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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cassie's Journal - September 16, 2016

Let’s begin with the top news of the day – we won our football game tonight with a fairly-impressive, seventy-six to forty-four shoot-out in Three Rivers.  Michael and Tim had four touchdowns each; Lucas had two on the ground; and we kicked two late field goals once the game was out of reach for Three Rivers – and after they made offensive mistakes while trying for the comeback.  The Three Rivers players did not ever give up, though; and their five touchdowns and three field goals would have been enough offense to win most of their games.

It just wasn’t enough tonight against our team.

I’ve started out with that news because I am exhausted and ready to crash for the nap I still have time for before I’ll need to be up and get at it again for another breakfast buffet shift at the Inn.  The rest of this report is going to be very short.

We were indoors for Tai Chi due to rain; there was more rain at lunchtime that kept us indoors then too; and we got a nice, annoying drizzle after school just in time for us to get damp while loading the buses so that we could be damp and uncomfortable for the entire two and a half hour bus ride to Three Rivers.  There wasn’t any rain before, during, or after the game, so that was great for everyone; but we got damp back here at home while unloading the buses again and walking home.  It was going on two o’clock by the time I said goodnight to Michael out on the front porch here, but my night wasn’t quite over; since I ended up needing to do a bit of family business work while having a soak in my Jacuzzi that I really, really needed by then.  That work and tub time started about an hour and a half ago; so I really am down to enough time for a nap – if I hurry this up a bit and get to it soon.

There are a lot of details that I’ve skipped.  We had to skip part of our last classes so that we could leave early for the bus ride, but still got our weekend homework assignments before we were set free for the weekend.  Rowen and I did our homework on the way to Three Rivers so that we didn’t have it to do on Sunday as we usually do.  Our cheerleading was really good tonight, and while I’m partially comparing that to a miserable, rainy night last week; we were also really on for our routines; and our half-time show was awesome!  So was our band performance, and while I’m thinking about that; our little fund-raising booth at the game sold a lot of raffle tickets again this week.  At the rate we’re going, by the time we have the draw at Halloween; the prizes could end up being even better than we’d hoped; and we’ll definitely make more money for the band than projected.  Sure, some of the prizes are fixed, but the top prizes are cash and depend on the total ticket sales.

The trip home seemed very long tonight, and while some of my friends don’t seem to have a problem napping on a bus; I didn’t even try to do that.  Rowen and I did have fun, but it was of the quiet, girl-chat variety instead of the partying that some of the players and band members did as they celebrated the big win.  We are way overdue to actually have a party for the team, but since we’ve had three away games so far, and our one home game was on the holiday weekend; that just hasn’t worked out for us so far this season.  We do have a home game next week, though; so maybe we’ll be able to do that sooner instead of later.

I don’t have any partying left in me tonight – or anything else, for that matter.  There is likely news from around here that I haven’t heard about yet, since everyone here was in bed and sleeping by the time I got here, but if I do hear anything really good; I can add it to the update tomorrow night.  That’s it for now, though, and I might be sleeping before my computer is once I shut it down for the night; so I’m going to test that theory out right now!

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!