Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cassie's Journal - May 19, 2017

The countdown is on for Violet and Dillon’s wedding; and the most-obvious sign of that at our house was the arrival of Uncle Rick, Aunt Melissa, Chris, Martin, and Dawn.  The ‘kids’ are only here for the weekend; and will be home for school or work for most of next week; but Violet’s parents will be here until Memorial Day to help out with both the wedding and getting their apartment set up next week.

I had a bedtime visit with Dawn tonight; but haven’t spent much time with anyone else because they didn’t get here until this afternoon or evening in two separate arrivals; and I was either at school or the Inn through until we closed the Inn at ten-thirty.  Michael and I need to work the breakfast shift too, and I had some family business work pop up that needed to be dealt with; so it’s later than I wanted it to be for my bedtime tonight.

There is lots of other news going on around here, but not much of it has anything to do with me.  For today, the return of our senior class from their grad trip to the east coast was a big story – though they didn’t get here until after dinner; and I didn’t spend much time with Rebecca and Lucas because they stopped in for a visit and then headed out to the farm for the night.  Michael and I will catch up on the trip news with Rebecca over the weekend while we all work at the Inn; but that was one more blast of fun that we missed out on today.

Violet and Dillon’s wedding is a big deal for our family with a week to go, but there is another big wedding happening tomorrow for the Carter-Reynolds clans.  I won’t be involved in that either, but the wedding and reception for Christie Carter and Ray Reynolds will be out at the ranch tomorrow; and my parents will be among the guests for the ceremony; but they won’t be at the reception too because they’ll be at the party at Sheldon’s for Violet and Dillon – while I’ll be working at the Inn and babysitting.  That’s a story that can wait until after it happens, though; so let’s keep this moving along.

It’s been a messy weather day off-and-on around here with bits of rain and some thunderstorms rolling through in waves that left things damp but we also had hours of fairly-decent weather too.  The rain didn’t affect me much because I was indoors for most of it except the walk home after work tonight.  We had a quiet day at school; the dinner rush at the Inn was busier than normal; and Michael and I worked until close because we were still light on staff due to the senior school trip.  Michael came home with me so he could join in for a short visit with my aunt, uncle, and cousins; but then he went home to get some sleep by eleven-thirty; and Dawn and I came up to bed to have our little girl chat time before she was ready to turn in too.

Dawn’s going to help out with the wedding prep work over the weekend, and help Michael and me with the babysitting tomorrow night while the adults in our family are at the pub for the evening; but I don’t think we’ll end up having a lot of time together because I’ll also be putting in extra time at the Inn – particularly when this will be our first Sunday with the full dining room available for our customers.  Miranda isn’t quite ready to staff buffets for six hundred and fifty a sitting; so let’s hope we don’t completely sell out this weekend!

Dawn and I ended up talking for nearly an hour; she went to bed in Violet’s ‘old’ room – the one that Violet will use next Friday night ahead of her wedding while our house is bridal party central next weekend.  I finished getting ready for bed after that; did my bedtime computer check; and ended up doing that extra family business work because I didn’t want to leave it until Sunday night.  That wasn’t a big deal, but took a bit of time; and now I’ll have to settle for a long nap before getting up again for my breakfast shift at the Inn.  I’ll also have a chores day around here that could be messy if we get as much rain overnight as they’re forecasting; and then I’ll work the dinner-to-close shift with Michael because Miranda will need the help while Jake and Stephanie are busy with Violet and Dillon’s party.  In addition to Dawn, Rowen and Tim will be among our teen babysitting helpers; so we’ll have a gang of kids at our house overnight on Saturday.  Camping may be involved; but that’ll be a ‘game-time’ decision for later tomorrow.

I’ll keep you updated on all of that with the next report, but it’s past-time for me to crash and sleep now; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!