Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cassie's Journal - November 18, 2016

We are heading back to the State championship game for our small school division next Friday!

That is the big news of the day; so let’s get right to that part of my report for today.  First up, let’s talk weather; since that definitely had a big impact on the game tonight.  It was barely forty at kick-off, but the wind chill was freezing; and it was fairly-windy too.  We were ready for that and played accordingly, but to be blunt; Hillcrest didn’t and that showed right from the start.

Before I write about the actual game, one bit of personal news should be added here; since it was very important to me – Mom, Dad, Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden all came to the game!  Dad had to drive to Hillcrest from Crystal Springs, and didn’t get there for the start of the game; but Mom made it there early and was able to surprise me before going to sit in the bleachers with the four kids.  They were there to support Michael, and I’d say it helped; because he had a really awesome game again tonight.

How great did he play?  He had three touchdowns including a defensive pick-six; two other interceptions on defense; and a lot of offensive yards after the catch because our game plan was for a short passing game to counter the wind gusts that made the long game unpredictable.  The football fanatics reading this in the future might ask how that worked out when Hillcrest should have been able to defend more easily without the long game threat, but the simple answer is that Michael and Tim were too fast for their defense and Lucas pounded them with a ground game they couldn’t stop very well either.  Tim had four touchdowns including one on defense too; Lucas had two touchdowns; and we only scored one short field goal on the way to a sixty-six to twenty-nine victory that left Hillcrest players and fans a bit stunned after what had been a great season until tonight.  We only tried for the one field goal because of the wind, but while that might not seem fair when Hillcrest scored five field goals, Coach Robinson knows his team; and our field goal kicker isn’t as good as the guy with that job on the Hillcrest squad.  The score was a bit lop-sided because of that, but keep in mind that Hillcrest did score seven times; so things could have been much different if we punted instead of pushing on when we faced fourth down conversion situations.

I haven’t written much about the other guys on the team in my journal, but I should note every week that our team isn’t succeeding just because of Michael, Tim, and Lucas.  All of the guys are playing great and fight hard on every play.  Reid doesn’t get much attention either despite having great numbers that any quarterback would love, but then he’d be the first to admit that’s thanks to Michael and Tim; and he’s as humble as Michael; so he’s modest too.  I wouldn’t dream of including Tim in that little group, since he is happy to accept all accolades, but he also doesn’t go around bragging about how good his is; so that never goes beyond the line from confidence to obnoxious.  Lucas is somewhere in between Michael and Tim, and while he’s generally a quiet guy; he’s not as modest about his achievements as Michael tries to be all of the time.

Regardless of their personal style for that, though, they are now just one win away from a second championship in three seasons; and that would be something to be very proud of for everyone in our little town.

Getting to that game is a big deal for our band too because we’re going to get some exposure on a big stage next Friday.  We’re already looking into whether we can do some fundraising at that game, but don’t yet know if that’s possible.  We should at least be able to do some advertising, though; so that might help with the fundraising – even if we have to try and do that through the school website.  I’ll keep you posted on that when I know more.

For this game, our cheerleading was fun but too cold; and this was the first game where we needed to use our winter gear for the band.  I guess that was good practice for the Christmas parades, but I’m sure hoping that it will be a lot warmer in Florida for the week we’ll be spending there in February!  The half-time band and cheerleading show was really great, but we didn’t exactly earn major cheers because our team had taken a big lead into the break; and it was cold-enough that the hometown fans didn’t feel much like getting up and cheering for the ‘enemy’ students.  I liked getting to use one of our winter-themed cheerleading routines, though; and it was especially great to do that at an away game that Mom and Dad were at – and Dad was there by the start of the second quarter.

The cold helped with keeping the post-game festivities short, but it was still a very long day by the time we finished up in Hillcrest; drove home on the buses; and unpacked at our school.  It is an hour and a half between our towns; so it was past-one by the time Michael walked me home and came inside for a bit of Magi healing and cuddle time before going on to his house to get a few hours of sleep ahead of the breakfast shift at the Inn.  That’s also why it was past-two by the time I climbed into bed with Mandy, and after seeing Michael out; I only stopped in for goodnight kisses with Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden on my way up to bed.  They didn’t wake up, so that didn’t take long; but I did end up with a bit of work to do after checking my email that has taken a bit of time to get done before starting in on this update.

I don’t have anything newsworthy to report from that, but will back up and do a quick review of the rest of the news for the day.  Tai Chi by the river was cooler today, but the temperature actually went down as the day went along; so I won’t complain about temperatures in the mid-forties first thing in the morning.  We had an easy-breakfast that Michael stayed for; Ehlana and I had a bit of play time while getting ready for school; and then it was a busy day at school between classes and getting ready for the game in Hillcrest.  There was a lot to do for that, which is why I spent most of my lunch break helping out with getting the fundraising supplies ready to go – including getting a hundred fruit and vegetable boxes ready to go that were taken to be sold at the game – even though the monthly delivery won’t be here until next Tuesday.  I’ll have more on that next week, but we’re doing it on Tuesday so that all orders can be picked up at the practice on Tuesday.  We would have filled some orders early if we hadn’t sold out tonight, but we apparently did – and could have gotten more orders if we’d wanted to take another load out to Hillcrest next week.  We didn’t do that, but the rest of our fundraising tonight did go very well from what I’ve heard so far tonight.

Most of us didn’t have time to go home after school since we pretty much needed to pack up the buses and hit the road for Hillcrest; so I had a second bag lunch to have during the long drive; and Rowen and I did most of our homework then too so we could get it out of the way instead of leaving it for Sunday afternoon as usual.  We had fun with our friends too, and it was an upbeat mood on the bus all the way to Hillcrest.  The work at the other end kept us busy through until game time; though it was a bit cold too and we regularly had AWOL teens as they found warm places to be while waiting for the game to start.  I’ve covered the game, and while I’m not going to write much about the cheerleading, we had fun with that too; and had a lot to cheer about.  They guys don’t find our efforts as entertaining when we’re in our cold-weather uniforms, but that is more good than bad for us – even if half of our squad enjoys that kind of attention a lot.

That’s pretty much it for now, and I’ll be working that breakfast shift at the Inn too; so it’s time to wrap this up and get started on my nap.

Before I do that, the last thing I’ll mention is that I’m very proud of Michael.  We’re both modest about everything we do in public, but once in a while, at least here in my journal; I should be allowed to admit that he’s truly gifted and amazing.  I’m not going to do anything silly like guarantee a win next week or anything either, but I do like our chances – and know that Michael wants to win that championship nearly as much as Tim wants the second title to earn something that not even his uncle and cousin managed during their stellar high school football careers.

Let’s not get ahead of things with that, and I can write more on football next week while I should be sleeping right now instead of doing this; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!