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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Cassie's Journal - November 8, 2016

It’s Election Day!

I’d suggest that the best part of that will be that the non-stop garbage on the news will be over again soon for a while, but the news media will just move on and find something else to sensationalize instead – as well as re-hash the election results.

Before I get to the election news, though; let’s take a quick look at normal life around here in the real world where life goes on regardless of what our politicians are doing.

For me, that meant that school and my four practices went ahead as normal; and I had fun with everything – whether that was in our classes or playing with my friends.  Jenny had us work pretty hard at our cheerleading practice, and while she isn’t adding another practice this week or anything; she is getting fired up about the playoffs.  We’re enjoying the better-than-expected weather too; and I’ll be glad for every practice and game we have from now on that won’t be wet, cold, or snowy.  Our band practices were both really good; though it’s been very busy for me – especially since I spent a fair bit of time in between band practices working on the fundraising part of the marching band business.

I know it’s a bit early for most of my friends to care about the Florida trip, but we are in the fundraising run up to the end to pay for everything; so what we do now is a big deal.  This next fruit and vegetable box order is going to be big too; and we’re making a push for the Thanksgiving week orders – particularly when we’ll have so many visitors here and locals going away to visit other families.  If we get this right; we should come close to double the orders compared to last month – and bring us that much closer to reaching our goal even before we launch the main Christmas fundraiser the week of Thanksgiving too.  I’ll write more about that soon, but we’ll be busy that week between the fundraising, holiday fun, and what will hopefully be a championship game opportunity for our football team too.

Our actual practices for both bands went pretty well too; though the one downside of continuing in the football playoffs is that we have less time to get ready for the Christmas parades and the Florida trip.  We’re going to need to start splitting our time more in favor of those parades, but we’ll be there for our team too – whether they have one game left in the season or will go all the way to their next championship victory.

I’ll mention here as the story moves from band to teen praise team practices that the election was not an issue for any of the teens around here as we played; and most of us don’t care who our next president will be for the simple fact that it won’t make any difference for us.  That isn’t true for many of the adults, but we also don’t have a contentious battle going on here either.  That wasn’t an issue at all during our teen praise team practice; though the election and our nation were in our pre-practice prayers.  The music time was really good, but we also got a late start to that practice again; so Michael and I were late getting home and started on our homework.

We did that at my house again tonight; Mom did a Magi lesson with me; and then Michael went home while I joined Mom and Dad in the office so that we could all work and keep an eye on the election results.  We were all busy because there is a lot going on in the business world because of the election, and while we’re mostly immune to whatever happens in Washington; that doesn’t keep people from being nervous or panicking when markets of all types are volatile.  I’ll be honest and admit that I find that a bit funny – if not in a good way.  An easy example for that tonight is some of the goofiness we’ve heard about the stock market futures’ volatility tonight and how that’s bad for investors.  Note to all of the supposed news analysts – there is a winner for every loser in a stock trade!  I know, that’s shocking and too many people can’t get their heads around that fact; but it is true.  If you’re on the winning side of those trades; you’re a happy camper whether the market goes up or down by hundreds of points.

I don’t really want to get into anything like that, but silliness abounds in the media tonight as we’ve watched the election results trickle in.  This is the time to write about my personal feelings about some of the issues, though; so let’s do that next.  First up, as a member of the fairer gender, I’ll agree that we’re past-due for putting a woman in charge at the White House, but having said that; I don’t agree that it should be done simply for the sake of doing it regardless of the worthiness of the candidate to hold that office.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t support either of the top two candidates this year; I wouldn’t have voted for either of them; and wish that we weren’t stuck with one of them for the next four years.  Then again, ditto that for most members of congress and the senate.

As you read this someday in my future, I’m sure you’ll be entertained by this update; since you’ll have the historical perspective on how the next four years will go with our new president.  Trying to use the Sight to take a look ahead is tempting, if a bit scary with either candidate in charge of the country, but that wouldn’t really work out very well anyway; since there are just too many variables and possible futures to learn anything useful.

That does bring up a question that you might have about how that’s different for what Ethan, Ehlana, and I see about our own future and the Ascension of the Light.  The simple answer is that we’re mostly looking at our own future; and we’re keeping the scope of our use of the Sight fairly narrow.  I’ll also point out that the things we’re doing in reaction to what we see is mostly local and small-scale right now – even as we’re getting ready for an amazing future.  My point is that we’re not affecting millions or billions of people through what we see in our future.  Compared to that, the President of the United States has a much larger impact on the world that we do – at least over the next four years; so there are many more variables.  There are other issues too, but it would be far too egotistical to write about why our future possibilities are very different to look at compared to national or international politicians.  Let’s not discuss any of the reasons for that – I’ll leave that sort of thing to the mainstream media.

Speaking of them, as we’ve been working away for hours now; the news services finally began to call the Presidential election for Donald Trump.  One of the things that I will mention about that is the news that President-elect Trump gave his acceptance speech before most of the major mainstream news networks called the election in his favor – though they did start doing that shortly after his speech; and after finding out that Hillary Clinton had called Mr. Trump to congratulate him and concede the election.  That, by the way, was the next news story I have about the election – the fact that the Clinton campaign is not doing a concession speech tonight; and that they instead sent their supporters home from their election night party without hearing at all from their candidate.

That isn’t a choice that I agree with, but then it also isn’t something that surprises me about either candidate for dealing with the election loss.  As I’ve mentioned already, this result isn’t something I’m happy about because I think that both choices for president were awful.  It would be great to be surprised over the next four years, but the odds are poor; so I won’t hold my breath.  Fortunately for us, the President-elect isn’t likely going to ever do anything that will affect our little town very much; and this won’t change how we run our family businesses and charities.

We do have the election results now, though, and we’ve dealt with everything we can for the work issues we’ve had tonight; so it’s time for me to wrap this up and head up to bed.  We won’t get much sleep, but I’ll also be set for our classes tomorrow – where the election post-mortem will be part of the lessons we’ll have in at least one or two of our classes; so maybe that’ll be worth the lack of sleep tonight.

Having the bonus time with Mom and Dad was what I really liked the most about staying up late tonight; and we did get a lot of work done too.  That will help me for tomorrow night, and since it’s also an after-school work day; I plan on making up for the lack of nap time today when I go to bed early tomorrow – later today.  I’ll add more news about the election if anything interesting happens between now and the next update, but this is it for tonight, and Mom, Dad, and I are all ready to head into nap mode now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!