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***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cassie's Journal - March 7, 2017

Happy 33rd Birthday, Uncle Adam!

Other than our contributions to one of his gifts; Michael and I had no involvement in Uncle Adam’s big day.  He did have a family and friends birthday dinner, but Michael and I were busy at the school and church with our usual Tuesday night practices; and didn’t have time to go to the dinner too.  I do know that we missed a fun few hours of food and birthday entertainment; but that’s just one more example of life as a teen with a bit too much on the go.

The weather wasn’t on the go today – at least from my perspective.  It did get to near-sixty and it was sunny, but while that is still great for this time of year; it still felt cold by comparison to eighty degrees yesterday – especially when we were outdoors for marching band practice and it was already cooling down into the forties by the end of practice.  Before I move on from the weather, I’ll also add that it was below-forty this morning; so Tai Chi was indoors again.  Come on, Mother Nature – quit teasing us like this with all of the extreme changes! ;^)

Moving along, the rest of my morning after Tai Chi was uneventful.  Ditto that for school today – unless you consider two tests and one class presentation as newsworthy.  The concert band practice was quiet too; but the marching band practice was a mix of somber and festive as we worked on music for both Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.  That was a weird combination, but we need to do both because we’ll only have time for one practice after Memorial Day – and can’t learn all of the songs that quickly.

Okay, I could; but you know what I mean.

The teen praise team practice was a long one because we’re doing the music for one of the March Break Sundays; and we need to work harder on the Easter music and service too.  That’s why Michael and I didn’t get home until nearly ten-thirty – and we still needed to do our homework after that.  I used a time phase to help him out; Mom still did a Magi lesson with us; and then Michael went home while I spent a bit of time with Ethan and Ehlana while they got ready for bed.  It was past-midnight by the time I got to my room, but I was in need of some Jacuzzi time; so I filled the tub; had a nice long soak while in another time phase; and multi-tasked some of my family business work while doing that.  I stayed in a time phase as long as I could; and then switched back to ‘real’ time to do the work and studying that needed connections to the internet or our network at the lab.

It’s way too late now for anything more than a nap, but I did get the work and studying done; and I’ll try to catch up on my sleep tomorrow night – if I can swing that when we have a friend birthday to celebrate too.  That, by the way, seems weird when I couldn’t do that with Uncle Adam; but then I don’t think that Michael and I will do much more than make an appearance for this party anyway because Miranda has some teens off for the night to go to that party; and she’ll need Michael and Rebecca to help out with the dinner rush.

I’ll keep you posted on that, but it’s definitely time for me to head into nap mode now before I just fall asleep anyway; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!