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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 11, 2016

I’m going to begin this update with what might sound like a minor rant about 9/11, so if that might offend you whenever you’re reading this in the future; flip the digital page and skip this journal entry.

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 were awful, and I know that because I remember everything – even though I was only seven months old at the time.  While my memories are perfect; my perspective is changing as I get older – and hopefully a bit wiser.  My problems with everything I’ve seen and read about for the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 boils down to the hypocrisy that is so blatantly on display at moments like this.  Sure, that hypocrisy is there all of the time; but it is more obvious on a day like today.

Maybe I should include myself as one of the hypocrites, since I wouldn’t dream of ranting about any of this publicly, but that would be pointless and just get people mad at me, and while I don’t speak out; I do live my beliefs as best I can – and can do that in fairly significant ways through our family business.

My thoughts about this have been brewing all day, and while I love my home town and everyone here; I also have to admit that we’re collectively at least a bit hypocritical too.  The only example I’ll use for that is from church today.  Pastor John led us through a prayer for the surviving victims of 9/11 – something that I’m sure has been done all around the country today.  I prayed too, and am all for that, but the hypocrisy comes from the fact that we don’t do that for the casualties on the ‘other side’ of the so-called war on terror.  I’m not referring to the terrorists here – though we should pray for them too; since their souls are in gravest danger.  I’m talking about all of the innocents that have been killed in the conflicts and aftermath of 9/11.

The usual responses would include comments that revolve around ‘us’ and ‘them’ for the most part, and that just reinforces the hypocrisy; since we need to think about everyone in the world as ‘us’ – and that needs to happen for every person before we can collectively change our lives for the better.  There will always be bad people in the world – even after the next Ascension of the Light, but as I’ve mentioned before; the armies of the world won’t be able to fix that problem because they’re a big part of the problem.  I’m not going to offer any platitudes here, and instead suggest that the trillions of dollars that have been spent on weapons could have done more to end worldwide violence if the money had been used for providing all basic needs for the poorest billions of people in the world.  I’m also not suggesting that we put all of those soldiers out of work – just that we give them better jobs helping out around the world.

Yes, there’s a place for the military.  I’m not against fighting when there is no other choice – and I’ll need to fight for the Ascension of the Light; since the Dark Magi are not going to give up their power willingly.  The difference between what we – the Magi – are doing and what military forces around the world is that we care about all people first; and act accordingly.  We’ll continue to do that – even when we’re ready to become more involved in the world and become more involved in the battle against the Dark Magi – and all who follow that dark path.

I’m dragging this out too far, but before I get on with the actual news of the day for my life; I’ll also mention that we collectively spend too much time on the pomp and ceremony of remembrance in general.  I’m not suggesting that we do away with Memorial Day, Easter, and all other occasions we have for mourning and remembrance; but I am saying that they shouldn’t be ego-driven events.  If we want to truly honor the people we memorialize, we need to remember and learn from history; and then do better in the future.  In response to what I saw and heard around the internet and on television today, I’ll predict that most of the politicians that went out of their way to look and sound good at different memorial services won’t actually do anything to help the ongoing problems that we’ve helped to create in the fifteen years since 9/11.  Being wrong about that would be great, but I do have a gift for the Sight; and don’t see that happening anytime soon in our near future.

Okay, I think I’m ready to move on to the news of the day.

Tai Chi by the river was chilly by comparison to the hot weather that has temporarily left us, but we still had fun with it; and then I got to enjoy a gourmet breakfast with Michael and his family.  That meant missing out on breakfast with my family, Naomi, and Aiden; but I was overdue for a breakfast at Michael’s house and we haven’t had much time with his parents – at least when it comes to spending time together when we’re not working.  The Sunday service and our Sunday school classes were themed for the day, and since I already mentioned how I feel about that; let’s just move on.  I went home after church; had lunch with about half of our home town family; and then I spent the afternoon playing and doing homework.  The homework fun was during Michael’s break from the Inn; and Tim and Rowen joined us for that.  The play time was with the twins, Naomi, Aiden, and some parents and grandparents.

We kept busy and entertained at the park for most of that time; the studying came after that; and then I got ready to go to work at the Inn for the buffet shift.  I don’t have any news from those hours of work; other than to mention that we did have a major drop-off in business compared to most of the summer.  Yes, we still have a good turn-out for the buffets, but we don’t need all of the extra seating we have right now; so the heat was off for us in more ways than one today.  We finished up earlier than what has been normal lately; so I was home by nine-thirty tonight.  My work wasn’t done for the day then, but I multi-tasked some of the work with a soak in my Jacuzzi; and time phased everything so I could still get to sleep in decent time.  Mom also came up to my room after my bath for a bedtime Magi lesson, and since I was working in a time phase anyway; she made that lesson about juggling time phases and phase shifting; with an emphasis on the impact of both on different objects.

That might sound simple, but it really isn’t easy to do things like maintain an internet connection while in time phase and walking through a wall.  Keeping track of every bit and byte of data when it’s coming at you at full-speed in ‘normal’ time and then at something less than snail speed in the time phase alone is tough – which is why I normally do my surfing in ‘real’ time instead.  I won’t bore you with other problems – like keeping a computer or cell phone working while in a phase-shift transmutation.  My lessons now are more nuanced as I advance in my abilities, but while it has now been years since I started learning how to do phase shifts and time phases; there is always something new to learn about them – and more that I can do with them too.

While I’m thinking about Mom and my lesson, that reminded me that I don’t mention Silkie in my journal very much.  She’s a much bigger part of Ethan’s and Ehlana’s lives, but I do see her every day; so the only reason I don’t mention her is because she’s just part of everyday life for me.  I don’t write about cleaning Mandy’s litter box either; but that does get done regularly – along with the rest of the daily chores I don’t write about either.  Silkie does love me too, but she is definitely bonded to the twins; and hangs out with them most of the time when they’re home.  She hangs out with Mom when they’re at school now, but that might be a temporary change; since that separation from them is so new to her.

Anyway, I did my family business work before and after my lesson with Mom; took care of my language studying after that; and then did a full computer and email check before getting to this update.  Even with all of that, I’ll still be sleeping before midnight – as long as I don’t drag this out much longer.

The week ahead is going to be busy.  We’ll be adding in our concert band practices on Tuesday after school, and while we won’t be doing as much with that band; we will still have concerts and parties to play at; and we can work on music for the marching band too if we have the extra time.  Dad has an extra week this month to get ready for his week in the city, but he’ll be doing that this week; so he’ll have less time for anything else.  We’ll be going with two lunchtime cheerleading practices, and that will help my schedule a bit, but we have another away game on Friday; so that’s going to make for another very long day on Friday.  We don’t have any major plans for the weekend, so if that works out for us; I’m going to shoot for some fun time with Michael and our friends – maybe even a camping night if the weather is nice.  Dad will have to work a lot this weekend too, but we might be able to get a ride out to Quarry Lake for a play afternoon too.

Those are happy thoughts to take into dreamland with me, and I have covered what bit of real news I have for today anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!