Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 18, 2016

Date nights in Witch Falls might not be exciting compared to life in cities for teens before we reach driver freedom; but I think that there’s a lot to be said for date nights at home – even with the sideshow entertainment that my brother, sister, and their friends provided for us last night.  Before I get to that part of the story, though; I need to first mention the entertainment that came with our morning wake-up call.

Michael and I were enjoying our sofa sleepover, and might have had a bit more fun first thing this morning, except that when we woke up; there was another couple cuddled together on the other half of the sectional sofa pretending to have a sofa sleepover too.  I know they hadn’t been there all night, since they were already dressed for Tai Chi; but that didn’t keep Naomi and Ethan from having fun with it – and Ehlana and Aiden joined in for the fun as they came into the lounge to supposedly wake all of us up.  Since I haven’t mentioned it lately, I’ll add that Naomi loves to come up with excuses to cuddle with Ethan; she’s definitely still staking her claim to him; and none of us have any doubt that they’ll be officially dating about a second after she can convince him that they’re old-enough to cross over to that next level.  That would likely sound crazy to most people, but it’s the way it is with them, and while Ethan rarely says anything about it at all; he loves Naomi as much as she loves him.

Okay, let’s back up to the news from last night.

Michael came over bearing dinner for eight; split into two packages so that we could have our dinner for two at the table in the lounge while Mom and Dad had dinner with the twins and their friends in the sunroom.  I set our table with a candle and full place settings; provided the drinks; and made sure that Michael knew how much I loved and appreciated both his efforts and the food that he and Jacob had cooked up for us.

For the record, yes, dinner for my family was definitely a bribe; and it worked to keep the four kids busy while we enjoyed our meal.

While Michael brought dinner; Mom and Dad provided the Olde Bakery desserts.  We had three choices, and because I can; I sampled a bit of each while Michael went with seconds of one of his favorite chocolate treats.  Sometimes there really are advantages to being a teen Magi Master; and having a hyper-metabolism is one of them! ;^)

There was a short work break after dinner, but while Mom likely would have cut me some slack on doing the dishes; I didn’t want to leave her – or Dad – with the work when they were already busy with four kids and work to do in the office too.  Michael and I cleaned up; and then we came back to the lounge to get started on our movie night.  It’s maybe a bit early for starting Halloween movies, but we were in the mood for some semi-scary fun; so we went with a triple-movie pick that began with The Corpse Bride because we expected to have some visits from the four kids and didn’t want to go with anything that might scar them for life to see.

For my second teen Magi Master observation; I’ll report that you should never, ever be too advanced in any way for Tim Burton movies.  If you can’t have fun with these shows; then the problem is definitely you!

We also had fun with the junior spies and spooks that alternately tried to spy on us or attempt to scare us when they saw that we were watching Halloween movies.  They also got into watching the movie by their third visit; and they ended up staying to watch the rest of it before Mom came upstairs and ordered them back to the living room to watch their own shows.  Michael and I weren’t left alone after that, but the visits were done for the night before we started our third movie; and everyone else was in bed by then so it was fairly safe by then to have some quality make-out time while we didn’t really watch that third show.  That play time was definitely a highlight of the evening for both of us, but we did eventually need to get some sleep; and I was out for the count by sometime around one o’clock.  Michael was still awake then, though he probably didn’t stay conscious for much longer; since we were both tired out after starting our day so early.

I’ve already covered the wake-up call fun; we went outdoors for Tai Chi by the river even though it was cooler than we’re used to with temperatures down to the mid-fifties.  That workout and breakfast in the sunroom was great; we had fun at church; and then I had time to play with my family while Michael went to work at the Inn.  I worked the buffet shift, but had lunch at home; played with Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden this afternoon – including for an hour or so with Michael during his afternoon break; and then I went to the Inn with him in time to help out with the buffet prep work.  The pressure is off now that summer is over, and since we now have teens that want the extra money and hours; I didn’t need to stay at the Inn until close tonight.  I really only worked until about a half-hour after the second buffet went out to the dining room; and then I came home to get started on my ‘real’ work and studies.

Mom, Dad, and the twins were all working or studying in the office by then; we started using a time phase when I joined them; and we were all finished our work for the night by ten o’clock.  I came up to my room after saying goodnight to all of them; and I’ve been soaking in my Jacuzzi since then.  I’ve multi-tasked my bedtime computer and email checks while enjoying the tub time, but it’s time for me to get out and ready for bed; so I need to wrap this up too.

Dad will be leaving for Crystal Springs in the morning, so I expect to have a busier week while he’s away; though it isn’t easy for me to find extra time to help Mom when I have so much on the go every day.  I will try to do that, though; and I know that the twins will help Mom too.  Maybe we’ll even try to convince her to go to the city for a sleepover with Dad sometime this week.  She’s overdue for that – and for a visit with the Malloys too.  We’ll see if that’s even an option, though; and I’ll have to keep you posted.  For now, though, I really need to get ready for – and off to – bed now; and that is all of the news for today; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!