Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Cassie's Journal - January 8, 2017

I know that I’ve been slacking on my journal updates, but this has been a strange day; I’m beat; and don’t have much left in me.  I’ll still try to cover all of the highlights of the past two days, but also need to be up in a few hours to get ready for going back to school; so bear with me if things end up a bit fuzzy and disjointed.

The biggest news around town this weekend is the nasty flu bug that’s broken out around here, and while I knew that there was a problem starting on Saturday; it really kicked up several notches today – enough that the clinic was opened for the afternoon and evening so that our doctors could treat all of the patients.  Mom and I helped too when we could; but that was only an option with other Magi – and we had to be very careful with how we handled that with some many others that had the more serious symptoms and issues.

Having so many sick people affected everything today.  We had a light crowd at church; Jacob and Miranda were short-handed at the Inn; and all of the open stores in town had the same staffing problems today.  That’s why I worked the full shift at the Inn; my Magi powered healing help happened during our afternoon break and after I was done for the night; and Rowen and Michael were among the Magi that I helped – while Uncle Adam dealt with other teens; and I was mostly restricted to helping the adults – since the teens and kids don’t know about me.  I’ll mention that Ethan and Ehlana were allowed to help out a bit too, but only with a very few cases – and with Mom or Uncle Adam supervising them.

While I was busy at the Inn, the cover story for all of the help today was Mom’s volunteer work delivering meals, soups, and medicines for people all over town and out into the countryside.  She was the only Magi healer doing that; but there were dozens of volunteers helping out – with an emphasis on seniors and young couples with sick kids.  We really were short-staffed at the Inn, but there were also fewer customers for lunch and the buffets; so we managed to keep up with the work – and got out of the Inn by nine-thirty.  I helped Mom out until nearly midnight; we came home after that tour around town; and then it was time for me to get started on my bedtime computing – though I multi-tasked having a soak in my Jacuzzi while doing my language studies.  After all of the work and healing, I didn’t have any time phasing in me, but the work needed to get done; so I kept plugging away at it – even when it got tough to stay awake and focused on some fairly boring reports that needed to be dealt with and answered with instructions for the coming year and quarter.

I’d really like to start napping right now, but let’s back up to Friday night and try to cover the highlights from the rest of the weekend.

The movie time with the twins, their besties, and Michael was great; we ended up with three couples sleeping in the lounge; and Mom and Dad took pictures to prove how adorable we all were – with Michael and me on the sofa; and the kids burrowed into nests of blankets and pillows on the floor.  Ehlana and Aiden weren’t technically cuddled together all night, but they were still close to each other; and were at least holding hands when the pictures were taken.  Naomi was definitely full-out cuddling with Ethan – and doesn’t have a problem with everyone knowing it or teasing them about it.  I was the first to fall asleep Friday night, and while that sofa sleepover was definitely kid-rated; we still had a lot of fun.

Our wake-up call came early; Michael and I headed to the Inn to help with the breakfast shift; we worked until mid-morning; and then I came home and helped out with chores until we stopped for lunch at one o’clock.  Michael came over for his afternoon break; we didn’t do much of anything except for a bit of music and gaming; and then we headed for the Inn when it was time to start the dinner prep work.  We were only a bit short-handed for that shift, but didn’t know that the quiet dinner rush was a sign of things to come on Sunday.  We were finished work early for a Saturday night; I already mentioned yesterday that I went home to get cleaned-up, changed, and pack an overnight bag; and then I headed over to Michael’s house.  We watched a movie in the living room with Michael’s parents, Rebecca, and Lucas; the two older couples went up to bed after that; and Michael and I managed to have a bit of play time before getting around to our sofa sleepover.  We were both sleeping by the time that Jake and Stephanie got home from hanging out with some friends; but Stephanie took more pictures of us on their way up to bed – and then had fun teasing us about it in the morning at breakfast.

Tai Chi was indoors; Michael and I took our turns getting ready for church while Jacob and Jake cooked; and then we took care of the clean-up.  We then went to the church early; got drafted to help out with the music due to some sick praise team members; and I played keyboards while Michael played guitar.  We added a touch or two of harmony too; but didn’t do much singing to avoid messing up the rest of the praise team when we’d had no time to practice with them beyond a quick warm-up ahead of the service.

I’ve covered everything else except for the actual work and studying, but that would just put me to sleep and leave this update hanging and unfinished; so I won’t bore you – or me – with those details.  My Tai Chi wake-up call is going to come way too soon, though, and that really is enough of the news for tonight; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!