Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

Summer is almost here! Everyone in Witch Falls is getting ready for the first big holiday weekend that will launch the summer season, and this year; there's a big wedding to add to the mix of fun and work for the Proctor family!
Check back daily to share in the fun and adventure with Cassie, Michael, and their families and friends!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 5, 2016

It may seem strange in other places to have the holiday on Sunday and a work day on Monday, but I’ve always loved that since moving here; and it works for us.

Work was the word of the day for me; which is why I’m going to keep this update short; though I don’t really have much to write about anyway.

I was up early to get to the Inn with Michael in time to help with the breakfast buffet; we kept busy with that until mid-morning; and then I took a break to go shopping with some of the girls in my family – including Dawn and Ehlana.  That gave me time to get in on the sale at Palmers; I picked up a few outfits; and plan on wearing one of them tomorrow to our first day back at school.  By eleven, I was back at the Inn; helping out with getting ready for the first of four buffets; and I worked most of the time from there until the Inn closed and we could go home at a bit before ten o’clock.  Yes, I had breaks too, but spent one of them saying goodbye to our outbound weekend guests; and had dinner with Michael during the only other, longer break we took.  It was a great day for Miranda and Jacob from a business perspective, though; so I was glad to help them out.

Michael and I had a bit of wind-down time at his house after work; but then I came home by eleven o’clock so that I could get ready for bed and deal with my bedtime work.

Resuming my language studies will have to wait for tomorrow night – or maybe Wednesday night; since I had too much family business work to deal with to add that in tonight too.  I used a time phase for the work; and that’s the only way that I managed to get everything done before sunrise.  It’s still past-one now; I’m exhausted; and need to get all of the sleep I can before getting started on our new school year.

There is lots of news that I’m not writing about for our family, but then I haven’t even heard most of that news tonight because everyone else in the house was in bed by the time I got home.  With Ethan and Ehlana starting Kindergarten in the morning, it is going to be a big day for all of us tomorrow, so I might not even hear most of those stories anyway; and you might need to look elsewhere in the archives for better holiday reports from today.  I can’t do anything about that, and really do need to crash now anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!