Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cassie's Journal - January 11, 2017

We’re back to school, so this was our first, mid-week, after-school work day.  I got to do all of my usual bedtime work and studying after school and dinner; and now I can go to bed early!

Oh wait – that’s just what I wished had happened!  Instead of doing that; I’m just getting ready to wrap up my day with just a few hours of nap time available before I’ll be up and on the go again.  There was some fun to be had here and there to off-set the work and another really late night, though; so let’s get to the real news of the day.

Happy 16th Birthday, Gretchen!

I didn’t start this update with that news because my feeble attempt at late-night humor seemed like more fun; but Gretchen has had a happy day – especially now that she’s joined the supervision-free driver’s club with the majority of our classmates.  Her birthday added to the fun at school; with the lunchtime birthday party the highlight for everyone helping her to celebrate.  Our classes were filled with more exam review, and while I haven’t been thinking much about that at all; some of my classmates are starting to worry about our mid-terms now that we’re past the return to school excitement and our first marching band practice on the New Year.  My late night isn’t due to exam studying; since Michael and I split our time tonight between working at the Inn because of Gretchen’s birthday party and Miranda’s continuing short-staffing problems due to the flu bug around here; but we have set up a study session for tomorrow night that is open to everyone in our class – and here at my house.

Michael and I did do our exam review assignments after school before getting to work on the prep line in the kitchen; we worked for nearly two hours until the main round of dinner orders went out into the dining room – with Gretchen’s dinner party being two-thirds of those orders; and then we took our break so that we could have dinner with Gretchen, her family, and the rest of her party guests.  That was a nice blast of fun that was over too soon; and then we were back to work until close – and that took longer than normal because we didn’t have enough help for the extra business tonight.

While I’m thinking about the flu bug issues; I’ll also mention that we’re nearly-through the worst of it.  Three days seems to be the average for most of Uncle Adam and Uncle Mark’s patients – or that’s true for the people we couldn’t help with some Magi Healing.  Since so many of us came down with it at the same time; there won’t be any major waves of flu to follow; so we’re already mostly just dealing with the remnants of this round – and that should be done with by the weekend.

Moving along, Michael came home with me after we were done at the Inn; we had another Magi lesson with Mom; and spent some time with Ethan and Ehlana before they went to bed and we wrapped up our day with some cuddle time in the lounge before he went home and I got ready for bed and started in on my bedtime computing, studying, and family business to-do list.  I needed to get more done tonight to get ready for the weekend and extra exam studying I’ll be doing then too; so I really do wish that this could have been a normal work night Wednesday.  One of these days, I’ll need to write more about my language studies and family business work, since it is a big part of my life now, but that won’t be tonight; and I’m about ready to go into nap mode now.

Before I do that, though; let’s talk about weather and weather forecasting.  Over the past week, we’ve gone from a forecast for this weekend of a major snowstorm with maybe a couple of feet of snow to a prediction of mostly-rain and just a bit of snow that was posted just yesterday; and now we’re heading back toward snow and ice storm levels of yuck on Saturday and Sunday.  It seems that I end up picking on meteorologists too-often; but that has got to be one of the only jobs where you can be wrong so much of the time and still have someone willing to hand you a paycheck for your work!  I’ll let you know how that goes this weekend, but my point is that it’s a pain to get ready for a storm and then have nothing happen at all; and probably worse for people that get tired of the false alarms and then aren’t ready when the storm hits.  Here’s a fun idea – if you can’t forecast a week in advance with any accuracy at all; stop doing it until you can!

Okay, that’s enough of a rant for tonight, and I’d rather be sleeping now anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!