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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cassie's Journal - January 14, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday, Naomi!

My involvement in her big day was fairly small – just a visit this morning while she was here with Ehlana and Ethan that included giving her the gifts from Michael and me; but I know she’s having a happy day – along with another sleepover with the twins and Aiden instead of a girls’ night sleepover with all of her girlfriends.  She also had an afternoon and dinner party that wrapped up by eight o’clock because of the weather worries; and they apparently had a blast with all of that family and friends play time.

My day didn’t start out with any birthday-level fun as I got up early; ready for the day; and then met up with Michael and his Dad for the walk to the Inn.  I did get to say goodbye to Jake and Stephanie as they were getting loaded up and ready for their ride to the airport, and while I’m there; all of my favorite collegians are safely back at their respective colleges and homes as I write this tonight.  Saying goodbye to them again wasn’t fun, but it was entertaining as Jake got in a few more jabs at Michael and me before heading out – with most of his jokes being related to our band trip and suggestions about what he’d do with a week away from home if he and Stephanie had been able to do that when they were in high school.  Jacob and Miranda found that a bit scary, since they had been away from home for their Grade Eight and Senior class trips; but Jake’s memory about those weeks seemed to suddenly grow suspiciously vague when he was asked about that.

The breakfast shift at the Inn was very busy; and we had a lot of customers coming in for a hot meal before getting to their supply and grocery shopping – with most of the extra visitors in town to stock up ahead of the bad weather.  I worked until nine o’clock; came home; and then got right to the studying again with my small group of study buddies.  I only had five friends with me for the morning; and all of them were doing the daytime studying because they were working the dinner shift at the Inn or would be busy with other jobs or family responsibilities.  That pretty much is the only thing to be said about the rest of my day until we wrapped up the evening study session at ten o’clock.  I studied and tutored my friends; we had a soup and mini-subs lunch; we had the full study gang during the afternoon; and only three-fewer teens after the spaghetti and garlic bread with cheese dinner because we added two ‘plus ones’ after losing all five from the morning group.  We had fun while we worked too, but the studying was serious; and we got a lot done today.

I’m tired out now, but the effort was worth it, and even if we don’t get to do any studying as a group tomorrow; my friends are feeling a lot better tonight about our mid-terms than they did even yesterday.

Michael stayed after everyone else left, and while we invited Rowen and Tim to stay too; they opted to go to her house instead – and hoped for some alone time while also making that possible for Michael and me too.  I really appreciated that, since Ethan and Ehlana are away, but while I was tempted to keep Michael all night; we didn’t do that this time because Rebecca is out at the farm with Lucas tonight; and his parents are really missing Jake and Stephanie.  I should add here that Michael also helped out at the Inn all morning; took an extended study break in the afternoon with us; worked the dinner shift until close – which was early for a Saturday; and then caught the last hour or so of our evening study time.  While I didn’t keep him for a sofa sleepover, we did get to have nearly two hours of quiet play time for two before he went home; and I ended my day with some Jacuzzi time while multi-tasking some family business work that I’m only doing because I won’t need to work on it during our mid-term exams now that it’s done and out of the way.

Now, let’s talk about snow and ice storms.  I won’t call this forecast totally busted yet, and we have started to get a bit of snow as I write this, but it isn’t looking as though our area is going to get an ice storm at all now; and we could end up with as little as two inches of snow with the maximum at more like four inches now instead of upwards of a foot of the white, fluffy stuff.  Having said that, the temperature could flop a degree or two either way and change that up; but my last forecast check suggests that when we do get the rain, it won’t be until overnight on Sunday and into Monday now; and it will get too warm for ice as the rain arrives.  Yes, other areas are getting hit, but we might have it much easier here – and I’m okay with that!

Flip the digital page to find out how that works out for us, but I might be working a full shift at the Inn tomorrow and starting my day with some quality time shoveling snow; so it’s time for me to get some sleep instead of sitting up and watching for the snowstorm that might not happen at all now.

Either way, we’ll be in for an interesting rest of the weekend, and I want to be ready for anything; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!