Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Cassie's Journal - January 12, 2017

I’ve had a very busy day and a lot has been going on around here; so let’s get right to the news.

First up, Violet and Dillon left for Woodvale this morning – a last-minute decision that meant I didn’t get to say goodbye to them in person because I was at school already by the time they’d made the quick choice to change their schedule ahead of the storm that we may or may not get this weekend.  Since there is the possibility of a lot of freezing rain, it’s the right choice, and I wouldn’t have gotten to see them for any quality visit time anyway; but it still feels as though something is missing when you don’t get to have the goodbyes.  While I’m on that line of thought, most of the collegians that are still at home are thinking about heading back to college early if that’s possible and they’re not stuck with specific flights or other travel plans with friends; but Jake and Stephanie are keeping an eye out for bump-up options that might get them on a flight to New York tomorrow instead of their booked flight on Saturday morning.  The odds are low; but cancellations do happen – which is why I walked Michael home tonight to make sure I did get to spend a few minutes with them just in case I don’t get to say goodbye to them on Friday night or Saturday.

We were down to five days until our mid-term exams start; so it was time for most of my classmates to get serious about the exam prep work and studying.  Doing that was the focus in every class; we took a break from it at lunchtime; and then the study party moved to my house once we were set free after our last class.  The dining room was study central this time; though hanging out in the sunroom for little breaks was popular whenever brains started to fry too.  I didn’t go with trying to work in the lounge because it’s tougher to get some guys to stay focused on the work if they’re too comfortable; and we just don’t have time to waste with only a few days to get ready for our first three exams next Tuesday – especially if we do get hit with the full storm and can’t study together on Saturday or Sunday – or both.

As usual, Michael, Rowen, and I were the tutors; we mostly had fun with that; and it’s getting easier every year now that our friends are used to the routine we’ve been teaching them for years now.  Mom made sure that there were snacks and drinks available all of the time; dinner was buffet-style on the kitchen table, and while the pizzas kept rolling out of the oven for an hour and a half; there were lots of side dishes and two pasta entrees available for those of us that kept missing out on the pizzas as the boys devoured them.  I’ll also mention that Aunt Leanne helped out with the first batch of pizzas by cooking up two of them at her house and getting Dad to bring them over here so that Mom had enough for at least one slice per teen with that first wave.  Having said that; I’d better add the huge thanks to Mom, Dad, and the twins for all of the work that allowed Michael and me to keep studying and tutoring instead of spending that couple of hours cooking and cleaning.

The studying kicked up a few notches once our gang had been fed; Mom and Dad worked in the office; and the twins took over the lounge except for a couple of visits to the dining room – the last one ahead of their ‘normal’ bedtime.  That’s something else for me to thank them for; since they never go to bed as early as most kids in their class; but they needed to keep up appearances around most of the teens tonight.  I guess that’s one thing I basically never had to do when I was five; but they prefer our life here over what Mom and I had before we moved to town and our lives were changed forever.

It was past-eleven by the time we wrapped up the studying; Michael and I were the last to leave – when Rowen and Tim did; and I’ve already mentioned the micro-visit with Jake and Stephanie – though I’ll add that Rebecca was there too; and had just gotten back from her own study group fun with most of the senior class.  That really was just a cameo moment; I came home right away; and had a short visit with Mom and Dad before we came up to our rooms for the rest of the night – which ended up being not long before midnight for me after I stopped in for goodnight kisses with Ethan and Ehlana on my way up here.

While some Jacuzzi time was tempting, I didn’t go there; got ready for bed right away instead; and got to work once Mandy and I were settled into the bed and comfortable.  Some time phasing helped with the work, but I had to do nearly half of the family business jobs in real time; so here we are with yet another night where it’s past-three as I’m writing this report.  I do have the work done that will let me focus on our mid-terms for most of this weekend, though, and while I might do extra to work ahead if we have any weather-related study group cancellations; I’ll just wing that and see what happens.  Mid-terms will be easy for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear out while writing them if I have to do it on a few hours of sleep a night.

With our trip to Florida coming up fast, burning out isn’t an option this year; so that is not going to happen! ;^)

Fortunately for me, I’ve covered most of the news for today, and going to sleep now is possible; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!