Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cassie's Journal - May 26, 2017

There is no way that I’ll be able to cover all of the news for today without dragging this update out for longer than I can manage tonight – especially when I’ll need to be up early to work the breakfast buffet shift at the Inn and already won’t have time for more than a long nap after staying up late with Violet, Dawn, and the other girls that have taken over the third floor of our house for the night.

My day started out great with Tai Chi by the river and breakfast with the gang we have here for the holiday weekend and wedding.  It felt weird going off to school while my cousins had the day off, and I could have skipped the day when we were just working around town anyway, but those clean-up and decorating chores are an annual tradition here; and I wasn’t going to blow off my responsibility for helping out with that just to have a bit of fun with my cousins while they were busy with things like decorating the church for the wedding tomorrow.

Michael and I still had fun working with our group of younger kids at the park, and since we were assigned the new section of the park; we also got to walk the trails while cleaning up and making sure that everything looks great for the Memorial Day holiday – especially when the park will be a popular place to play over the next few days now that the trails are officially open and ready to cyclists and hikers.  There wasn’t much decorating for us to do, since most of that is done at the cemetery or around the park pavilion for the picnic on Monday, but we ended up having a great weather day for those chores; and somehow managed to dodge the thunderstorms that were forecast for our area today.

I don’t want to jinx anything for tomorrow; so won’t risk messing with Mother Nature by commenting on the forecast for tomorrow.  Flip the digital page whenever you’re reading this in my future to find out whether that makes a difference or not; since I’ll have to wait to live the next eighteen or twenty hours to know the answer to that for sure.

By the way, yes, I could use the Sight to check that out, but as I’ve mentioned before, that would show me all of the possible futures, and while some are more probable than others; the future hinges on too many variables to make the Sight useful for anything more than a general guide for what we should do – and sometimes to warn or aid us with a bit of helpful foreknowledge.  That’s definitely something to write about some other day when I don’t need to wake up and get back to work in a few hours, though; so let’s move this along.

While I was busy at school – or at the park; our family and some of Violet’s and Dillon’s friends were converging on our little town for the weekend.  That included the Proctor and Rice clans; Violet’s friends from Woodvale; and a handful of college friends.  Some of the Johnson clan is here for the weekend too; though they’re here for the holiday weekend and not the wedding.  Collectively, that means that all of our family homes here are full; as is the Inn; and Dillon’s family is helping out with some overflow housing needs too.  Mom and Aunt Leanne coordinated a lot of the arrivals, but also had lots of help; and Dad took half the afternoon off to help out while having Claire hold down the office while he and Aunt Leanne were both busy.  I’ll skip writing more about their work too, but we are also heading into month-end; and there are extra housing and apartment moves going on this weekend because of the new apartment building and returning college grads.

I didn’t have time for any of that after school because Michael and I needed to get to the Inn.  Jacob and Miranda really needed us there because Jake and Stephanie are off work until Sunday while they’re busy with Violet and Dillon; and the Inn was very busy for the dinner shift – in part because of the extra mouths we needed to feed for the wedding guests.  Yes, there were family meals going on at several homes tonight too, but Violet and Dillon couldn’t do that with everyone; so Miranda used one of the small dining rooms for the rest of their friends and more-extended family visitors – including about half of the guests staying at the Inn until Sunday or Monday.

It is a holiday weekend, so we have an all-hands-on-deck schedule; and Michael and I worked from the time we were done school until we closed the Inn at ten-thirty.  For me, that included making sure that the new library-sitting room was stocked and ready for the rest of the night and early-morning.  I haven’t mentioned that little addition to the remodel, but in addition to the twenty-eight amazing guest rooms, the library is a nice little place that the guests can use to gather for visits; get drinks and snacks; and even have a light, self-serve breakfast on Sunday mornings – the only day the Inn isn’t open for a morning meal.  I’ll likely help out with getting everything ready for that first Sunday breakfast tomorrow night, but this time; I just needed to make sure that the snacks and drinks were fully-stocked; the coffee-maker was full and ready to go; and the room was neat and clean.  That is going to be one more job added to the list of closing chores every night from now on; but that’ll be easy compared to the work that will now be added to the morning chores with twenty-eight rooms to clean – or as many of them as are being used each night once they’re open to the public in another week and a few days.

While I was busy at the Inn – and doing pretty well with tips tonight too; I missed out on the light dinner for family at my house that Mom and Dad hosted; all of the work that went into that and everything else going on for that and the rehearsal party that followed the wedding rehearsal at the church; and all of the fun that my family and a lot of our friends got to have tonight.  By the time Michael and I did get home, that party was in full swing; the meal was over; and we had to settle for munching on some leftovers in the kitchen before heading out into the back yard to join in on the fun.  By then, there were around one hundred and fifty people there; so we didn’t get to have more than a cameo visit with Violet and Dillon – and that was just one blip of fun for them in a long line of similar moments they had all evening with their families and friends.

Violet and Dillon also needed to do their private meeting with their wedding party, parents, grandparents, and Pastors not long after we got there; so other than that little visit; we didn’t even see them at all again for the rest of the night – though I have gotten to spend some time with Violet after Dillon was sent off at midnight; and Violet eventually ended up on the third-floor with her bridal party and some extra girls after seeing most of the party guests out by around one-thirty.  I wasn’t there for the start of that because Michael and I helped out with the work around the yard and kitchen as the party wound down – and until the work was done by a bit before two o’clock.  Michael went home after that; I grabbed a shower because I needed it before getting ready for bed and joining in on the girl chat in the lounge; and then there was another half-hour or so of talk time before Stephanie ordered Violet to go to bed – and then all of the girls either headed for their rooms – or left to walk back to the Inn; since that’s what some of Violet’s childhood and college friends needed to do after staying late to help roast their friend.

Dawn stayed up and talked with me for another fifteen minutes, but she’s sleeping now; and I’ve just been doing the basic bedtime computer and email checks before getting to this update.  After this little blast of immersion into Violet’s wedding, that seems more-real to me know than it has even in this past week leading up to the big day, but I feel very different about this wedding – mostly because it seems as though I’ll be squeezing it into my too-busy work and holiday schedule.  This is one of the most-important days of my cousin’s life; and yet that contrasts to what I expect my day to be like as the only real break I’ll have will be time to get ready for the wedding ceremony and then I’ll get to be there – and have a small part to play – for the ceremony before getting back to work and helping with the reception dinner that will just be a part of the overall dinner rush we’ll have tomorrow night.

That’s something I can write about with the next update – if I don’t just fall asleep by the time I get home tomorrow night.  I don’t have any other news for today, though, and really do need to head off into nap mode while I can; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!