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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cassie's Journal - November 29, 2016

Happy 16th Birthday, Rowen!

This update is coming to you early because I’m not sure that I’ll be able to keep from having an un-planned nap while doing my work and studying.  It’s been a long day already; and I’m already having trouble staying awake and focused even on this report.

Michael and I skipped Tai Chi this morning; we met up and went to Rowen’s house in time to help out with making her special birthday breakfast; and then we had fun with the birthday entertainment as she opened gifts and we had a birthday cake for dessert because she doesn’t have time for a party tonight thanks to our band practices.  Sure, she could have taken the night off, but her parents have the store on Christmas hours anyway, and most of her friends were at band practice anyway; so that’s why we did the birthday breakfast instead.  WE also had a birthday party at lunch for her so that her extended group of friends could get in on that too – and we could do that now that we’re done with football cheerleading.

We didn’t want to skip the band practices – and for me; that was especially because Michael can come to the concert band practices again too now that football season is over.  Christmas music was the name of the band game today, and while getting ready for the parades we have over the next two weekends was a big part of that; we’re also working hard on the music for the school Christmas pageant and the Christmas party for the Seniors that we’ll play at again this year.  For marching band; we worked on parade marching instead of football field shows, and while that wasn’t all that tough for most of us; we did need to do the work to get our turns cleaned-up.  We also worked on our cold-weather marching – though it wasn’t cold out while we were practicing tonight.

It did start cooling off today, though; and it will be cooler-still by parade time on Friday night.  I’ll keep you posted on that; but let’s get back to Rowen and her big day.

Rowen passed her driver’s test this morning; so she’s joined that club; and she took Tim for a drive in his Corvette after marching band practice before going on to whatever they did for the rest of the night while Michael and I were busy with teen praise team practice and the studying we did after coming back to my house once we were done at the church.  She doesn’t have a new car or any other seriously awesome gift that any teen would drool over, but she was happy with her gifts; and Tim did a good job for the boyfriend gifts – thanks to some help from Michael and me and the magic of online shopping!  I’m only mentioning the low-key gift thing because I do only seem to mention those extreme gifts in my journal; so I should include a bit of perspective when the gifts that Rowen got today were closer to the norm for most teens around here.

As I’ve mentioned, Michael and I did our homework at my house after our teen praise team practice; and we got started on that late because of the usual practice over-runs that add up to a late end to our final practice of the day.  We did that studying in a time phase; that helped Mom, Dad, and the twins with their own work or studying; and then Mom did a short Magi lesson with Michael and me before he headed home for the night.  Mom and Dad took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana tucked in for the night; so I haven’t been here in my room for long – and it didn’t take long to get changed and ready for bed before getting to this update.

I do want to get all of my work and studying done, but really might not last as long as I need to for that to happen.  That’s something that you’ll need to flip the digital page for to find out, though; since I need to get started on that work now and won’t know if I get everything finished or not until I either do or don’t make that happen.

Maybe I’d better have a nap and then try to work if everything I try to do is as messed up as that thought!

That’s too tempting, and I’m really just procrastinating now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!