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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Cassie's Journal - May 20, 207

Congratulations, Christie and Ray Reynolds!

It may feel a bit weird that one of my favorite trail ride leaders is now married when we go out to the ranch for rides, but Christie and Ray are very happy; and they really are a good match!

I didn’t have the stress of a wedding – or get to have that kind of fun either; so let’s blast through this mini-update because I’m doing it while taking a quick break between finishing work at the Inn and the babysitting in progress here at home.

I was up early; got ready for work; met up with Michael and his Dad; and headed for the Inn well-before dawn to get started on the breakfast shift prep work.  We had a busy shift because there were lots of visitors in town for the big wedding; including the rooms at the Inn that have been available while the remodel is continuing; and we also had extra guests from the ranch for wedding guests that came to town for hair appointments or to host the meal for guests that are staying in town or elsewhere for the weekend.  It was heading toward ten before I could get away from the Inn; I switched to chores mode; and got fairly-damp while working outside with Dad on gardening and other chores that needed to be done ahead of the holiday weekend.  With wedding-related activities booked all week and everything else I have on the go with school, practices, and work; we needed to do those chores today rain or shine.  That wasn’t much fun, but it did clear up a bit this afternoon; I dried out; and didn’t melt from the wet.  Dad and I only took a break on the fly for lunch; we worked until three-thirty; and then I hit the shower and got ready for the dinner-to-close shift at the Inn.

Jake and Stephanie helped out with the prep work for dinner, but then they were done for the day and needed to spend the rest of the night with their best friends – including hosting the party at Sheldon’s and having dinner with Violet, Dillon, and quite a few of the parents and grandparents.  While they did that, Rowen, Tim, and Dawn led the babysitting effort with all of my younger cousins, Ethan, Ehlana, Naomi, Aiden, Sophia, Eli, and Hailey.  Chris and Martin helped out with getting them fed, but they were also at the dinner with Violet and Dillon after that and then they did their own thing for the rest of the evening.

While Michael and I missed out on a lot of the babysitting, we were very busy at the Inn until the dinner rush faded early – by around eight-thirty.  That had a lot to do with Violet and Dillon’s party, but since Jacob and Miranda were attending it; we got to stay and close the Inn for them while they went home early to get cleaned up and ready to party!  We were still out of the Inn and on the way home by nine-thirty; and we’ll be starting a movie marathon soon – or before I get out to the lounge if I don’t do that soon.  Our thirteen kids might think that they’ve been having a party tonight, and Rowen, Tim, and Dawn have had fun with them, but it isn’t a party for us; and we’ll be busy through until whenever we finally get all of the kids in beds and off to sleep – which won’t be anytime soon judging by how fired up they all are right now.  Yes, even Brianna is wide-awake and ready to rock-and-roll; so we’ll be lucky to get that done by the time Mom and Dad get home from their party.

That’s going to be late too because they are both designated drivers and will likely need to make several trips each tonight; but I’ll add any news about that party with the next report – along with the rest of the babysitting story.  For a change, I need to wrap this up to get started on what will hopefully be the most-fun part of my day instead of because I won’t have time to get much sleep – though I also don’t expect to have time for more than a nap either once we do finally get to have our naps sometime after the parents are home.

I really do need to get to that movie marathon, though, since I hear the sound of the first movie starting; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!