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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 8, 2016

We had thunderstorms roll through here overnight, but the rain was out of the area by the time we went outside for Tai Chi.  It was a bit damp out still, and humid; but we’ll take all of the outdoor workouts we can get now that we’re heading into the fall and won’t get to do that as often.  The rest of my pre-school morning was uneventful, and while I didn’t mention it yesterday; Rowen and I are walking Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden to school in the mornings so that the parents don’t have to make the trip too.  We won’t do that every day, Naomi can go to school with her father too, and Aiden will be at the bakery some mornings before we start school; but I expect to help out with kid control a lot over the next two school years.

I don’t have anything newsworthy from our classes today, and while we’ve had our second round of Day Two classes; we didn’t get a lot of homework because we’re still being eased into the school routine.  We had a fairly easy cheerleading practice today too; and Jenny didn’t work us for very long – just a light warm-up followed by a run-through of the sideline and half-time routines we’ll be using tomorrow night at the game.  That might have been sped up by the imminent thunderstorm that we avoided by minutes and then waited out in the school; so she’s continuing to be a very popular head cheerleader for her squad! ;^)

The boys on the football team didn’t get to avoid the rain; and they were soaked and uncomfortable for the rest of their practice – though I didn’t talk with Michael about that until he came over to my house after helping out with the dinner shift at the Inn.  Once that little storm moved out of the area, I came home; helped Mom with making dinner; and multi-tasked my Magi lesson for the night while we did that work and the twins told me about their day at school and the lab.  Kindergarten is working out for them with that, and for Mom too; since she can work around home or run errands in the morning; and then go to the lab with the twins after lunch.  That works for Aunt Grace too, since Mom can help her out with pretty much anything while she’s off taking care of Faith – though she’s working from home too and is already stopping in at the lab for regular visits too.

It was just the five of us for dinner, and then we had time to do a bit of time-phased work in the office until Mom and Dad took Ethan and Ehlana with them and went to the Inn for the first game night of the school year.  I didn’t go along because Michael came here instead so that we could do our homework, have a music practice, and wrap up our evening with a moderately-hot make-out session.  We might have glossed over the fact that we didn’t have much homework to do, but the music practice was really needed; and so was the Michael and me alone time.

There was still a lot of work and studying for me to do after that, though; so Michael went home shortly after Mom and Dad got back from the Inn with the twins.  We did have a bedtime snack and drinks with them first, but then Michael left; and I took care of getting the twins tucked in for the night while Mom and Dad went to work in the office.  We had fun with that, and I spent more time in Ehlana’s room than I should have; but I was still in bed and working by eleven o’clock.  More time phasing was needed to get all of my planned work and studying done, so I’m getting really tired again; but I’ll have enough ‘real’ time to get enough sleep tonight – sleep that I’ll need to be ready for another long day at school and the football game tomorrow night.  That game is in Brookbridge, so we’ll have the travel time on top of the evening of football fun; but I’ll write all about that with the next report.

For now, that’s all I have, and getting to the nap part of my night is now at the top of my to-do list; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!