Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cassie's Journal - January 18, 2017

Happy 73rd Birthday, Grandpa!

It’s funny that he and Grandma are still home for his birthday this year instead of somewhere warm, but only because that hasn’t made much difference for me being able to spend much time with them today while I’ve been busy with exams and studying.  They will be heading out on their winter adventure this weekend, though; and all of the places they’ll be visiting this time just happen to be in warm locations; so I’m sure they’ll have fun.

They had more fun than I did today too, but my only involvement with the birthday entertainment was at the dinner that Aunt Leanne and Uncle Adam hosted – and I was only there long-enough to have something quick to eat and have Grandpa open the gift from Michael and me.  Michael couldn’t do that with me because he was working the dinner shift at the Inn, but he was at my house and studying with the rest of us before and after his shortened dinner shift; so he didn’t miss too much of the studying with our friends.

Yes, my house was study central again, and we fed the troops even while I wasn’t there, which is why Rowen and Tim took charge of that; and held down the fort while I was busy with Grandpa’s birthday dinner.  I’ve gone with the main news without any of the early-day details, but then there isn’t much to write about that’s newsworthy from our exams or the studying.  You would only be shocked if I had a problem with the Calculus, Economics, or Physics exams – which I didn’t; and the only changes for the studying tonight were the subjects and the little break I took for the birthday fun with my family.  The work to get ready for Algebra and Spanish mid-terms tomorrow kept me busy, but the Phys-Ed tests always get underestimated by some of my classmates; and they didn’t want to spend much time on that subject when they were having more problems with the other two.

I should point out that not everyone takes all of the subjects I do, so there are other exams being studied for and written in the other optional classes that I’m not taking; but since I can’t get away with tutoring most of those classes with any way to explain how I know everything about those subjects; I’m not in the study loop for them – except for when something comes up that I can reasonably help with like a math or science question that’s related to their work.

Moving along, My exams went perfectly; we studied until midnight; and then I got to work at twelve-thirty – once I’d finished the clean-up and seen Michael on his way home.  Time phasing was a must tonight; I still needed to do nearly two hours of work in real time; and now I’m ready to crash and nap for the night.  The rest of my day was pretty normal – not that there was much beyond the exams and studying anyway.  Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana had more fun with our family and some afternoon play time at the lab and archives before going to help out with the dinner prep work.  Dad did at least one video call with Grandpa, and I’m sure he wishes he could have been here for the birthday dinner, but he’s busy cramming five days of work into four; and running home for the night wasn’t an option.

We’re half-way done our mid-terms, and while I’m not having any problems keeping up this week, I might want to seriously consider an all-weekend nap once we’re done on Friday.  If Michael could stay with me the entire time, I’d go for that plan, but he can’t; so I’ll probably end up doing something else – like a weekend filled with chores and work at the Inn.  That isn’t a fun thought, though, and I really just need to go to sleep now anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!