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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cassie's Journal - July 25, 2017

Happy 17th Birthday, Vanessa!

I didn’t have much involvement in her special day because she and Nora went to the city with their boyfriends for the day instead of doing a party at home or elsewhere around here; so we dropped a gift off this morning and only had a bit of a visit before getting on with our day.

This is supposed to be a double-update, though; so let’s back things up to Monday morning.

Tai Chi by the river was cooler, but still warm; breakfast was standard fare for a weekday; and then I spent the morning working on chores with Mom while multi-tasking some family business work.  The twins were al the lab for the morning; and then Mom took them out to Quarry Lake with some other Moms and kids while Michael and I helped out with Ryan’s birthday entertainment – also at Quarry Lake.  We took a picnic; Michael and I took Dad’s truck and a load of Ryan’s friends; and Jacob and Miranda helped out with the party too.  Michael was in high demand with Ryan and his buddies, so he played with them a lot – whether that was climbing the rock wall, going on the zip line, or playing in and around the lake.  I helped out more with the work and had a bit of fun with Jessica, Sophia, and the other girls and Moms.

Ryan’s party moved back to his house for a barbeque dinner, campfire, and camping adventure.  I helped out with some of that, but also caught Ethan’s ball practice; and then it was time for our girls’ night while some of our boys were busy with Ryan’s camping adventure.  Ethan wasn’t in on that, but he went for a sleepover at Aiden’s house while ours was in use by a gang of girls.  Dad didn’t get invited to any sleepovers too, but we made an exception for him; and Mom didn’t seem to mind keeping him here when she did go off to bed after joining us for some of the girl chat, makeover fun, and part of a chick flick movie.

My little placeholder update from last night came while I did my early bedtime email check; and I was good with taking a night off from the late night computing.  Rowen and I had fun with the other teens, tweens, and younger girls; but we were also glad to get some time to hang out together without the boys – and on our own after everyone else either headed for bed or camped out in the lounge with plans to stay awake as long as they could while watching more movies.

I won’t go into the details, but Rowen and I had a long talk last night about her plans for Tim’s seventeenth birthday.  I’ll have more on that when it’s closer to his special day, but for now; I’ll just add that I’m going to help her out with some girlfriend support that will include some shopping and a bit of party planning.  Since she’s getting into that now, I suppose I’ll need to think about Michael’s birthday soon too, but I do still have time; and will need to wait to find out about the football schedule and everything else we’ll have on the go first; so there isn’t a huge hurry for me to get on that quite yet anyway.

Rowen and I managed to get some sleep last night; we were busy this morning with the gang we needed to feed; and then Rowen went to work at the store or data center; and I had another morning of chores and family business work.  Michael worked at home all morning; met up with me for lunch; and then we had a play afternoon with Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden.  It was another triple-digit heat afternoon here, so we weren’t exactly working very hard as we played; and we spent a lot of time cooling off in the river.  There was one bike ride that included picking up frozen treats at the Emporium; but we didn’t push the riding very hard either.  Mom and Dad had an early dinner ahead of Ehlana’s ball practice; it was shortened due to the heat too; and we moved inside for the evening after a post-baseball swim.

Michael stayed for the evening; we had a Magi lesson with Mom and the twins after Naomi and Aiden went home; and then Michael and I watched a movie in the lounge while the twins went to bed early and Mom and Dad worked in the office.

Okay, we didn’t actually watch the movie while having fun with a minor make-out session, but cut us some slack; since we’ll be back to work again tomorrow and will be busy for the rest of the week! ;^)

We’re working the breakfast shift in the morning, so Michael went home at eleven-thirty, and while I was tempted to keep him; we decided to be good – and I opted to do some extra family business work to get ahead of things – and in case I need to put in more time at the Inn again between now and Sunday.  I did some of that work in a time phase, so it isn’t too late, but then I do have to get up in a few hours for that breakfast shift; so I should wrap this up and get started on that nap.

Oh wait – one more thing.  Michael skipped football on Monday evening because of Ryan’s birthday; and Tim had to cancel tonight because he was stuck at work due to emergency repair calls that have been piling up due to the extreme heat that is even tougher on farm equipment than it is on the farmers.  Tim won’t be happy about that, but Michael does do a lot of hard work; so I don’t think he’ll have to worry about being out of shape when football camp opens for the team in August.

Okay, that’s it for tonight; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!