Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 23, 2016

This has been one of those crazy-busy days with a lot of awesome that went along with the work.  There were a lot of highlights for me, and I don’t want to miss anything; so let’s try to keep this report in order – starting with my Tai Chi wake-up call.

I needed that wake-up call; and Ehlana delivered that to me while Ethan took Silkie outside.  A bit of self-healing was needed too while I got ready for our morning workout; and then I was good to go for the day – and as fired up as my brother, sister, and their dog all were.  Mom was in a good mood too; though that had more to do with knowing that Dad would be home again tonight than anything else.  We all miss him when he’s away; but it is toughest on Mom – even when she gets to go to Crystal Springs for a mid-week sleepover!

Tai Chi by the river was good; Michael joined us for breakfast; and then he needed to hurry off to his weight training at the school while I took care of the clean-up before taking my turn to get ready for school.  Ehlana, Ethan, and I met up with Rowen, Naomi, and Aiden for the walk to school, and while I’m thinking about that; let’s take a little side trip to mention Patrick.  He doesn’t get written about here very often anymore now that he’s gone and gotten his own life; and that’s why I’m thinking about him now.  He hasn’t been walking to school with Rowen for a long time anyway, but that’s now because he’s walking there with Jessica Bassett instead of his buddies – though they do all walk together when the timing works for them.  I also haven’t mentioned Jessica much, and I actually do see her quite a bit through the marching band and around school.  We haven’t done anything with her through Michael’s family, and I’m not doing any saxophone lessons right now; but Michael still finds time to do lessons with her now and then; and we both work with her during band practices.  Patrick and Jessica are a really cute couple, and while he’d hate that description; it’s true all the same.

Moving along, my school day wasn’t very exciting while we were in classes, but we had fun at lunchtime; and I got out of classes early to do some work for the band that was partially fundraiser-related and party work that needed to be done to get ready for a big home game.  That kept me busy after school for a while too; so I didn’t have a lot of time after that to go home, have an early dinner, and get ready for the game before I needed to be back at the school for a pre-game warm-up with the band.  I missed out on the barbeque part of the family dinner and a football game night, but Dad missed that – and part of the game – too; and I did get to have some fun with them during the game.  Having my own cheerleading section while working with the squad or band was pretty good too – including a very entertaining cameo moment when Aunt Leanne had Ehlana, Naomi, Leah, Brianna, and a few other girls attempt to follow our sideline cheers while lined up about half-way between where we were standing and the bleachers.

We had a lot to cheer about during the game; and all of the guys seemed to be especially fired up tonight.  That wasn’t good for Winfield Farms; and the outcome of the game wasn’t really in any doubt pretty much from the kick-off.  I wouldn’t dream of saying anything bad about any of the other football teams, and Winfield Farms played hard all night; but our team is just really, really good this season.  Michael and Tim are a big part of the reasons for that; and they both played great tonight.  They had two touchdowns each in the first half, and while Coach Robinson put the run game in play after that for the rest of the game, Michael also had five defensive interceptions; Tim had three of them; and they ran the Winfield Farms’ defense ragged trying to keep up with them – even when it was obvious that we were holding back to avoid running up the score.  Lucas had one of his two touchdowns in the first half too, so we needed to do that because we were already ahead by thirty-five to nine by half time.  Sure, that doesn’t sound like a big lead; but it could have been worse by then – and much worse if we’d played full-out all night.

That brings us to the half-time show; and the Winfield Farms cheerleaders were happy to help us out with making that go fairly smoothly – though that helped the football players more than the cheerleaders this time.  The Winfield Farms squad went first; that gave the guys time to get out of football gear and into band uniforms; we did our marching band show after that; and then there was a short break before Jenny led our squad out for our kid-rated half-time routine.  Rowen and I blatantly stole the Disney princesses theme from a YouTube video we like; though our music montage was our own creation; and we only went with eight princesses – mostly because we would have had a tough time doing costume changes in the middle of the field.

Please don’t go there; though I’m sure that at least some of the teen guys at the game would have enjoyed that kind of behind-the-scenes entertainment! ;^)

I’m not going to drag out the half-time news, but I do want to add that it is a lot more fun for me to play with my friends while having my family and neighbors around to entertain – and to share the adventure with them.  The second-half of the game wasn’t boring without all of the touchdowns; though I’ll admit that I do like watching my boyfriend score touchdowns more than when our team is holding back to avoid running up the score.  Lucas scored his second touchdown on our first possession of the second half; and then it was all field goals after that – for both teams.  We had five of them; and Winfield Farms had two more; so the final score was fifty-seven to fifteen.  I’m sure that the Winfield Farms players, coaches, and fans are disappointed with the loss, but I’ll also add that they seem to be a really nice group of guys; and the rivalry tonight was very friendly – even when the guys were happily pounding on each other.

Being at home meant that we could spend some time with our families and friends after the game; and we had perfect weather for that as the temperatures cooled off from the highs that nearly reached one hundred by mid-afternoon.  Not having a long bus ride also meant that we could have a post-game party once we finished packing up from the game and getting cleaned up and changed.  Since our Captain lives on a farm, heading out there after the games won’t really work out for us; so Tim hosted the party tonight.  I should say that his parents did; since they did a lot of the work for it before we even arrived; so they deserve most of the credit.  They also set a time limit of one-ish for the party to wrap up, and that would sound way too early for most teens our age, but we have a lot of farm kids in our group; and most of them are still busy in their spare time helping with various crop harvests; so partying all night and then getting up to help with the work isn’t a good idea – especially when you’re operating big farm equipment.

Michael and I aren’t doing that in the morning, but we are working the breakfast shift at the Inn; so we ended up leaving early.  The farm kids might work harder; but we’ll be at the Inn earlier.  That early departure also meant that I could help Michael out with some Magi-powered healing before we got around to the good night hugs and kisses in the living room at my house; and he really needed the help.  The Winfield Farms players might not have been able to stop him, but Michael did take a lot of hits; and was seriously bruised up by the time I healed him.  I’m glad that I can help him out with that, but if the other guys on the team ever find out; they might collectively decide to lynch him.

That’s not a suggestion for any of the guys reading this in my future; so don’t even think about it!

Mom, Dad, and the twins were all sleeping by the time I got home, so I’ll have to hear Dad’s work week in the city recap sometime tomorrow; though I did at least get to welcome him home at the game before he came home and crashed for the night.  I did stop in for kisses with Ethan and Ehlana on my way up to bed, but they didn’t wake up; and I didn’t stay long with either of them.  My day wasn’t quite done yet, but while I’d hoped to be able to skip doing any work; a small family business issue came up that I needed to deal with sooner instead of later.  That took a half hour or so; there were a few email for me to deal with after that; and then I did a Hathorne systems check because I haven’t done that in a while and wanted to get caught up on the latest news from my favorite Dark Magi.  Okay, ‘favorite’ isn’t the right word for them; but you know what I mean.  There is never any good news from Hathorne Industries, but we do always find new opportunities to thwart their worldwide efforts to exploit and pillage; and I found out a few things that we can do something about – along with others that we can’t help with at all.  I never like finding out about those things, but I could say that about every bad thing that happens in the world that we can’t stop.

This isn’t a good time to go off on a rant about that; though it is sometimes very hard to be a Magi Master and know that I’m still so limited with what I can do even with my extraordinary abilities.  That’s hardly a feeling that’s unique to me, since I expect that most people with an ounce of compassion in them wish they could do more than they’re able to do to fix all of the problems in our world – or even just a few of them.  Unfortunately for all of us, there will always be bad people willing to keep messing things up for the rest of us.

Yes, that will be true after the Ascension of the Light too, so while we will have a better world to live in; don’t expect an eternal Utopia.  It isn’t all evil and madness during a Dark Ascension either – a fact that we know for sure from the archives written during past periods of darkness.

My thoughts are obviously wandering off to places I don’t need to go when I need to be sleeping instead of pondering weighty issues past, present, or future.  My go-to-work wake-up call is going to be arriving too soon, and since I really don’t have any other news to add to this update; it’s time to wrap it up and get started on my nap time.  I’ll take all of the happy from today with me into dreamland; forget about my responsibilities for a little while; and then I’ll hopefully be ready to get back to the real world again in the morning.

It’s been fun, but I’m done; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!