Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cassie's Journal - November 11, 2016

Today is Veteran’s Day, and while it isn’t a holiday for us, we did have an assembly at school this morning; and had a small ceremony at half-time during the game tonight where all vets were invited to come out onto the field and be recognized – including the few vets that were at the game to cheer for Mount Pleasant tonight.

I started with that news because that should be the top story today – even if it’s our football victory that now has top billing; and will be for the next week as our team gets ready for the third round.  We’re now just one win away from a return to the championship game, but it wasn’t easy getting there tonight, so while everyone is excited about our chances this year; the guys are not getting over-confident.  Since we are there already, though; let’s get the football recap done right now!

The weather today has been normal for the time of year, which means that the game time temperature was only in the mid-forties.  We didn’t have much more than a nice breeze to deal with, though, and the sky was clear and star-filled – not that we could see much of that above the lights around the field during the game.  We did have more than enough to watch on the field, though; and Mount Pleasant gave us everything we could handle as our teams battled it out to advance to the third round.  Mount Pleasant got the ball first as we won the toss and deferred; and then they went on to score a field goal on their first drive.  That’s a very important detail because it proved to be very important for the rest of the game.  Tim scored our first touchdown on our first drive; and then Lucas scored the second touchdown thanks to a turnover that Tim earned against Mount Pleasant on their second drive.

Tim’s early play was a big deal too because Mount Pleasant adjusted their game plan to defend better against him; and that opened the door for Michael and Lucas to really shine from that point in the game through to the end.  After we had that fourteen-to-three lead; our teams exchanged touchdowns through until late in the game – with Michael earning three touchdowns.  Lucas earned two on the ground, and Tim had one more; so we had a forty-nine to forty-five lead as time was running out fast on the season for Mount Pleasant in the last minutes of the fourth quarter.

They didn’t give up; won an on-side kick attempt after cutting our lead back down to that four points again; and then Michael beat them defensively with an interception and long run that set us up for a field goal that gave us a seven-point lead.  Let’s give Mount Pleasant a lot of credit for holding us to that field goal, but they were really running out of time when they got the ball back again.  Their hopes ended on their first Hail Mary throw that Michael again intercepted, and while he could have run it back; he slowed up and let the nearest Mount Pleasant defender push him out of bounds near the twenty yard line on their side of the field.  We’d have been happy to run out the clock at that point, but Mount Pleasant used up their time outs and forced us to kick a field goal after Lucas still managed to move us down to the thirteen yard line despite having the defense stacked against the run.  That gave us a ten-point lead with seconds left to go; which is why Michael and Tim took turns knocking down the last two pass attempts that Mount Pleasant made before time ran out and it was time to celebrate for a while.

We did have a small party after the game, but that wasn’t until after the post-game fun on the field with our families and friends – and then we needed to get packed up and hit the showers before we could move on to Tim’s house for that little team party.  That was a fairly rowdy bit of fun by our normal standards around here, but Michael and I only stayed until twelve-thirty because we’re both working the breakfast shift.  He was also in need of some healing, since it was a tough game, and he got hit a lot even while playing so well tonight.  I was happy to help him with that – and have a minor make-out session in the living room at my house too, but he headed home at one o’clock; and I came up to bed after seeing him out – and watching him walk over to his house.

Mom, Dad, and the twins were all sleeping by then after a long, busy day, but I had a few things to do on my computer after getting ready for bed and snuggled with Mandy.  That was mostly work on the family business for things that were sent to me by email and needed my attention sooner instead of later, but I used a time phase for that; since I really do need to have a nap before getting up again and over to the Inn in time for the breakfast prep work.

I haven’t covered any other news from today, but other than having a chilly start to the day with a frosty Tai Chi workout by the river that we needed to bundle up for; the rest of my day was fairly normal for a football Friday.  This is going to be a work weekend, so there isn’t likely going to be a lot of fun involved, but we’re just weeks away from Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday season; so I’m happy to put in the time when I can – especially when I’m not really pulling my weight around home most other days of the week right now while I’m so busy with everything else.

Yes, Mom and Dad are happy to help me out with that, but they’re just as busy as I am; and still manage to keep up with all of the work around the house too.

I am doing the best I can with everything, though, and there’s no point in going on about that when I should be sleeping right now anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!