Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cassie's Journal - May 13, 2017

Welcome home to stay, Jake and Stephanie!

I was only able to spend a handful of minutes with them today, but they are happy to be home; and hopefully they’ve had fun with the welcome home dinner and party that her parents put on for them tonight.  Yes, we could have stopped in after work tonight, but Michael and I worked the breakfast shift and then stayed to close the Inn tonight so that his parents and sister could catch part of the party instead; so we needed to get home and take over the camping adventure supervision from Mom and Dad – the camping that the twins, Naomi, and Aiden talked us into doing with them tonight not long after I got home from that breakfast shift.

We do not have Rowen and Tim with us tonight because they had other plans; so Michael and I each have two junior camping buddies in our respective tents.  Naomi did try to hide in Ethan’s sleeping bag again when we were taking turns with washroom breaks and getting ready for bed, but while I’d have been okay with having all six of us cuddle in pairs; we didn’t go there tonight.  We’re also not staying up too late because it’s Mother’s Day in the morning; and we’re all going to be very busy.  Some of our Moms are getting to start their special day with a kid-free night; but let’s not go there either! ;^)

This report is getting a bit disjointed; but let’s back up and cover the news from the rest of the day.

I was up as early as always for the breakfast shift at the Inn, so the extra sleep helped a bit with that; and then it was non-stop busy for pretty much the rest of my day.  As expected the breakfast rush was busier than usual thanks to Mother’s Day shoppers in town at least for the morning; and it was heading toward ten o’clock by the time I got finished and came home again.  A stack of chores was waiting for me to get started on, so I only took a little break; and then got right to them.  The camping plan was worked out during the last-half of the morning; but my only involvement in that was agreeing to do that – and getting Michael signed up for it too.  We had a late lunch; I finished my work in another hour or so after that; and then Michael and I spent his break time setting up two tents and hanging out with our junior campers until we needed to be at the Inn again for the dinner shift.

Jake and Stephanie got back to town while we were still doing the prep work for dinner; which was why I had those few minutes to visit with them until the dinner rush got started and I needed to work the dining room.  They were busy too, though, and in addition to visiting with everyone who was working; they also did a tour of the Inn – including the second and third floor to check out the completed and nearly-finished guest rooms.  There have been a lot of changes since they headed back to school last August; and they’re happy about how everything is working out for them.

While Jake and Stephanie needed to move on to their welcome home party, I was busy working the dining room with Miranda, Rebecca, and the other servers.  The Inn wasn’t packed, but we were busy until the crowds started to thin at around seven-thirty.  Jacob, Miranda, and Rebecca left then; and Michael was in charge of closing the Inn while I was unofficially in charge of the dining room for the rest of the night.  That kept us busy; and we were ready to head home by the time we were able to lock up and do that – and then join in on the campfire in progress in the back yard.

The songs, stories, and snacks added up to a fun way to end the day.  Mom and Dad stayed to chat with us for nearly an hour before going inside and up to bed; but then we only kept the fire going for another half-hour or so after that before getting ready for bed and having that bit of fun with Naomi accidentally ending up in the wrong tent and sleeping bag.  Our four junior campers kept Michael and I from having any change for some teen-rated play time, but we’ve had fun anyway; and I was happy to have a bit of girl chat time with Ehlana and Naomi.

They’re both sleeping now, and I’m doing my computing because I don’t expect to do much of that tomorrow by the time I’m done with the crazy Mother’s Day shift at the Inn.

For the record, ‘crazy’ was not capitalized too; so I was referring to the work at the Inn; not the mental state of the Moms around here! ;^)

I have done some family business work tonight, but nothing major; and nothing particularly exciting either.  It’s time to pack up my computer and join Ehlana and Naomi in dreamland.  We’re going to have a very busy morning with the fun we have planned for the Moms, Tai Chi by the river, breakfasts at different homes, and the church service that Michael and I need to be at church for early because we’re helping out with the music.  While I nap; feel free to flip the digital page and read on; since I expect there will be a lot to write about tomorrow night – unless I just crash and nap by the time I get home!

Until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!