Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Cassie's Journal - May 21, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday, Kendra!

As usual, I didn’t have much involvement in Kendra’s birthday; but mention it for future reference related to my cousins.

It’s been a very long day; so let’s get to the news and then I’m going to be heading into nap mode for a few hours before needing to get up and do it all again.

The movie marathon was fun; Michael and I had extra cuddle buddies; and we also spent a lot of time getting kids wound down and eventually off to sleep.  The shows were all toddler-friendly, but while that was a bit boring for the older guys; we managed to keep them entertained too.  Michael, Tim, and Rowen all stayed overnight, and since I didn’t mention it in the last update; we were indoors for the sleepover instead of camping because things were a bit wet from the rain yesterday; and it was too cool for camping with the youngest kids.  We still had junior movie marathoners awake when Mom and Dad got home at around two-thirty, but they let us deal with them and went off to bed after a quick round of goodnight hugs and kisses.  It was three by the time that Rowen and I said goodnight to our respective boyfriends and climbed into bed with Mandy; and we pretty much crashed and slept once we were tucked in for the time we had left to nap.

Tai Chi by the river was fun with the extra exercise buddies; if a bit chilly.  After that, it was controlled chaos as we fed and got all of those kids ready for church.  We had to get them there after that; had parental help for that; and then the babysitters in the group were ready for another nap by the time the service started in the sanctuary.  We didn’t do that; and had a fairly-quiet couple of hours at church – though that might have just been my perspective; since I was on the run all of the time before and after the service and Sunday school.  Michael and I needed to hurry to the Inn after church; we were put right to work on the prep line for lunch; and then it was a very long work day as we tried to keep up with too much busy all through the lunch and buffet dinners rushes.  Everyone wanted to check out the new dining room; we had extra customers from the Carter-Reynolds wedding guests visitors; and more new customers still interested in checking out the new fare that Jake is already bringing to the buffet tables as he has fun playing in the kitchen with his father.

Yes, Michael and I had our breaks, but we also studied while having them and trying to rehydrate and eat; so we didn’t really stop for any rest through until we walked home together at a bit after ten o’clock tonight.  Michael didn’t come home with me; we did our goodnight hugs and kisses on his front porch; and then I came home and got to work.  Mom’s Magi lesson was first while Dad finished his weekend homework; and we wrapped that up early when Uncle Rick and Aunt Melissa got home from Dillon’s house after an evening of wedding work that they had fun with after going to the early buffet.  Dawn, Chris, and Martin went back to Woodvale after that buffet and while I was still working; and they’ll be back again after school on Thursday for the wedding – after school for Martin and Dawn.

I came up to my room after the goodnight visit in the office; got ready for bed including having a quick shower; and then got to work on my computer once I was tucked in with Mandy for the night.  That was too-many hours ago; I’m exhausted; and won’t bore you with the family business work and language studies details.  The coming week is going to be insanely-busy; I need all of the nap time I can get; and expect that I won’t get nearly-enough down time – so there will be a lot of self-healing going on most mornings to help me make up for the lack of sleep.

Going into nap mode right now is an option, though; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!