Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cassie's Journal - May 24, 2017

We had a splash or twenty of rain off and on this morning, but it ended by early-afternoon; and baseball practices were on tonight.  The wet did get in the way of Tai Chi this morning, though; so we were indoors for that instead of out by the river.

My school day was all about getting ready for exams; and we’re fully into the review phase now – especially since we only have five school days left for that review thanks to the annual work day on Friday and the holiday on Monday.  As always, that isn’t a big deal for me, but it is for some of my classmates; and they’ll start feeling the pressure by next Tuesday after taking the weekend off for the holiday.  Okay, most of us will be working at various jobs all weekend, so it only seems fair to have a bit of fun when we can, but that could be different for Michael and me this year anyway; since the Inn is sure to be busier this year with the extra rooms and dining room space; so we won’t be able to take as much time off for exam studying as we have in recent years.

Since the exam prep time in our classes would be boring to write about; let’s move on to the rest of my day.  As has been the case all week, I’ve missed out on the wedding action around the family; though I did get to help out with making dinner and cleaning up for a small gang at our house between finishing school and going to my ball practice with Rowen.  Michael worked as much of the dinner shift as he could before his practice, but didn’t need to do extra work tonight; and that was because the remodel is unofficially completed now!  While he was busy, the dinner that Mom and Dad hosted at our house was for a mix of ball players, kids, and wedding workers; it was an easy-meal, though when you’re feeding a small gang; that’s a relative term.  Cold salads, three meat options that could all go on a bun, and some snack sides was easy compared to baking major entrees, though; and we kept up with the cleaning as we went along while making those salads; so the post-dinner clean-up was easy too – in part thanks to Mom deciding to use our finest paper plates and other recyclable dinnerware.

By the way, I know I’m not that old, but it is sometimes funny to remember that ‘recyclable’ dinnerware was simply ‘disposable’ not that many years ago.  The three R’s were cool around here well-before it became a fad everywhere else – and I’m not talking about the Ridge River Raiders! ;^)

Yeah, I know, but just in case that little joke isn’t still in use whenever you read this in my near or distant future; it is now saved here in our archives for posterity – if not any serious hilarity.

I should be afraid that those thoughts have me giggling to myself – a sure sign that I’m too tired to be doing this right now.  With everything I have on the go between now and Monday, though, deferring these updates for a few days would just pile things up on me for next week – and I’ll be into exam studying then so that’s a bad idea.  Speeding this up a bit is a good plan so let’s do that instead.

Baseball practice went well; we had fun; and Rowen and I had Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, and Aiden with us for parts of our workout – when they weren’t at the co-ed practice or playing at the playground.  Dad was at the co-ed practice, but Mom skipped this one to help with the wedding work tonight that included what will likely be the last major meeting ahead of the big day.  The church will get decorated on Friday morning; the rehearsal is Friday evening; and the rehearsal party will be after that – and that’ll be at our house because Violet will be here with at least some of her bridal party – and Stephanie and Dawn will be here for sure.

I’m getting distracted again; and that’s news I can write about over the next couple of days.

Michael met up with me on the way home from the park; we did our homework at my house; and then he went home so that I could get cleaned up and ready to start in on my long to-do list of work and studying.  I had a bedtime visit with the twins first, since they’d needed baths before going to bed too; and then I spent some time in my Jacuzzi – partly to get clean; and partly because I may not get to use it much this weekend while sharing my bathroom with my cousins – and giving up my room to Violet for most of Saturday morning and early-afternoon.  I did a bit of work while in the tub, but couldn’t use a time phase for that with our guests in the house because it’s very hard to explain the ‘real-time’ noises that can be heard for things like that to a non-Magi.  Violet’s parents and grandparents may know more than most normal people; but they don’t know anywhere-near everything about Mom, Ethan, Ehlana, or me.

Moving along again, I kicked up my work into high gear after getting into bed with Mandy and my computer; worked in a time phase for more than an hour of real time; and then had to do the rest of my studying and family business work in normal time to have access to the internet and Mom’s business and archives intranet.  Getting everything done tonight was tougher than usual, but I did get there; and can’t let the work pile up right now even if I wanted to do that.  Now that it’s done, though, I really do want to get some sleep, and while that won’t be much more than a long nap; I’ll do another self-healing to make up for the lack of down time – and possibly do that every day for the next couple of weeks until after exams are done with for another year.

I don’t need to go there either, though, so let’s say we did; don’t; and, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!