Heirs of the Magi News Flash!

***Heirs of the Magi News Flash!***

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Cassie's Journal - March 17, 2017

Happy 39th Birthday, Mom!

We started out her special day with breakfast at the Inn so that Michael could join us for at least a bit of the celebration; we had fun with that; and then we hit the road for Crystal Springs – with ‘we’ being Mom, Ethan, Ehlana, and me.  I drove, but that wasn’t for any reason other than because Mom had the day off from any work; and she doesn’t need to do all of the driving anymore now that I can help out now and then too.

Our day in the city was just the start of her birthday adventure, but Ethan, Ehlana, and I were only with her for the shopping and lunch; and then we dropped her off with Dad after he was done work.  We had a short visit with him too; and then left Mom and Dad behind so that they could have a kid-free weekend.  I won’t be writing about that tonight – or any other night; since I really don’t need to know most of the details for what they’ll be doing between now and when they get home on Sunday.

Before I move on, though; let’s add in some of the shopping and lunch details.

First up for that – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

That isn’t something I usually even think about in connection with Mom’s birthday, and to be honest; the only reason I’m mentioning it today is because we had Shamrock Shakes with our fast food lunch.  I know that in some places that would be a bit crazy, but St. Patrick’s Day just isn’t a huge occasion in our little town; and Mom’s birthday has always been more important to me.

I do like the shakes, though; so maybe we’ll have to do trips to the city more often around mid-March again in the future.  ;^)

Moving along, we shopped at our usual mall all morning; took our lunch to go and went to a nearby park because the temperature climbed into the low seventies today; and we played there for an hour or so too before heading downtown for some boutique store shopping that included picking out an awesome new dress and shoes for Mom to wear sometime this weekend.  It was convenient that some of her gifts today included gift cards; they helped to cover some of her purchases; and then she bought a few extra things for herself – along with a bit of shopping for Ethan and Ehlana.  Yes, I picked up a few things too; but paid for them myself.  Mom would have bought my new clothes too, but I do have two part-time jobs; and don’t exactly spend much money at home – even when I’m buying treats for the twins and their besties when we go for snack breaks to the Emporium or elsewhere.

Dad was done work fairly early today, and since we were downtown already; it didn’t take long to meet up with him outside of the courthouse.  We had to walk from there to get the minivan out of the parking lot we’d used; and then we went over to the hotel to drop Mom and Dad off there – after spending a bit of extra time with Dad before doing that – and leaving them there while Ethan, Ehlana, and I headed home.  We could have stayed for dinner, but the twins and I did get to spend the entire day with Mom; so it only seemed fair to us that Dad should get to wine and dine her tonight without kids around to mess that up for them.  They totally did not buy my excuse about not driving at night for my first big trip alone with the twins, but it’s an excuse that we got away with anyway – possibly because our parents are happy about getting to have two days with no kids!

I’ll leave that thought right there and move on.  We picked up more fast food on our way out of town – including some treats for Aunt Leanne, Zack, and Brianna.  I had us home by six-thirty; we dropped off the food and drinks; and then we walked over to the new section of town to pick up Naomi and Aiden.  They’re spending the night here; and are also chaperones for Michael, Tim, Rowen, and me.  We’re going to have a movie night in the lounge that will be starting soon, but I’m doing this update now because we’ll likely be up too late – and Michael and I are still booked for the breakfast shift at the Inn in the morning.

Our sleepover plans aren’t happening because the parents are away – or at least not in the way you might be thinking.  Rowen and Tim are going to babysit in the morning while Michael and I are working; they’ll come to the Inn to have breakfast with all four kids; and then I’ll take over again once I’m done my morning shift.  I’m going to have other help with Ethan and Ehlana the rest of the weekend when I need to be working; and will take care of them the rest of the time.  Yes, most teens will think I’m nuts to do that instead of getting aunts, uncles, or friends to take the twins tonight and tomorrow night, but we’re going to have fun; and Michael and I wouldn’t get parental approval for sleepovers at all if we were going to be here all weekend on our own.

That, by the way, isn’t a trust issue – it’s all about perception and life in a small town.  It’s one thing to get teased about sofa sleepovers and something else entirely to get the wrong kind of reputation when that sort of thing can linger on to haunt you for years or even decades.

Anyway, I have to get going and do the set up for snacks and drinks in the lounge now.  Rowen and Tim will be here soon; and Michael should be here by nine – unless something happens and the Inn and he gets stuck there until close.  I’ll start the next update with the rest of the news from this evening and our sleepover, but that’s all I have for tonight; so, until next time...

...May the Magi Force be with you!