 2017

I am totally messing up my Magi Master journal responsibilities this weekend, but am exhausted; and need to keep this double update as short as possible so that I can crash and nap ahead of day three of our four-day holiday weekend.

Let’s back up and start from Saturday morning.

I was up early; at the Inn early; and worked the special holiday weekend breakfast buffet through until ten o’clock.  That was a crazy-busy shift; and then I caught the tail-end of Ehlana’s ball game at the park.  The Hair Herons were playing against Palmer’s Parrots; they won seven-to-four; and then I was on kid control duty for the ice cream celebration at the Emporium before heading home to help with the barbeque lunch that was at the Carrington’s and Everett’s homes.  After that; it was trail ride time; Michael and I both went out to the ranch for that; and had a blast for an hour or so with my cousins and the rest of the riders before we needed to get home and cleaned up for the dinner-to-close shift.  We worked hard for that shift too; moved on to my house for the campfire and camping night with my sister, brother, and all of the teen and kid cousins; and had a blast with everyone – whether that was at the campfire with the stories and music; or the camping that for me was with Dawn, Ehlana, and Naomi.

Sunday morning was a bit crazy getting everyone fed and ready for the church service in the park; and I needed to leave early to help with the set-up on the stage for the teen praise team.  The music and skits were a lot of fun; Michael and I had another duet that was a big hit with the congregation; and we had a huge turn-out for the service.  We also needed to hurry to get to the Inn once we were done at the park; and then we worked out tails off today getting through three buffet sittings that were over-sold-out.  It was an all-hands-on-deck day; we didn’t have enough hands; and some of us may have skipped most of our breaks to help keep up with the work.  It was also very, very hot in the kitchen – and outside; at least by mid-afternoon; so that sapped us a little at a time all day – even those of us that didn’t need to be in the kitchen all of the time.

Jake, Stephanie, Michael, and I didn’t get out of the Inn until eleven o’clock by the time we finished all of the clean-up in all dining rooms and the kitchen; and had the library set up for the overnight guests.  The Inn, by the way, is full all week; so that’s even more work that Miranda needs to keep up with every day – and keeps more of our staff busy with room cleaning and the rest of that work.

Speaking of work; I’m on breakfast shift duty again in the morning, and need to get to sleep soon; so let’s wrap this up so I can do that.

I walked home with Michael; we did our goodnight hugs and kisses on his front porch; and then I came home and straight up to my room except for quick stops for goodnight kisses in Ethan’s and Ehlana’s rooms.  Everyone here was in their beds by then; but I really needed a shower; so I did that quickly and as quietly as I could before getting ready for bed and tucked in with Mandy.  I’ve only done the basic email and computer checks since then; won’t be doing any extra work; and now that I’m up-to-date with this report – even though it’s a bit lacking in details; I’m ready to crash and nap until I need to get up for that early breakfast shift at the Inn.

We are having fun even with all of the work, but I’m also learning to get as much sleep as I can whenever I can do that; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!