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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 15, 2016

Note to me – next time that I get a chance for some quality make-out time with Michael when we’re alone in the house; take Silkie outside for a potty break first! ;^)

I can’t say that’s the weirdest thing to ever happen to me in my life, but it was odd to be interrupted by her in mid-make-out, and while Mandy found that very amusing; it was a bit inconvenient for Michael and me – not to mention that taking a break to pick up the little gift that Silkie left on the ground for me is a bit of a mood-breaker!

That’s a strange way for Silkie to get mentioned in my journal, but she is adorable; so there was no way that Michael and I could be upset with her for messing up our play time for two.  We’ll just have one more fun and odd memory to share – though considering our families; this might be a story we won’t share with anyone else.

Okay, that will only be true until this journal is available to all Magi to read, but that won’t be for years; and I’m sure there will be many more stories about us that will be much more entertaining than this one.

As I’m still musing about that, it occurs to me that I don’t really have anything else very exciting to write about tonight.  We had our cheerleading practice at noon, and while we’re not working as hard as I’d like to; we are ready for the game tomorrow night.  Our school day wasn’t exciting at all; Rowen and I did our homework after school again while the boys were busy with football; and then I was home again for dinner while Michael was busy at the Inn until game night started.  He still had his homework to get done once he got here, but we multi-tasked that with our music practice; so we still had lots of time for our make-out session.  Yes, Silkie’s interruption changed things up from fairly hot to something that ended up being more comedic and playful – once I got back to the lounge from taking Silkie out into the back yard; but that was pretty good for both of us too.

Mom did a Magi lesson with us once she and Dad got home from the Inn with the twins; Michael and I took care of getting Ethan and Ehlana into bed for the night; and then I saw Michael on his way home before coming up to my room again and getting ready for bed.  I’ve been doing all of my usual bedtime work and studying since getting cuddled in bed with Mandy; that was done in a time phase to get everything done without being up all night; and now I’m pretty much ready to head into nap mode now.

It’s been a pretty good day, if not filled with earth-shaking excitement.  The fun level is sure to pick up a few notches tomorrow with the football game – especially since we’re on the road again; and have all of the extra work that goes along with those trips both here at home and at the high school we’re visiting.  That also means we’ll be late getting home; I need all of the sleep I can get to be ready for that; and it’s time to wrap this up so that I can get started on the napping.

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!