Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cassie's Journal - May 17, 2017

We had a couple of little rain moments today, but they blasted through town fast; and most of our day has been sunny and beautiful.  That meant that baseball was on for tonight; and Rowen and I had our first practice of the year at the park while Michael and Tim are at the school this year; and Mom and Dad have the coed practices at the other ball diamond at the park.

I’ll start with that baseball news; and then plan on keeping the rest of this update short so that I can get to sleep and nap for a few hours.

Our team is not going to have many senior players this year.  That isn’t unusual; since most of them will be off to college by mid-August and can’t play the entire season anyway; but we didn’t have any of them this week while they’re away on the annual school trip.  I haven’t heard a lot about that, but Rebecca and Lucas are having fun – and that might be the last chance for doing much of that together between now and the end of the school year while they’re both busy with work and getting ready for final exams.  Our practice went well; Claire is our coach; and I think we’ll do well-enough with the team we have this year.

Wednesday nights are going to be interesting again during the baseball season, and while the practices mess with my normal mid-week work night; we had extra issues tonight because Michael and I worked at the Inn for as long as we could before our practices.  That was thanks to a big dinner rush that was all about people wanting to check out the new dining room now that it’s done; so Miranda needed the extra help and called me in to do that.  The change in plans meant that I didn’t end up helping Mom much again tonight; though Ethan and Ehlana did hang out with Rowen and me a lot at our practice while Mom was busy with the coed workout.

We didn’t have much family support tonight, but that was because Violet and Dillon had wedding work happening that included getting help from my grandparents, Aunt Leanne, and other volunteers from both sides of the family.  I’m not helping with that either; and wish that I was doing more for Violet – especially when they’ll now be adding in a move into their apartment next week too so that’ll be done before they go away for their honeymoon.

I will need to write about the wedding in more detail over the next week and a half, but really need he sleep tonight; so let’s move this along.

Morning Tai Chi by the river and the rest of the get-ready-for-school routine was uneventful; we had one test to liven up our school day a bit; and having lunch outside with some football fun for entertainment was the highlight of the school day.  I came home after school while Michael went to the Inn, and got my homework done, but barely got started on my family business work when Miranda sent the call for help and I hurried over to the Inn.  That work meant missing out on a barbeque dinner at home with some bonus baseball friends and their kids over for that too; but then Michael and I both ate on the fly when we needed to get to our practices.

I mentioned that Aunt Leanne helped with wedding work tonight; so she skipped baseball to do that; and Mom might miss the practice next week instead – or they both will; depending on how close they are to having everything ready for the wedding.  I’m back there, and didn’t want to be; but let’s pick all of that up with the next report – especially when we’ll have a lot going on this weekend to get ready for the wedding and holiday weekend.

After the ball practice, some of us opted to jump into the river to cool off.  That didn’t take long – between five and thirty seconds for all but one of us; and then it was time for me to say goodnight to Michael and come home with Mom, Ethan, and Ehlana.  I got cleaned up and changed; met up with them in the office; and we got to work or studying while in a time phase.  Mom let us work until eleven; did a group Magi lesson with us; and then took care of getting the twins tucked in for the night while I came up to my room and got back to work.

That reminds me that I haven’t mentioned Silkie in a while, and just as I didn’t mention her bedtime run around the back yard to take care of business; I also didn’t mention that she was at the park for the evening too – splitting her time between hanging out with Mom, me, and the twins – though she was with the twins and their friends most of the time.  My supposedly-short update is getting a bit long-winded with these little side-trips; but that just says a lot about how tired and diffused I am right now.

I went back to working in a time phase for a while; switched to ‘real’ time when needed for the rest of my work and studies; and wrapped up with one last email check.  My language studies are rolling along nicely, but the family business work was a bit frustrating tonight.  That work would be so much easier if everyone in the world would just start caring about everyone instead of having so many looking out for number one and not caring who gets stepped on along the way to ‘winning’ at any cost.

That definitely isn’t a rant I want to get started on while this tired, though, and I won’t bore you with the business details; so I guess that’s it for tonight.  I expect another long, busy day tomorrow – especially if we have a big turnout for game night at the Inn because of the new dining room too – which we likely will have happen.  That’s something I can report on tomorrow, and that you can flip a digital page to read about in my future; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!