Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cassie's Journal - January 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th!

I know that we have the perfect town name for these special days; but nothing scary happened around here that could be used to add to the town folklore.  Maybe we should try to do something special here for every Friday the 13th, but it isn’t a big deal around here now; and probably won’t be anytime soon.  That really is a non-story, though; so let’s get to the news of the day.

The ice-snow storm is still on the forecast tonight, but won’t be getting here until late tomorrow evening or overnight into Sunday; and the numbers keep changing to the point where it’s anyone’s guess as to what will really happen.  I can tell you that we didn’t have a very large group for our study session tonight because most of our friends were either working or getting ready for the storm.  Michael and Rowen were among the workers; but they came over once they were done – which for Michael wasn’t until the Inn closed for the night.  That happened early because they had a small crowd of customers for a Friday night; so he caught the last couple of hours of the studying before we wrapped up at eleven o’clock.

Mom and Dad hosted the smaller dinner too; and everyone stayed for some wind-down time after we wrapped up the work for the night; so we had some fun too – even if that did mean that Michael and I didn’t get much alone time before he went home for the night.  We’re both working the breakfast shift in the morning, but then I’ll have the rest of the day off on Saturday for the study sessions I’ll be hosting again; and he’ll be working the dinner-to-close shift because all of the teens want extra time off this weekend to get ready for our mid-terms.  They’ve also lost all of their collegian holiday help now too; so it’s a good thing that business will be a lot slower for a few weeks – through until the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  I’m offering morning, afternoon, and evening study sessions tomorrow; and expect to get everyone to work through two out of three of them.  That’ll mean more help from Mom and Dad, and I wish I didn’t need to bother them when they’re already so busy; but Mom will likely go with two more easy-meals tomorrow – and if we do get the storm; we won’t have group study sessions on Sunday anyway except with Michael, Rowen, Tim, and me.

That thought has me wishing that Michael and I could have a study day for two on Sunday, but that won’t happen; and we wouldn’t get much studying done if it did! ;^)

Moving along, the rest of my day before the studying didn’t include any interesting news.  Our morning at home was normal; we had our last exam review day at school; and I missed out on all of the work that Mom and Dad did without me to get ready for the weekend.  Some extra storm provisioning and prep work was part of that, but we really don’t need to do as much for that now; so it didn’t take long for the prep work.  While I’m there, though, I should mention that the new power grid additions and improvements don’t extent throughout the Ridge River; so most of the farms in the area still need to prepare for storms as normal.  If we do get a major ice event; there will probably be power outages in the country.  That can be a problem, but every country house is built to weather the storms; so it really isn’t as dangerous as it can be for residents in town that don’t have alternate heat or power options.  We will work on improving the power grid in the county over the coming years too; but that’s going to take time – especially when we can’t always just get things done miraculously outside of town without attracting unwanted attention.

That isn’t anything to go on about when I need to be getting some sleep before working that breakfast shift; so let’s wrap this up.

Whether we get a snowstorm, ice storm, or it warms up early and we have a wet, rainy weekend; we’re ready for anything.  I’ll help my friends as much as possible to get ready for our exams, and when I’m not doing that; I’ll be working at the Inn; helping Mom and Dad to pay them back for everything they’ve been doing for me; and maybe even finding some alone time for Michael and me.  That’s a nice thought to take into dreamland, but before I do that; I need to add some travel news for our favorite collegians.

Violet and Dillon will be driving back to school from Woodvale tomorrow so they’ll be there ahead of the storm.  Jake and Stephanie did not get an earlier flight; but they will be gone and ahead of the storm for sure now anyway; so that won’t be a problem.  Christina and Josiah are leaving tomorrow too; though they’ll be south of the danger zone for the storm once they’re back at school.

Okay, that’s all for now; I’m off to that dreamland fun; and you can flip the digital page to find out what happens this weekend while I wait to live it; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!