Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Cassie's Journal - May 5, 2017

Happy 22nd Birthday, Stephanie!
Happy 6th Birthday, Sophia!
Happy 6th Anniversary, Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne – though those best wishes are early!

Let’s begin this report with that third announcement.  I’m adding it to this report because our day started out with some anniversary fun.  There was a shiny, new, black, 2-seater convertible in Aunt Leanne’s driveway this morning; and her gift arrived early so that she and Uncle Adam could have it for their weekend away trip that began shortly after I left for school.  Getting to see that early-morning show had been fun; and I don’t need any details about what my aunt might be doing with a kid-free weekend away to thank her husband for that gift! ;^)

They will also be at Nadine’s wedding tomorrow; so their weekend away will require multi-tasking as well as not going too far from home.

While the new car thing was the highlight of the morning, Tai Chi by the river was nice; and I went to the Inn with Michael for breakfast so that we could get in on the birthday breakfast video chat with Stephanie and Jake.  None of us had much time for that, but they’ll be home soon too; so we’re all fairly excited about the fact that we won’t be apart for much longer.  Okay, Michael and I will be heading off to college in a year and a quarter, and be gone for most of five years; but you know what I mean – and we won’t be half a country away from home either.

With all of that going on, having any birthday fun with Sophia was tougher to fit into our day – especially when Michael and I worked dinner-to-close tonight.  We did fit in a birthday visit with Sophia after work, but only stayed long-enough to watch her open our gifts and have a chat with her – and her Mom and sister – before we needed to get to the Inn and help out there.  Ethan and Ehlana were at her party, though; and Ehlana and Naomi are two of the friends spending the night with Sophia too.

If we hadn’t been working at the Inn, we would have worked at the party instead, but Michael’s aunt and uncle had other help; and Miranda and Jacob were too busy at the Inn tonight to spare us for even a few hours.  We did have a tough shift tonight, but Miranda, Rebecca, and I always have fun too; so it was a good night there – and I did pretty well on tips too!

While I was busy and the twins were at Sophia’s party, Mom and Dad were busy taking care of Zack and Brianna.  They had help for that from Grandma and Grandpa today, and Mom had the kids all day from the time Uncle Adam and Aunt Leanne sped off in her new toy; so they’ve had a busy day too.  I’m still more-tired than Mom and Dad are; but only because I’ve had a few later nights this week.  I also need to work the start of the breakfast shift before Michael and I head for Central State to write our SAT’s tomorrow; so I’d better move this along – and you can always ready about Mom’s adventures in her journal instead of getting it second-hand from me.

While we were busy at the Inn, the dinner crowd thinned out early; so Michael and I were done by a bit after nine-thirty.  He came home with me; we had some play time with my parents, Ethan, Zack, and Brianna; and then he took care of getting Zack to bed while I brought Brianna up to my room and tucked her into my bed with Mandy.  She’d fallen asleep by then; so once Ethan and Zack were tucked in; Michael and I had a bit of cuddle time in the lounge before he went home for the night and I got ready for bed and tucked in with my two cuddle buddies and my computer by midnight.  I was only going to do the basic computer checks and this update, but ended up doing a bit of family business work that I didn’t want to leave until Sunday night or Monday.  That wasn’t a major job, but I didn’t rush it; since I didn’t want to wake Brianna with a major power usage right next to her.

I don’t think that we’ll have a middle-of-the-night wake-up call, since Brianna was really tired by the time I got home, but that is always a possibility with Magi kids as hyper as Brianna and I are; so I should probably get started on my nap – especially when I need to get up early for that breakfast shift.

My day has not been new sports car kind of awesome, but it has been pretty good; and I’ll hope the trend continues for the weekend – even though I’ll be busy with my SAT exam tomorrow; the travel there and back; and work before and after that trip.  I’m tired just thinking about all of that; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!