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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 21, 2016

Happy 17th Birthday, Lucas!

Maybe it’s because I’m exhausted, but as I think about Lucas’ special day; I’m feeling as though the end of our high school adventures is rushing toward me.  Sure, Lucas, Rebecca, and their classmates are seniors and will be done in about nine months, but I’ve barely started the second-half of my high school years; so I shouldn’t really feel that way.  This was a last birthday party at home for Lucas for a while; since he’ll be at college for the next four or five of them.  That didn’t make a difference for the plans his family and friends had for him today, but being Captain of the football team was a factor; and he had one of the biggest school night parties I’ve ever attended.

Before I go there, though; let’s quickly cover the news of the day to that point.

I was up early-enough to meet Michael outside for Tai Chi by the river.  Being on our own for that was both different and really special.  The extra spectators were mostly-entertaining too; though getting whistled at for our hugs and kisses was a bit weird.  Rowen and I had breakfast; took turns getting ready for the day; and then went to meet up with Ethan, Ehlana, and their besties for the walk to school.  They told us all about their sleepovers; decided that our night was boring compared to theirs; and then it was time to get to work once we were at school and split up for our respective classes or home rooms.  There isn’t anything newsworthy to write about from our classes today, and we didn’t really have much of a birthday celebration for Lucas at lunchtime because all of his friends were going to the party at the farm anyway.

The boys still had football practice after school, so while Michael was busy with that, I went home; got my homework out of the way; got ready for the party; had Mom tell me the condensed version of her night in the city; and then I went to the Inn to help out with the dinner prep work while Rebecca had gone out to the Norton farm early to help out with the party set-up there.  I would have loved to do that instead, but Miranda needed help at the Inn too; so I drafted myself to help her with that until Michael was done football and could head out to the farm too.  Lucas came along with Michael; and we got a ride out with him while Rowen went with Tim in his Corvette.

This will be a little side-trip, but while I’m thinking about Tim and his car; I’ll mention that he does drive it pretty much every day now.  That isn’t something I’ve written about, since it doesn’t affect me at all, but he does love his car; and makes up any excuses possible to get a chance to drive it.  A trip out to Lucas’ home was a great reason for taking it out – and explains why Rowen and Tim were among the last teens to arrive at the party.

No, they didn’t go for a late-afternoon parking session; and I seriously doubt that would be very comfortable in his car.  Lucas’ truck and an air mattress in the bed would be way better for that sort of thing!

Sorry if that scared you, Miranda – though by the time you read this; Rebecca and Lucas will have crossed over from that stage in life anyway and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

The football players weren’t the only guests that were busy doing other things right up until the start of the pre-dinner social time; and there were a few guests that didn’t arrive until shortly after we sat down to eat.  While this really was a fairly large party for our little town; I actually don’t have a lot of news to write about from it.  Dinner was standard barbecue fare; there was football and other games after Lucas had the usual, post-dinner birthday fun; and the girls had fun hanging out together.  I spent some extra time with Emma and the rest of her family, but while that might sound a bit odd when Rebecca is Lucas’ girlfriend; I do have the connection with them through Dad’s office – even though we don’t do very many things together through work.  That’s why it was so nice to visit with them at home tonight – because we don’t get to do that very often.

I am really hitting the exhaustion wall right now; so let’s speed this up so that I can crash for my nap time.

The party was outdoors until shortly after it got dark; we went inside to hang out for a while longer and either play video games or watch a movie; and the party wrapped up at eleven o’clock because we all either have school or work in the morning.  Rebecca is spending the night at the farm, and might even have plans with Lucas for after they get their homework done; but I won’t take that line of thought any farther.  Michael and I had an alternate ride back to town, since Tim doesn’t have room for four in his car, but while I stand by my comments about going parking in Corvettes; there is a chance that Rowen and Tim did go and give that a try after leaving the party.

Maybe I’m just jealous; since Michael and I came home; we shared a few hugs and kisses on my front porch; and then he went home for the night while I came up to my room and got to work.  That was the right thing to do – especially since I’d have likely just fallen asleep on him anyway; but a sofa sleepover with Michael would have been a lot more fun than this work and studying has been.

I don’t even want to think about all of the work and language study anymore.  My brain is fried and scrambled enough for a while; and the boring would put you to sleep anyway – regardless of whether you’re reading this early in the morning or at bedtime.

I’m dozing off just going that far; and there isn’t anything else to add anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!