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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cassie's Journal - July 22, 2017

Okay, I love summer as much as any teen, but sometimes; there is such a thing as too much hot!

It was hot in the kitchen at the Inn during the breakfast shift; got hotter as the day went on; and the dinner-to-close shift was one of the toughest of the summer so far.  The ‘feels like’ temperature topped out a one-seventeen this afternoon; and the ‘real’ temperature came up just a bit short of triple digits too.  That’s why everything we did today was tough; and a decent night of sleep only helped me to get through the day without crashing sooner than I am right now.

That’s why this is going to be another short update; and then I’m going to have a sofa sleepover with Michael that will be all about actually sleeping!

I’ve mentioned the breakfast shift; Miranda needed me to stay longer than normal; and I missed all of Ethan’s ballgame because it was shortened due to the heat.  It’s likely a bit ironic that they needed to do that when Ethan, Aiden, and their Blizzard team mates won that game eight-to-four over the Twisters; but I’m too tired to go there and make fun of it.  The extreme heat meant that Miranda and Jacob needed to give their staff more heat breaks; which meant that Michael, Rebecca, and I put in more time there – though we had extra, shorter breaks too.  We basically rested when we could; and didn’t do anything newsworthy when we weren’t working.

Michael played in his ballgame tonight.  He and Tim – and the Lasers – lost their game to the Prisms, but once again, the game was shortened due to the heat; and I don’t think that they cared at all about the loss by the time the game was over – and Michael hopped into the river at the park and swam over to the Inn to cool off before getting changed and then helping out for the rest of the evening until close.  I missed that game too, since Miranda couldn’t spare anyone during a dinner rush that was busier-than-expected due to a lot of campers coming in to town for the meal – and to get out of the heat for a while.  That’s great for tips, but even with spending more time in the dining rooms than the kitchen; the heat was overwhelming today.

By the way – dress with care when working in extreme heat – especially when you’re alternating between hot and cool over and over again; hour after hour.  You do not want to be getting tips from your customers either for the wrong reasons or through inappropriate offers! ;^)

No, that isn’t the voice of experience for wearing the wrong clothes; though I doubt there are many servers anywhere that haven’t had to deal with too-friendly customers.  That obviously isn’t a problem with the locals here; but can be a problem with visitors.

I don’t want to go there either; so let’s move along and wrap this up.

Working until close took until after-eleven tonight because we were all running on empty by the time our last customers left; and Michael and I were put in charge of the work upstairs to get everything set up for the self-serve breakfast that the guests at the Inn will be enjoying in the morning.  Michael went home first to grab a shower and overnight bag, but he’ll be here soon; and I’m multi-tasking this while getting cleaned up and changed too.  Sure, he could have stayed at home, but I didn’t have any trouble convincing him to come over and be my cuddle buddy tonight.

We’ll get to that soon, but before I go; I’ll also mention that I didn’t miss much around here today either.  Mom and the twins spent some time at the lab; Dad worked in the office since none of them wanted to be outside in the heat when they didn’t need to be doing that; and the twins have sleepover buddies tonight too.  They stayed indoors for most of the evening too; watched movies and played video games; and they were all in bed by the time I got here.

That’s all I have; Michael will be here any minute; and I have a sofa sleepover to get to now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!