Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Cassie's Journal - November 13, 2016

Our Christmas movie night was a lot of fun; partially because I decided to do a bit of self-healing last night to make sure that I didn’t fall asleep on Michael until we were ready to accidentally have a sofa sleepover.  The highlights last night included having Mom and Dad join us for one of the movies; a pizza bedtime snack; and lots of cuddle time.  I really love Naomi a lot, and she is always fun at movie nights because of her single-minded dedication to making sure that everyone knows that Ethan is her perfect match.  As usual, that included cuddling with him while we watched the television; she also pretended to fall asleep shortly before the end of the last ‘kid’ show of the night; and then seemed terribly disappointed when the teens and adults in the room were each assigned a kid to carry down to the second floor and get tucked into beds that were in girls’ and boys’ rooms.

Naomi isn’t actually wrong when she suggests that it totally isn’t fair that Michael and I get away with sofa sleepovers when Mom and Dad have nothing weird to worry about with her and Ethan, but she is being careful with those jokes; since she does appreciate the precedents that we’re setting for my younger siblings, their friends, and our cousins.

After getting the four kids into bed, Mom and Dad turned in too; Michael and I took care of the pizza snack clean-up; and then we came back up to the lounge and had fun with a fairly-hot make-out session while not watching a Hallmark Christmas chick flick.  Don’t be scared, but I love those Hallmark romances; and don’t mind admitting that to anyone – even if the guys sometimes tease me about it.  Last night, the Michael and me time was more fun – and more important for us; so it was a perfect way to end our day before we fell asleep together while snuggled under a warm blanket on the sofa.

Warm is not a word that I’d use to describe our Tai Chi by the river, but it was a nice morning despite the freezing temperature; and we’ll keep exercising outdoors as much as we can ahead of the annual return to indoor workouts for the winter.  Our morning kept getting better because Mom and Dad invited Jacob and Miranda to join us for breakfast because Rebecca was at Lucas’ house overnight; and they decided to have breakfast with us instead of doing that on their own.  I really loved getting to spend that time with our parents, and while I spent a lot of time today with Michael’s Mom and Dad; it’s a lot different when we’re all working at the Inn and the job comes first.  Cooking breakfast was a collaboration; Michael and I were the clean-up crew volunteers with supervision from the four kids whenever they weren’t taking turns getting ready for church.

The hour and a half we spent at the church for the service and Sunday school was wonderful, and after a few hours of too-busy; I was glad to have the break before heading for the Inn ad a full-day shift there.  That really was the last break I had for the rest of the day through until now.  Yes, Michael and I did take our breaks from the work, but we had homework to do during our afternoon break; and we half-worked while having our dinner break after the second buffet started and there was work we could do in the back room to help out – mostly to get things set up for Monday morning and the usual deliveries that come in to re-stock the supplies we use up every weekend.    We had a short break after the Inn closed too, but I only stayed at Michael’s house for fifteen minutes before coming home so that I could get to work on my computer with the usual Sunday night family business and language studies fun.

Dad was finished his weekend work and packing for his trip to the city in the morning; and he was that far along because Mom used a time phase for their work – and so that Ethan and Ehlana could do more studying for their college classes.  I spent some time with all of them while Ethan and Ehlana got ready for bed; and then they all turned in while I came up to my room and began my work with some tub time multi-tasking.  I used a time phase too when I could, but did nearly two hours of work in real time; which is why I’m only going to have time for a nap before getting up again to see Dad off on his way to Crystal Springs.

I finished everything on my to-do list tonight, though, and need to keep ahead of the game now so that I can also work ahead going into the holiday weekend that is now just ten days away.  Let’s not go over the work details, since if you’re that bored; there are other places in the archives to read all about the family business if you have access to those archives.  Most of the work was fairly boring to do; and writing about it will just put me to sleep.

Oh wait, that’s where I want to be, but I don’t really need the help when I’m this tired anyway; so let’s just call it a night and I’ll head off to dreamland now.

This hasn’t been a top-ten best-ever kind of weekend, but I have had enough fun to go along with all of the work; so I’ll be having happy dreams tonight – and hope we’ll have a great week ahead of us too.  I’ll let you know how that goes for us, but that’s all for now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!