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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 10, 2016

There was just a hint of fall in the air today, and while the cooler weather was welcome after such a long spell of hot; it was also still sunny out for most of the day; and that was much nicer than the rain last night.

I can’t say the same about the work, since most of my outdoor chores today were fairly messy thanks to all of that rain; but that’s just part of life sometimes – even for teen Magi Masters.

Too bad I can’t do those chores using my Magi talents, since that would be easier and cleaner; but you know how parents can be about such things! ;^)

Moving along, I did get called to help with the breakfast shift at the Inn, but didn’t lose much time for the chores at home because it was a quiet morning there; and I was set free by nine o’clock.  Dad and I worked on the chores until about three – except for a quick lunch break; and then I had some time to hang out with Michael on his afternoon break before getting cleaned up and heading to the Inn with him.  No, he didn’t help me out with that; but I’m sure we’d have fun with it if he did!

I obviously need to make more time for Michael and me, but that’s easier wished for than done; and we didn’t get any alone time tonight.

We worked at the Inn until eight; were set free again and didn’t have to stay until close; and then we met up with Rowen and Tim on our way to my house.  While a teen night had been the plan, we ended up having four junior movie-night buddies for the first movie; and then the twins, Naomi, and Aiden went to bed after that while leaving us alone to watch a second movie that didn’t require a kid-friendly rating.  Maybe we should have stuck with Disney shows, since that movie was fairly terrible, but we still had fun with it – even though I doubt the people involved in making it would appreciate the fact that our entertainment came at their collective expense.  I won’t name the flick here, but it definitely gets put into my personal category of movies that should never have been made; and reminded me again that my perfect memory isn’t always a gift when you can never forget anything you see or hear.

Michael, Tim, and Rowen went home after that movie ended; mostly because Michael and I were worn out by then.  A sofa sleepover with Michael would have been nice, but we decided to be good; and I had some work to get done anyway after they left.  I got ready for bed; did the family business work and a bit extra while in a time phase, and once this is done; I’m off to dreamland.

This hasn’t exactly been a best-ever kind of day, but it has been a good one; and an average, normal day now and then is good for me.  Getting some sleep before I’ll be awake and at it again will be good for me too; so, until next time;

...May the Magi Force be with you!